Uttar Pradesh


Hindi is the official language of Uttar Pradesh and is spoken across the state, though in slightly differing dialects based on regions. Urdu is the second largely spoken language.


Uttar Pradesh’s culture is a blend of Hindi and Urdu literature, music, fine arts, drama and cinema.

Kathak – an important classical dance form in India, originated in Uttar Pradesh and many performances based on Kathak are showcased regularly across the state and country and also in films.

Glass and wood art and pottery are prominent forms of art practised here – and many artefacts made out of these can be found across the state to shop for – such as glass bangles, wooden footwear, terracotta and black clay pots and artefacts, and so on.

Prominent festivals in the state include: Ram Navami, Chhath Puja, Krishna-Janmashtami and Mahashivratri.

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