Uttar Pradesh


Mughlai and Awadhi  cuisines are two famous sub-cuisines of Uttar Pradesh – and these are influenced by the Mughal and Awadh empires that ruled the land centuries ago. These include vegetables or meats cooked with rich spices, cream and thick gravies; like – Biryanis, Haleem, Kebabs, Palak Paneer, Shahi Paneer, Fried fish curry, Tikkas and Korma.

Wheat is the staple food of the state, and unleavened wheat (refined or whole) flatbreads of different types are largely consumed here, with a side of different curries and other aforementioned dishes. Popular breads include - Tandoori Naan (flatbread baked in a tandoor – a special clay or metal oven that bakes breads and other food at high temperatures), Tandoori Roti, Kulcha, Rumali Roti, and Paratha.

UP also shares many dishes with the neighbouring states Delhi and Uttarakhand. Some dishes like Chaat and Parathas (stuffed unleavened whole wheat flatbreads).

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