Vadali, Gujarat

Vadali is a town in the Sabarkantha district of Gujarat, India.In the eleventh century, Vadali was the capital of a great kingdom. It was once known as Vatapalli.

Places to visit

  • Polo Forest : Polo Forest, also known as Vijaynagar Forest, is a dry mixed deciduous forest near Abhapur Village in Vijaynagar Taluka, Sabarkantha District, and Gujarat, India. I There are around 450 medicinal plant species, as well as approximately 275 bird species, 30 animal species, 9 fish species, and 32 reptile species. The area has been recorded to have 79 tree species, including 24 herbs and shrubs, 16 climbers, and 18 grasses and bamboos. There are sloth bears, leopards, panthers, hyenas, ducks, raptors, passerines, four-horned antelopes, common civets, jungle cats, and flying squirrels. The woodland draws migratory birds in the winter and wetland birds during the monsoon. The forest is also home to the endangered Grey Hornbill and Brown-headed Barbet.
  • Distance: Polo Forestis46 kilometres away from Vadali.

  • Idar fort : The trail to IdarGadh is well maintained, thus the journey is not tough. To get to the main fort, you'll have to climb numerous flights of stairs.This royal fort was built in the twentieth century by Maharaja DaulatSinghji. There are various religious tourist attractions along the path, such as the ZaranaMahadev Temple, which is located in a cave. The temple in the cave is a Shivling with an endless supply of water; thus, the temple's name is ZarnaMahadev. Zarana is Hindi for waterfall. Another enigma surrounding this fort is the source of the water supply to the ZarnaMahadev.
  • Distance: Idar fort is 14kilometres away from Vadali.

  • Dowlat Villas Palace : Dowlat Villas Palace is a 100-year-old heritage property that serves as Maharaj Shri BhagirathSinghjiIdar's private residence and heritage homestay for his son RajkumarSahebSuryavirSinghjiIdar.The property was erected in the 1920s by Maharaj Shri Man Singhji, the second son of H.H. Maharaja DowlatSinghji, and was named Dowlat Villas Palace after his father.His son, RajkumarSahebSuryavirSinghjiIdar, manages a portion of the property as a heritage homestay. Dowlat Villas Palace boasts a one-of-a-kind castle building that features a scorpion-shaped head, body, claws, and sting. The interiors feature furniture, artifacts, paintings, and other items from the past. The exteriors feature galleries, massive gigantic pillars, groomed gardens, and parking and sports grounds.
  • Distance: JambudDowlat Villas Palace is 43 kilometres away from Vadali.

How to Reach

  • By Air-Bhavnagar Airport is the closest.Talaja is 46 kilometers away.
  • By Train-Palitana, 40 kilometers away, is the nearest railway station.

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