Warisaliganj is a in the Indian state of Bihar's Nawada district.The name Waris-ali-ganj is occasionally written Warsaliganj due to the false idea that it was named after Mr. Worseley, a former Deputy Magistrate of Nawada. Previously, it was known as Chakdharampur.

Places to visit

  • Shekhodewra Ashram : Sekhodevara village, located around 55 kilometers from the district headquarters, is highly picturesque. The settlement of Sekhodevara is founded by joining two tolas called Sekho and Deora. The Sarvodaya Ashram is located in the village, which was founded in 1952 by Jayprakash Narayan. J.P. constructed a rock about 500 meters from the ashram between the jungle and the ashram. During the 1942 independence movement, while fleeing from Hazaribagh jail, the late Jayaprakash Narayan, a notable leader and revolutionary, was hiding among these rocks.
  • Distance: Shekhodewra Ashram is 36 kilometres away from Warsaliganj

  • Kakolat Waterfall : Kakolat Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Nawada district that is popular with tourists due to its lovely surrounds. The falls are also mentioned in Hindu mythology, where an old ruler is said to have been changed into a python by a rishi's curse and dwelt within the falls. According to legend, Krishna used to bathe there with his queens. This is one of India's best waterfalls. This fall's water is frigid all year. The drop is approximately 150 to 160 feet from ground level.
  • Distance: Kakolat Waterfall is 57 kilometres away from Warsaliganj

  • Shri Gunnawan Ji Tirth : GunawanjiTirth is located in Gonawan village, Nawada district. This temple honors Jain Muni GandharGautam Swami. Gautam Swami is thought to have been a disciple of Mahavir Ji. After 12 years of salvation by Lord Mahavir, Gautam Swami received salvation at this spot. It was founded by the Jains. This ancient temple was built during the reign of Lord Mahavir.
  • Distance: GunawanjiTirth is22kilometres away from Warsaliganj

How to Reach

  • By Air-Gaya Airport is the closest airport.Warisaliganj is 72 kilometers away.
  • By Train-Regular trains run to Warisaliganj from all major cities in the country.

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