West Bengal


Rice and Fish (especially Hilsa) are staples in west Bengal. Most dishes in Bengali cuisine include fish, potatoes, and are cooked in pungent mustard oil or mustard paste, which make the dishes have a unique mustard flavor.

Some popular Bengali dishes include: Bhapa Mach (Marinated Hilsa fish curry in mustard), Aloo Poshto (potato and poppy seeds curry), and Shukto (a mixed vegetable dish, especially containing gourds – like bitter gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd and so on).

Bengal is well-known for its sweets – especially the famous Rasgulla (also known as Roshogolla), which are ball-shaped dumplings of Indian cottage cheese and semolina/flour dough, in thin (often rose flavoured) sugar syrup. Apart from this Mishti Doi (translating to “Sweet Curd”), Sandesh (Shondesh) and Rajbhog are also popular Bengali desserts.

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