Yemmiganur, sometimes known by the spelling Emmiganur, is a town located in the Kurnool district of the Andhra Pradesh state of India. The sectors of commerce, education, tourism, and services make up yemmiganur's economy.

Places to visit

  • Tomb of Abdul Wahab : The Tomb of Abdul Wahab, a building from the 17th century, is located on the banks of the River Handri. The tomb, a structure with fine craftsmanship, two towering domes, verandahs, arches, and more, was constructed after Abdul Wahab Khan, passed away.The tomb has lately undergone renovations, and it is now much nicer. This monument is close to Osmania College and is also referred to as GolGummaz since it resembles GolGumbaz in Bijapur just a little.
  • Distance: Tomb of Abdul Wahab is 70 kilometres away from Yemmiganur

  • Mahanandi : Mahanandi is a picturesque village in the area that is bordered by a thick forest and has the captivating Nallamala Hills to its west. One of the nine shrines to Lord Nandi, also known as Nava Nandulu, is located in the settlement. The Mahanandiswara Swami Temple, a historic temple from the 10th century, is what makes the town notable. Every year during Mahashivratri, the village attracts pilgrims.
  • Distance: Mahanandi is 83 kilometres away from yemmiganur

  • Nava Narasimha Temple: The Nava Narasimha Temples, which are situated in picturesque hills covered in dense forestation, are very significant from a religious perspective in the area. The nine forms of Lord Narasimha are honoured in the temples, which are scattered around the hill. The deity is represented by stone idols in the temples in each of their various forms. Most worshippers visit the entire complex of temples in a single journey.
  • Distance: Nava Narasimha Temple is 30 kilometres away from Yemmiganur

  • Sri MahayogiLaxammaAvva Temple: Adoni's Sri Mahayogi temple is a popular destination for travelers. The goddess MahayogiLaxamma, also known as Avva, which means grandmother, is the subject of the temple. The temple enjoys enormous popularity, particularly with the locals. The Adoni people have a high reverence for Goddess Mahayogi.
  • Distance: Sri MahayogiLaxammaAvva Temple is73 kilometres away from Yemmiganur

  • Vittala Temple: One of the most popular tourist destinations in the area is it. The elaborate 16th-century building, which houses a shrine to Lord Vittala, is situated on the southern bank of the Tungabhadra River. The 56 melodic pillars are the temple's main draw. When tapped, these pillars emit a pleasing sound. Varaha, one of the several avatars of Lord Vishnu, resides in the temple as well. The entrance to the temple is guarded by a stone chariot for Garuda, a representative of Lord Vishnu. The temple's pillars are decorated with elaborate carvings and Narasimha images.
  • Distance: Vittala Templeis 65 kilometres away from Yemmiganur

How to Reach

  • At a distance of 30 kilometers from Adoni, Yemmiganur is located close to the Adoni Railway Station. About 265 kilometers separate Yemmiganur in Hyderabad from Hyderabad International Airport.All of the major Andhra Pradesh cities may be reached by government and commercial bus services from Yemmiganur.

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