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Ashwem Beach, Goa

Goa is known as the beach capital of India and as you move towards its northern part, the landscape of the beaches gradually changes to green hillocks, scattered rocks, exclusive blue lagoons, and backwaters. You will find yourself engulfed with serene, clear, and clean surroundings which is enough to sooth the senses and tempt your nature loving soul to drag you here again and again. Ashwem Beach in north Goa is no exception to this reality and you will be left in awe of the peaceful and luxurious experience it offers. It is one of the most secluded and cleanest beaches in Goa.

Ashwem Beach is beautifully located between Morjim Beach and Mandrem Beach and is an undiscovered treasure of Goa with its stunning obscured shore surrounded by tall waving palm trees. It is a tranquil beach with a few beach shacks and is not over-crowded, a perfect little vacation spot for a memorable experience. Take a stroll on the shiny sand while the gushing waves from the sea lap into your feet, waning your footprints as you move forward. The sunsets here are on another level, with the sun dipping down the horizon while scattering the sky with the hues of pink, orange, and blue, that you will forget what work meetings await you the next day and be overwhelmed by the marvel in front of you.

The beach is at a quite shore and not much noisy adventure activities happen here which is why it is only flocked by the people in search of solitude and peace. But there is one water sports activity that Ashwem Beach is known for and that is surfing. The calm and soothing waters on the beach of Ashwem makes it safe and suitable for anyone to surf on the board, even the beginners. There are surfing schools nearby the beach who offer help in hiring the boards, lesson plans, equipment, and suggestions for amateurs. It is heaven for those who knows surfing and a peaceful opportunity for the beginners.

You must have seen several pictures of surfers boarding smoothly on the waves or that spectacular shot of the surfer inside a wave tube and must have thought to yourself, how it must feel like to be alive in that moment. If you have ever dreamed of how it will feel to ride on top of the lashing waves or to be inside the ‘tube’ when the while foamy waves encircle you, then here is your opportunity to make that dream come true. Ashwem Beach is known for its unique and surreal experience of surfing as the tides are suitable for a safe surf while offering a fun and frolic adventure to reminisce lifetime.

Surfing has piqued up the interest of many travelers, all thanks to the stunning, serene, and the long stretch of shoreline that Goa beaches offer and Ashwem Beach is not behind. In fact, this off-beat beach of Goa is usually visited by travelers for the sole purpose of surfing and kitesurfing as it is a secluded beach, and you won’t have to worry about nudging someone while playing with your board. Gear up with your surfboard and let yourself loose in the gushing waves of the Arabian Sea while feeling the breeze graze your skin and the enchanting view of the horizon in your backdrop.The surfing schools nearby the beach will be at your disposal whenever you feel like sailing the waves. So even if you are a rookie and want to discover the rush and experience of rocking in the waves, here is your chance to take the baby steps towards this thrilling adventure.

All You Need to Know About Surfing at Ashwem Beach

Ashwem beach has professional surfing schools in and around it. All the schools have professional instructors and are equipped with necessary equipment. Some of the famous surfing schools near Ashwem beach are:

  • Samudra Surf School – Located in beautiful Ashwem beach, Samudra Surf School provides professional surf instruction, group, and private lessons for all levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All surf lesson prices include a surfboard and a rash vest. The school can be contacted via email – samudrasurfschool@gmail.com
  • Surf Wala– Surf Wala is in Arambol beach in North Goa and train in on the small lagoon on Ashwem beach while covering all aspects of surfing, from theory to practical. The instructors speak different languages and has international surfers working for them. It can be contacted via number - 9146118015
  • Vaayu Waterman’s Village – A dedicated watersport centre located on Ashwem Beach, known for its training facilities for surfing even to beginners. The spot has accredited surfers to fully train beginners and they also have a guest house, café, and an art gallery. It can be contacted via number - 9850050403
  • Banana Surf School – Just a few kilometers away from Arambol Beach, this surfing school in Ashwem Beach is another top school for beginners and professionals alike. They have a dedicated team of surfing experts from Bali who guide the surfing amateurs about the sport, equipment, techniques, and give proper lessons on to how to begin this adventure. They also have a restaurant with a sea view where delectable food can be enjoyed. It can be contacted via email – goasurf@gmail.com

Are You Planning to Go Surfing?

We all know that keeping sane while enjoying such a thrilling activity can be a little difficult, but if you are planning to register yourself for a surfing lesson or plan to go surfing, here are some things to remember:

  • It is mandatory to know swimming
  • It is a water sports and requires only a minimum degree of physical fitness
  • Inform your instructor about any kind of medical conditions or allergies prior to your lesson
  • Avoid alcohol intake before or during surfing
  • Operate the rental equipment with care

Best Time to Surf at Ashwem Beach

The best time to visit Ashwem beach is from September to March. These six months have pleasant weather, and the tides are moderate as well which are ideal for surfing. The beach can be visited from March to June, but the heat will be scorching during the day and the water sports are closed during the rainy season. The surfing time is during the day as it is safer to surf during the daylight.

Restaurants Near Ashwem Beach to Treat your Palate

Apart from the beach shacks which offer some delectable snacks there are some universally yummy dishes in and around Ashwem Beach and the restaurants that serve these lip-smacking cuisines.

  • Café Junas
  • Hangout Ashwem
  • Chique Shanti
  • Café Nu

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1. How much does surfing cost in Goa?

The cost of surfing lessons in Goa cost approximately Rs 3000 per person which includes the surf boards.

Q2. Where is Ashwem Beach located?

Ashwem Beach is in North Goa in the Mandrem village, tucked between Morjin beach and Mandrem beach.

Q4. Is Ashwem Beach ideal for swimming?

Ashwem beach is deal for swimming or for enjoying activities such as surfing as the water tide is moderate and the water is warm and clean.

Q3. What things do we need to carry for surfing lessons in Goa?

It is advisable that you carry your own swimsuit or comfortable clothes like t-shirts and nylon shorts, which are water repellent and quick to dry. You must carry the following items:

  • Swimwear/Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Earplugs

Q5. Can kids learn surfing?

Yes, people of all ages who know basic swimming can learn surfing. Ashwem beach has ideal conditions to learn surfing and the surfing schools make is feasible for kids to learn surfing easily.


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