Little Andaman Islands
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Little Andaman Islands

The furthest inhabited island among the Andaman Islands, the Little Andaman is nestled 120km south of Port Blair and is a stunning piece of nature’s bounty. Unlike its name, Little Andaman is the fourth largest island in Andamans and is open to tourists all year round. But due to its remote location the island is least visited. Those wanderers and enthusiasts who make this trip south of this Union Territory, will stumble upon deserted pristine beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, luscious evergreen forests, red oil palm plantation and waves for the best surf.

Andaman Islands have been known for their ethereal beauty and serene ambiance and Little Andamans is no exception. With a diverse variety of fauna and flora and natural sights to explore, Little Andaman offers plenty of soothing and adventure activities to lure the nature lovers and adventure seekers. The island’s relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals who are accustomed to tourists, and the raw simplicity of the place tempts the tourists to stay longer than expected.

Little Andaman is also known for its best surfing experience with forgiving waves. The months of March to May are known by the few surfers who travel to this part in search of non-crowded and fun surfing experience. Though the surfing gate is short here, its still worth a visit to witness the breathtaking beauty of the place and enjoy the peace.

While most of the surfers in India throng the already packed coastal beaches here with the thinking that there are no unexplored territories left, the Andaman Islands are delightful to prove us wrong. This small archipelago nestled in the Bay of Bengal receives it fair share of decent surf waves but is still not known to many people and is not visited by many surfers due to its short surfing season and difficult access to islands. But nonetheless, if you ever want to surf in the uncrowded waves in a pure and raw paradise, fly to the Andaman Islands from March to May.

The best and fun-filled surf is in Little Andaman, south of Andaman Islands, and it is where you will locate Kumari Point, the best wave in the area. Surf spots in Andaman Islands are usually reef breakers but most of the waves are beginner-friendly with forgiving reefs. Charter boats are available from Port Blair which is the best option to enjoy the surf trip in Andaman Islands.

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Andaman Islands

Best Surf Spots in Andaman Islands :

  • Kumari Point– The best wave at Little Andaman is Kumari Point with high waves during the season and the only spot where you will have to share the waves with other surfers. Kumari Point is a high-quality right-hander that can go on for a long time on a good day.
  • Jackson Creek– Another uncrowded wave that breaks on the SW, Jackson Creek is a left-hander with a forgiving reef.

Surf Schools :

  • A&N Surf Academy– This surfing school at Butler Bay beach in Andamans will make sure you get the most of your time and effort and are surf ready. Train at their cozy luxury cottage, hit the waves in the morning, and return to spend the evening fishing, cycling, or kayaking.
  • Price starts from INR 2000.

Where to Stay?

Stay choices are very limited here with 6-8 private inns or cabins with fundamental offices. There are some visitor houses which rent out space for travelers subject to accessibility and the total room limit in the island would be under 80.

When to Visit Andaman Islands for Surfing

The best time to visit Andaman Islands for surfing is from March to May when the winds are soft, and the weather is pleasant. The waves swell up to 5 feet of height during this time of the year while the rest of the year the waves are either blown out or flat.

Restaurants Near Little Andaman Islands

There are no proper restaurants in Little Andamans but a few fast-food stalls which sell Indian food and sea food. The food is usually prepared in visitor houses or inns which are used to staying as they have their own kitchens.

How to Reach
  • By Air: Direct flights are available from Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai to Port Blair from where ferry rides are available to Phoenix Bay and Haddo Wharf in Little Andaman. The journey can take 6-8 hours depending on the ferry type and weather conditions. There is another option to book a helicopter ride which is on the pricier side and not available easily. But if you manage to get a helicopter ride to Little Andamans, it is an experience never to forget. The visuals of the islands from a bird’s eye view are unparalleled and mesmerizing.
  • By bus or train: There are no train or bus services to Port Blair. Mini vans are available to commute within the islands but are very limited.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1. Is surfing safe in Little Andaman Island?

Andaman Islands are safe for swimming and surfing activities as the waves are forgiving and beginner friendly and the weather is also pleasant most times of the year.

Q2. Which is called Little Andaman?

Little Andaman Island is the fourth largest of the Andaman Islands of India lying at the southern end of the archipelago.

Q3. Do people live in Little Andaman?

Yes, there are people living in Little Andaman belonging to a mix of tribal population and immigrants from India, Bangladesh, and Nicobar Islands.

Q4. Are there places to eat in Little Andamans?

There are some fast-food stalls in Little Andamans which serve Indian fast food but that are in very little number.


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