Har Ki Dun Trek
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Har Ki Dun Trek, Uttarakhand

Har ki Dun is a cradle-shaped dangling Valley in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Encompassed with snow-covered peaks and alpine vegetation and linked to Baspa Valley by the Borasu Pass, Har-ki-Dun iscertainly one the most beautiful trekking destination that exhibits the remarkable natural beauty of Uttarakhand.

Covered with snow in winter, the Har ki Dun is also called the winter wonderland. Har Ki Dun’s trekking path is filled with calming sights of deodar trees that will captivate one’s soul. One of the most beautiful and enchanting places in India that offers numerous trekking journeys. The trek starts from the Taluka Village and covers the most deserted villages in India. The locals of these villages are warm and very welcoming. The path of the trek includes beautiful views of Jamdhar Glacier and calm Morinda Tal lake. The Har Ki Dun Valley looks like beautiful scenery painted on Canvas, making it sure to be added to one of the most famous trekking destinations of Uttarakhand.

A mesmerizing Journey to Behold

The wonderland Har ki Dun is an amazing valley nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Surrounded by tender and grassy Bugyals and enchanted snow-carpeted peaks edged with alpine greenery, the Har ki Dun Valley is connected to cascading River Valley Baspa by the Borasu Pass. This majestic journey is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The journey to Har ki dun trek starts from Taluka, which consists of green forest and wooden river bridges which make a beautiful picturesque view. The path of the Har ki Dun trek involves fantastic views of Jamdhar Glacier and the calm and pleasantMorinda Tal lake. As the trail continues, you will get to witness mesmerizing and unbelievable beauty of nature.

Important Information on Har Ki Dun Trek

Difficulty Level

The trail to Har ki Dun is a moderate-level trek that is considered to be less difficult and challenging. The Har ki dun trek is rated as a moderate level 3 trekking journey. You don’t have to be a professional trekker for this journey, even a beginner with mental and physical fitness can cover this adventurous journey.

Altitude to Cover

  • Kotgaon– 6,330 ft
  • Taluka – 6919 ft
  • Gangaad– 11,482 ft
  • Kalkatiyadhar– 11,800 ft
  • Har Ki Dun – 11,699 ft
  • Swarnadhara–11,292 ft
  • Devsu Thatch – 11,800 ft
  • Ruinsara Valley – 11,482 ft

Weather Conditions

Har ki Dun Valley has a temperature of nearly 15 degrees during the day in the month of April to June. As that time will be the beginning of summer you will witness the melting of snow. If you opt to trek during the winter season then the temperature will be between minus 11 degrees to 9 degrees, there will be chances of snowfall and the weather would be cold throughout the journey.

Trek companies

Some famous trekking sites organize trekking camps to Valley of Flowersand other beautiful sites. These are:

  • Thrillophilia – INR 8,450/person (https://www.thrillophilia.com/)
  • euttranchal – INR 10,900 onwards/person (https://www.euttaranchal.com/)
  • India hikes – INR 12,950/person (https://indiahikes.com/)
  • Himalayan Hikers – INR 9,800/person (https://www.himalayanhikers.in/)
  • Trek The Himalayas – INR 10,350/person (https://trekthehimalayas.com/)
Things to Keep
  • Necessary accessories – Raincoat or Umbrella, water bottle, torchlight, toilet paper, and wet wipes.
  • Refreshments like dried fruits and nuts, biscuits and chocolates, and Packets of instant foods, in case of any emergency.
  • Good quality trekking shoes lightweight with enough grip, a pair of sandal floaters slippers, and Trekking Poles.
  • Suitable clothes including a warm jacket, waterproof trek pants, warm thermals, waterproof gloves, woolen, and regular socks if traveling during the winter season.
  • Personal medical kit with pills for headache, fever, cough, motion sickness, spray for sprains, band-aid, cotton, and mosquito repellent cream
  • A notebook and pen for writing any important notes.
  • Fully charged camera, extra battery backup.

Har Ki Dun Trek Itinerary

  • Day 1- Drive from Dehradun to Kotgaon (186 km and 6 to 7 hours)
  • Day 2- Drive from Kotgaon to Taluka (1.5 to 2 hours drive).Trek from Taluka to Gangaad (8.5 km and 5 to 6 hours).
  • Day 3- Trek from Gangaad to Kalkatiyadhar(7.5 km and 4 to 5 hours).
  • Day 4- Trek from Kalkatiyadhar to Borasuvia Har Ki Dun (9 km and 5 to 6 hours).
  • Day 5- Trek from Borasuto Swarnadhara(6.2 km and 6 to 7hours).
  • Day 6- Trek from Swarnadhara to Devsu Thatch via Ruinsara Valley (13.7 km7 to 8 hours)
  • Day 7- Trek from Devsu Thatch to Taluka. Drive back to Kotgaon(18.9 km and 9 to 10 hours)
  • Day 8- Drive back from Kotgaon to Dehradun (196 km and 9 to 10 hours)

Best Time to do Har Ki Dun Trek

The suitable time to cherish the Har ki Dun trek is during the summer season between April to June and during the time of post-monsoon season between September to December. Both times are perfect because of having pleasant weather but if you want to explore the place in a peaceful, calm, and less crowded environment then September is a much preferable time. And during the winter time crossing the exhausting path with some fun snow fights with your group is indeed a memorable moment.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the best time to trek in the Har ki Dun Trek?

The suitable time to cherish the Har ki Dun trek is during the summer season between April to June and during the time of post-monsoon season between September to December. During the winter season, one can also experience snow trekking.

What is the difficulty level of the Har ki Dun Trek?

Har ki Dun is considered to be less difficult with a moderate level 3 rating and is also suitable for beginners with mental and physical fitness.

What is the highest elevation of the Har ki Dun Trek?

The highest elevation of Har ki Dun Trek is 11,699 ft.

What is the total trekking distance of the Har ki Dun trek?

The trekking distance of Har Ki Dun Trek is around 44 km.

What is the total duration of the Har ki Dun trek?

The Har ki Dun trek is a 7 days trek.

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