Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the Chirang and Baksa District of Assam, Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is a biodiversity Hotspot. The Sanctuary is known for its exceptional and endangered native wildlife like the Assam roofed turtle, golden langur,hispid hare, and pygmy hog. Manas is popular for its population of wild water buffalo.

The sanctuary has registered 380 species of birds, 55 species of mammals, 50 reptiles, and 3 species of amphibians. Out of this wildlife, 21 mammals are India's Schedule I mammals, and 31 of them are threatened.Manas Wildlife Sanctuary has remarkable importance in the Indian subcontinent’spreserved areas, as one of the most major remaining natural areas in the region, where populations of a large number of threatened species continue to survive safely.

Situated in the hillocks of the Himalayas, Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is a scenic territory with forested hills, alluvial grasslands, and tropical evergreen forests making it look more magnificent

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