Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area located in the districts of Idukki and Pathanamthitta in Kerala. It is popular as an elephant reserve and a tiger reserve. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuaryoccupied an area of 925 km2of which 305 km2 of the core zone was declared as the Periyar National Park. The Park has protected a wide range of rare, endemic, and endangered species of flora and fauna.The area also has a major watershed of two important rivers of Kerala: ThePeriyar and the Pamba.

Along with the Elephants, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuaryis home to other animals like Wild Pigs,Gaur, Dole, Mouse Deer,Indian Wild Dogs, Sambar, and tigers. The major four species of anthropoid, the rare lion-tailed macaque, the Common Langur,the Nilgiri Langur, Gee's Golden Langur,and the Bonnet Macaque are also found here. Periyar is also considered the residence of the elusive NilgiriTahr, which can barely be seen.

Surrounded by tropical evergreen, and moist deciduous forests, montane savannas, montane grasslands, man-made stands ofwetlands, eucalyptus, and lake and river ecosystems, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect example of nature's gift with great panoramic beauty and abundant biodiversity.

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