People in any place need some mode(s) of entertainment, as life without entertainment can be very boring. In India too, entertainment is an integral part of people’s lives.

Every country or region has its own conventions and depending on these, the modes of entertainment in each differ. People have different tastes and these are often decided by the environment they grew up in.

India’s prime sources of entertainment include Cinema and Cricket, followed by other things such other Sports, Music, Dance, Art, and Museums.


Cinema or movies are an immensely popular trend and entertainment source in India. Every year close to 2000 movies get made in various languages in the country (India has more than 20 languages, each with numerous dialects of their own).

Cinema in India is mass entertainment, - film industries in India cater to masses, spending loads of money to make films, and sometimes even bring in popular artists, and crew from other countries – and people are always ready to pay to watch movies for entertainment. There are films for people of every age group taste, and preferences, who love watching films. The film industry caters to the masses.


Cricket is hands down the most popular sport in India. Many people almost see it as a religion instead of simply a sport. Cricket it a game that unites the nation, irrespective of religion, caste, culture, language or other things. When the game is going on anywhere, Indian cricket fanatics in the country and across the world! try to put everything aside to just focus on the game and enjoy it.

The India men's national cricket team, also known sometimes as Men in Blue, is the country’s official cricket team for Men’s cricket and the team has been part of many championships and tournaments across the world. Each member in the national men’s’ cricket team has a fan following of their own, throughout the world. The team’s retired members are still loved in the country and often appear in commercials and even films.

But the love for cricket in the country is not limited to watching it on TV - many young kids and even adults participate in street games (more commonly known as “gully cricket”) and enjoy showcasing their own talent and love for the game.


Music in India consists of classical, devotional, folk, patriotic and film music. In classical, there are Hindustani and Carnatic music. Folk songs are based in villages and small towns but are popular all through the country and are widely enjoyed.

Western pop and rock music are also enjoyed by most people in the country, and this has influenced the local music, resulting in various fusion compositions that are delightful to listen to. Many live concerts and tv shows happen in the country throughout the year and during cultural fests, with performances by popular musicians and singers – which are attended by a large number of people from all over.

The film industry in India thrives on music – every film has an album of its own, with songs and background scores composed to match the movie’s theme and situations – and these are also widely available on music platforms, and other places to listen to – without having to be familiar with the related movie(s). Film music is the most popular form of music in India and most of the times, popular songs from the past are also remixed and remastered to produce a fresher version of the same. It is very easy to get hold of music that is even decades old, and are, to this day, loved and enjoyed in the country.


India has numerous different dance forms that have originated in different regions and from different cultures. There is Odissi dance – which belongs to the state of Orissa, BharatNatyam is very popular and originally is from the state of Tamil Nadu, Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh, Folk dances from Rajasthan and Gujarat, Kathakali from Kerala – to name a new. Enthralling performances based on these dance forms are staged regularly in various places in the country, and these are truly captivating and interesting to watch.

Small towns and villages also have puppet shows, monkey and other animal shows (like circuses) which are loved by the village folk. These are popular modes of entertainment in villages as television and cinemas are relatively lesser in these region - though this is steadily changing.


India has various Frequency Modulation radio stations (more popularly known as “FM”) that play interesting programs in English, Hindi and other Indian languages – based on the region you’re in. These stations are highly entertaining to tune in to, especially during long or slow transits (when there’s heavy traffic) that can get boring at times.


India has many art forms including painting, sculpture, pottery, and textile arts such as woven silk. 

There are many shops selling handicraft items and handmade art, which adorn most homes in India and are popular souvenirs. People can also learn these art forms in many places in the country, and try their hand at these.

Indian cities and towns have a busy and colourful cultural entertainment scene with concerts and performances based on Indian as well as western music and dance, plays, theatre productions, art exhibitions and much more!

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