Jolada Roti

  • Category: Bread
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Place or Region: Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana
  • Course: Breakfast
  • Main Ingredient: Sorghum or jowar
Jolada Roti

Jolada Rotti or Jollad Rotti is a flatbread made from unleavened dough of Sorghum Bicolor, commonly known as Sorghum, also known as jowar, milo, or great millet, is a coarser flatbread than regular wheat flour roti. It can be either soft or hard in texture and can be compared to a khakhra or cracker in terms of its hardness. The name literally translates to ‘Sorghum bread’, Jolada roti is a part of the staple diet of the people in most districts of Karnataka and Maharashtra. It is consumed with pulse curries such as jhunka, enne gai, shengdana, chutney or other associated chutneys.

Jowar is the fifth most important grain in the world after wheat, rice and is one of the healthiest food items to consume because of the galore of nutrients present in it. It is a gluten free and diabetic friendly dish which is low in calories and thus makes for an ideal accompaniment with all kinds of gravies. The traditional and homely jowar roti or jolada roti is both satiating and nutritious, is super filling and makes a wholesome meal when relished with any vegetable or gravy or green/red chili.

Making of Jolada/Jowar Roti

Jowar/jolada roti is a simple recipe which includes jowar (sorghum) flour, boiled water, and rice flour (optional). In a large bowl mix rice flour and jolada flour along with a pinch of salt and then gradually add warm water to form a dough. Mixing rice flour will give jolada roti a crispiness and enhance its nutritional level while warm water makes the dough soft which in turn makes the roti soft as well for a longer duration. After the dough is kneaded, form small round balls from the dough and roll it using a rolling pin. Place the roti on a skillet or tawa and cook it on one side for a few minutes before flipping it to the other side. After one minute, lift the roti using a tong and heat the roti directly over the flame till it rises like a balloon or is completely cooked from both sides. spread some ghee on top of the roti and serve hot with some gravy or vegetable.

Nutritional Content

Jowar roti is very rich in fiber, is gluten free, good for diabetics, high in magnesium and iron and also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. One Jolada roti gives 49 calories out of which carbohydrates comprise of 41 calories, protein account for 7 calories, and fat comprises of the remaining 3 calories. One jowar roti provides 2 percent of the total caloric requirement of an adult which is 2000 calories.


Jolada Roti

One of the healthiest food items to gorge down, Jolada Roti or Jowar Roti is circular canvas full of nutritious elements and a satiating taste which can be accompanied with a spicy gravy or any chutney to devour.

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