Officially called Alappuzha, Alleppey is known for its network of canals and lagoons with beautiful backwaters and the houseboats offering overnight stays. Located in the southern part of Kerala, the coastline of Alleppey offers some of the best beaches with water sports during the dry season. Coupled with other beautiful places in Kerala like Munnar and Thekkady, Alleppey is often considered for a honeymoon or for a great family vacation.

Places to Visit

  • Alleppey Backwaters : The Alleppey backwaters was earlier used as a mode of transportation, fishing and agriculture and have evolved over time as a tourism hotspot. The main attraction of the Alleppey backwaters is the overnight journey in the famous Kerala houseboats. These houseboats are as comfortable as any hotel room - sometimes even more luxurious, and as a bonus, you get the open deck.
  • Alappuzha Beach : The Alappuzha beach, also known as the Alleppey Beach, is famous for local getaways, its intrinsic beauty and a 150 years old pier which stretches into the sea. Relaxing under the palm groves and picnicking beside the beach are fantastic options available to those visiting the beach. Alleppey Beach is a host to many festivals like Sand Art festival and Alappuzha Beach Festival.
  • Kuttanad : Kuttanad is a region covering a large part of Alappuzha and some of Kottayam district, the heart of the backwaters of Kerala. Kuttanad is the 'rice bowl of Kerala', being home to lush green rice fields spread extensively, divided by dykes. Travelling through this secluded alcove of nature will give you a feel of traditional countryside life of Kerala. A special peculiarity of this place is its geography. It lies around 2 metres below the main sea level, making it the lowest altitude place in the country.In these lowlands, Kerala produces large portions of the everyday meal on reclaimed lands, split up by many small and big rivers and creeks. These streams are perfect for the tourists to sail over and soak in the absolute best the region has to offer in an hour-long cruise on a houseboat or shorter trips on canoes. These trips offer scenes and sceneries that are worth remembering as well as capturing, thus making them ideal for the nature-lovers, shutterbugs as well as the odd romantic.
  • Alappuzha Lighthouse : Known for its breathtaking 360-degree views, the Alappuzha Lighthouse (Alleppey lighthouse) is an old-world charm. It is 4 km away from the main town lying on the sea bridge facing the Arabian sea coast. The 1862 lighthouse has a museum that preserves old equipment like oil lamps and items that testify to its 150-year-old journey.
  • Marari Beach : One of the great delights of the Malabar Coast, the Marari Beach is an idyllic serene beach. About 11 km from the city of Alleppey, this beach is a hotspot for fishing activity, deriving its name from the local fishing village Mararikulam. Visiting in August gives tourists the exclusive opportunity to view Snake Boat races across the waters.
  • Krishnapuram Palace :The Krishnapuram Palace is a palace and museum that is located in Kayamkulam, at a distance of 47 km from Alappuzha. The palace is built inthe traditional architectural style of Kerala, with a gabled roof, narrow corridors and dormer windows, and is close to the Krishnaswamy Temple at Krishnapuram.
  • St. Mary’s Forane Church : Champakulam Kalloorkadu Marth Maryam (St. Mary’s) Basilica, popularly known as St. Mary’s Forane Church is an ancient Syro- Malabar church in the Archeparchy of Changanacherry. Constructed in 427 AD, the church is one of the oldest Syrian Catholic churches in all of India. Legend has it that this church was the first to have been founded by St. Thomas, the apostle himself.


  • Houseboats :Alleppey is gifted with a unique crisscrossing network of canals that runs throughout the town which allows you to access and explore the entire area while you're relaxing on your houseboat. These 120-foot-long abodes of luxury glide along the placid backwaters of Alleppey and provide you with a stunning view.


  • Alleppey has a few places where you can spend the time to enjoy the night. Apart from a few bars, cafes, and restaurants, the best thing to do in Alleppey at night is to gaze at the stars set across the infinite sky matched with an endless horizon of the backwaters. The sunsets are best viewed from the houseboats and can lead you into beautiful nights filled with scrumptious food and a blanket full of stars.
  • Shappu Meen Curry : The dish has a robust, bold flavor and spices that tickle your taste buds. It is one of the dishes of rural Kerala. The dish is prepared with tamarind, Kashmiri chillies, coriander, and coconut.
  • Karimeen Pollichathu : A must-try dish in Alappuzha, Karimeen Pollichathu is a delicacy made with the pearl spot fish, marinated in a blend of spices and wrapped in banana leaf before being grilled to perfection.
  • Tharavu Curry : Tharavu Curry is a duck curry that is flavored with spices like coriander, turmeric, and chili powder. It is usually served with rice or appam.
  • Chemmeen Curry : – Chemmeen Curry is a prawn curry that is flavored with spices like turmeric, red chili, and coriander. It is usually served with rice or appam.
  • Alleppey Beach Garden : Alleppey Beach Garden is located in front of private beach in Alleppey which is known as the Venice of south for its scenicbeauty. The resort is situated in front of a secluded beach where you can get the heavenly feeling with greenish beauty around the rooms and a private and very peaceful beach in front of them.
  • Flamingo Boutique Villa : Flamingo Boutique Villa is located 250 m from the Marari Beach and is a stunning property one can opt for.
  • Lemon Dew Beach House : Set in Alleppey, located conveniently 500 metres from Alleppey Beach, Lemon Dew Beach House offers accommodation with a garden, free private parking and a terrace. The place is equipped with all the necessary amenities for its guests.
  • StayVista at the Rain : This heavenly home couldn’t ask for a more idyllic location. The sprawling greens this home is surrounded by, create a sense that the entire hillside is your playground. Dine lavishly with tropical plants and wooden French windows that create a pretty border for your uninterrupted mountain views.
  • Marari Beach CGH Earth : This seaside resort, Marari beach in Mararikulam, is a tribute to the fisherfolk of this region who populate its spirit in obvious and subtle ways. The guest cottages echo their dwellings in style and character to render to their guests, one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Royal Park Hotel : Located in YMCA road in Alappuzha, the restaurant offers a range of multi-cuisines that are a must try.
  • Café Katamaran : Serving meat and well as vegan dishes, this restaurant will satiate any visitors taste buds. The low-seating deck and a beach view is an add on. They have everything from pancakes, granola and fresh juice to seafood and grilled chicken.
  • Thaff : Located near the District Court Bridge in Alappuzha, this restaurant offers a variety of middle-eastern delicacies along with the mouthwatering Indian cuisines.
  • Chakara : One among the finest restaurant in Alleppey, Chakara has an open rooftop and a view of the beach. With elegant dining and cozy vibe, the restaurant is a bit expensive but worth it. Serving traditional Kerala and European cuisines, Chakara is a blend of delicious food and excellent ambience.
  • Royale Chimney : A 3star hotel cum restaurant that's known for its hygiene and sea-food delicacies, Royal Chimney has always been top-notch in town. With an extensive menu, the restaurant also has a beer parlour.
  • Floating Triveni : The Triveni Floating Market is a unique marketplace located at Kuttanad in the city of Alleppey, Kerala.The Triveni Floating Market is a relatively new concept that was inspired by the floating markets of Thailand, Indonesia, and Bangkok. It aims to promote tourism in the region while preserving the local culture and traditions.
  • Canal Bazaar : Canal Bazar is the most popular market area in Alleppey. It is well known for its shops selling various varieties of spices and plantations grown in Kerala. Canal Bazar’s hustle bustle makes it one of the best places to visit in Alleppey for shopping lovers.
  • Mullakkal Market : The market is quite famous among the shoppers and offers an amazing collection of items, however, the market is predominantly famous for its gold and silver collection.
  • Jew town, Fort Kochi : Jew Town, a narrow street between Mattancherry Palace and the Synagogue, is a favourite haunt of antique hunters.It is a series of narrow alleys between Mattancherry Palace and Paradesi Synagogue. There is an antique market with shops selling curios.
  • Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum : Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum is a privately owned museum located at Alappuzha, Kerala, India that displays decorative art and artifacts, including a large private collection of Swarovski crystals and ivory. Revi Karunakaran was the architect of the modernized coir industry of Kerala.Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum is a one of its kind museums built in honour of Revi Karunakaran, a stalwart of the Coir industry in Kerala. The museum has on display a huge collection of objects belonging to the family of Revi Karunakaran.This includes beautiful artefacts from different parts of the world, crystals, precious and semi-precious stones, silverware and furniture, among other things. The museum is also home to one of the world’s largest private collections of Swarovski crystals.
  • International Coir Museum : The International Coir Museum is an embellishment to the coir industry of Kerala. Located in Kalavoor, Alleppey, this museum showcases its history and journey over the ages in transforming fibre into beautiful products. Working on the theme, "coir beautiful"; the process and extraction of fibre to the mechanization of the coir sector are all exhibited at the museum. Visitors can even buy handicrafts, coir ornaments and other products from their small souvenir shop at the museum.
  • Chettikulangara : Among numerous festivals in Alappuzha and the whole state of Kerala the most significant one is the Chettikulangara Bharani. The festival takes place in each year either in February or in March during the Bharani Nakshathram of Malayalam month of ‘Kumbham’ at a Bhagavathi temple called Chettikulangara Bhagavath. During these days the young boys perform some rigorous abstinence and on the main day they do a procession which is called in the local language the ‘Kuthiyottam’.
  • Kettukazcaha : Another important feature of this festival is the ‘Kettukazcaha’ which is a spectacular display of six temple cars, five chariots and several icons of Bhima and Hanuman all in the glittering, ornamented and in mammoth sizes.
  • Chakkulathukavu Pongala : Another of the important festivals of Alappuzha is the Chakkulathukavu Pongala which is held in the Chakkulathukavu Temple near Neerattupuram during November-December, the Malayalam month of ‘Vrischikam’. Thousands of women of various ages crowd at the temple of offer Pongala during the festival.
Best time to visit

The best time to visit Alleppey is between the months of October and February when the temperature is moderate (around 33°C), making it a perfect time to explore the beautiful town. Moreover, Alleppey experiences monsoons between June and September, hence, It is not advisable for tourists to travel to Alleppey during this time, but the monsoon lovers and the offbeat travellers can consider visiting in June.

How to Reach

  • By Air : The Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport.However, there is no direct flight connectivity to Alleppey. You can take a taxi once you touch down at Kochi airport.
  • By Rail : There are a couple of railway stations in town. Alappuzha railway station is the principal station that connects Alleppey to the rest of India via railways. There are numerous trains from Alleppey to other major cities.
  • By Road : Located about 80 to 100 km from Alleppey city, a 2 to 3-hour drive would suffice to cover the distance from the airport.Another bus stop is at the Valicherry Ward, approximately a 6-minute walk to the city.Alleppey is easily accessible through the NH 66 that passes through the city. The national highway connects to other major nearby cities like Coimbatore, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kollam and Trivandrum. There are state-run KSRTC Buses and Private AC Buses that ply through the city 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where is Alappuzha located?

Alappuzha is located in the southern Indian state of Kerala, India.

What is the best time to visit Alappuzha?

The best time to visit Alappuzha is between the months of October and February.

How to reach Alappuzha?

Alappuzha can easily be reached via air, rail or road. The nearest airport to Alappuzha is Cochin Airport; the nearest railway station is the Alappuzha Railway Station. Yoi can hail for a cab later on to commute further.

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