Revi Karunakaran Memorial Museum

A memorial museum, Revi Karunakaran Museum was established in 2006 by Betty Karunakaran in the sweet memory of her beloved husband and a famous coir industrialist from Kerala, Revi Karunakaran. The museum showcases artifacts and precious Swarovski jade crystals, ivory crystals, and porcelain crystals, collection of sculptures, furniture, glasswork, paintings, and a collection of vintage cars as well.


Information for Visitors

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm (Monday closed)

Location: CCSB Road, Convent Square, Sea View Ward, Alappuzha, Kerala.

Entry Fees: Rs100

About the Museum

Revi Karunakaran Museum is a memorial museum in Alappuzha, Kerala, built by Betty Karunakaran, wife of Revi Karunakaran, a leading coir industrialist and a successful businessman of Kerala. Inaugurated on 22nd November 2006, this privately owned museum is one of the largest of its kind with a spectacular collection of Swarovski crystals in Jade, ivory, and porcelain, a beautiful collection of sculptures, Belgian glassworks, Murano glassworks, Keralan artifacts, furniture, and Tanjore paintings, etc. The Karunakaran family has been known to have a taste for fine arts and has been accumulating artifacts and display exhibits for over three generations. The collection accumulated was initially for personal use, but after the demise of Revi Karunakaran in 2003, his wife Betty Karunakaran assembled all the collectibles and decided to open a museum for public demonstration. The display also includes an impressive collection of vintage and modern cars that were owned by Revi Karunakaran and his family.

The museum is also known and famous for its architecture and fine features such as the frontal Greco-Roman columns and is built in an area of 28,000 sq. ft. Another interesting feature is the representation of the four major religions of India – Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity through murals, ivory collections, Kerala rooms, and other items on display. This museum has been figuratively compared to the Taj Mahal by many political personalities too because the vision behind its construction is the same and is built as a memorial for spouses.

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