RMZ Mall

RMZ Galleria is a large shopping and entertainment complex in Yelahanka area in Bengaluru , in the south Indian state of Karnataka .


RMZ Galleria is primarily known for clothes shopping and cinema (INOX) experiences. The mall is spread across an area of 12 acres, and also includes some posh residential units.


RMZ Galleria has various shopping outlets, particularly those of various clothing and accessories brands from across India and other popular international ones too, with shops ranging from clothing and accessories, home decor etc to books and electronics. The brands whose outlets are put up in this mall

Food-Court / Restaurants

RMZ Galleria Mall Bengaluru has a food court with various food and beverage outlets, plus some individual restaurants and eateries as well. Some of the eateries and food outlets in the mall are –

How to reach

RMZ Galleria is situated at Ambedkar Colony, Yelahanka in Bengaluru city. It can be reached by private vehicles or public road transport, from anywhere in and around Bengaluru city.

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