Kondagaon is the capital of the Kondagaon district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. It is located about 70 kilometers from Jagdalpur.

Places to visit

  • Katulkasa Waterfall : Katulkasa Waterfall is a permanent spring in the center of the forest around one kilometer from Gram Panchayat Honhed. Most individuals are still unaware of it. It stands approximately 80 feet tall. It is becoming a beautiful tourist attraction. Its splendor is enhanced by wet days.
  • Distance: Katulkasa Waterfall is 61 kilometres away from Chhattisgarh

  • Siya Jatayu Rock : Jatayu Rock is located three kilometers from Kondagaon Farasgaon's major road. Huge rocks perch above mountain ranges and the strange beauty of these rocks and the watchtower may be appreciated. Legend has it that during the Ramayan period, during the capture of Sita, a battle between Ravana and Jatayu took place here.
  • Distance: Jatayu Rock is located 3 kilometers from Kondagaon

  • Keshkal Valley : The attractive and lovely Keshkal valley is located on National Highway 30 between Kondagaon and Kanker in Keshkal tehsil of Kondagaon district. Keshkal Valley is well-known for its lush vegetation, hills, and twisting twists. Tallinn Valley is another name for it. The valley's heart is 4 kilometers long. The route and its 12 twisting twists inspire excitement and exhilaration in the imaginations of the travelers.
  • Distance: Keshkal valley is57kilometers from Kondagaon

  • Shiv Temple : Kopabeda, a unique Shiva temple, is located 4.5 kilometers from Kadangaon. It is close to the lonely river Nanggi. It must pass through the center of the deep forest to get here. This location of ancient Dandakaranya is thought to be Ramnath in Bansur. In general, there is now a strategy and protection in place for the entire area. Interesting details can be found in the context of the gender roles established in such temples, as there is a temple in this zone dedicated to the concept. The Shivlingas, an interesting fact, belong to the dreamer. It also left an imprint on the Kopaheda Temple. Devotees have observed this shivling because of Janushuti.They erected it in the neighboring woodland based on the dream. This occurrence occurred between 1950 and 1951. Is nearby. Every Shivratri appears to be painful here. The Devasthan of the village, known as Rajarava near the river, is worshiped first, according to custom. It is noted that a crucial fact in the context of this birdwatching is that it was quite little when it was received, but it has already become fairly huge. It is because of this idea that the Nagespar couple's participation in Savan's month is likewise an essential occasion.
  • Distance: Shiva temple is4.5 kilometres away from Chhattisgarh

How to Reach

  • Kondagaon is easily accessible from anywhere in Chhattisgarh because to regular CSRTC bus services that run at regular intervals. Kanker, Jagdalpur, and Raipur are all easily accessible from Kondagaon.Raipur's Swami Vivekananda International Airport is 220 kilometers away from Kondagaon. Jagdalpur Airport is 80 kilometers away from Kondagaon.

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