Akbar's Tomb

Akbar’s tomb, the tomb of the Mughal emperor Akbar, was built between 1605 and 1613 AD, by Akbar’s son and successor Jehangir, to commemorate his father.

The tomb complex is located in Sikandra, Agra, in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh


Emperor Akbar had planned his tomb and selected a suitable site for it himself, instructing his son to build it after his death.

After Akbar died, his son Jehangir completed the construction by 1613 AD. The total cost for building it at the time was 1,500,000 rupees, which was paid for by Akbar.

It is said that the tomb was looted by a rebellious Jat leader, after which he took out the bones of the emperor from his grave to avenge his father's death at his hands, and dragged them all over the streets of Agra.


Akbar’s tomb is a five-storey monument that is in the shape of a pyramid, and is spread across an area of 119 acres. The entrance of the tomb is through a huge gate in the front. There is also a well-maintained gardennear the entrance.

The tomb is built in an experimentalmedley of architectural styles, consisting of indigenous Hindu elements of architecture like sloping dripstones, finials surmounting all the domes, balcony windows and pierced screens and so on.

Additional Information for Visitors

Akbar’s tomb is open for visitors everyday between 6.00 AM to 6.30 PM. The premises even consists of a spacious designated parking space for visitors.

Winters (between November to February) are said to be best time to visit Agra; summers are always too hot, with the highest temperature being as high as 48 degrees Celsius.

The Entry Fee to Akbar's Tomb is INR 30 for Indian citizens or visitors coming from any of the SAARC nations; for visitors from other countries the entry fee is INR 300.

How to Reach:

Agra can be reached by air, rail or road.

Akbar’s Tomb

Witness another masterpiece of the Rajputana-Mughal architectural style in the form of Akbar’s Tomb, the ultimate resting place of the Mughal ruler Akbar. Built between 1605-1618 out of sandstone and white marble, the tomb is located in Sikanderabad, Uttar Pradesh, and is enveloped by a lush-green garden built by Akbar himself who oversaw the construction of his tomb as well.

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