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Lined with towering coconut trees, green plants, and wildflowers, Kihim Beach is one of the most exquisite and charming beaches in Alibaug Maharashtra. Located in the Kihim village of Alibaug district, the beach is renowned for its stunning beauty and serene pollution-free environment. The beach has an outstanding backdrop, a long stretch of white sand scattered with beautiful and exceptional seashells with the crystal blue waves lashing against the shore that makes a picturesque landscape worth capturing.

The beach is clean and safe with perfectly safe water for swimming and other water activities which draws the attention of many tourists from different parts of the country throughout the year. Apart from the pristine and charming white sandy shore of the beach, it is abounding from fresh green plants and wildflowers. Many migratory and local birds can be seen enhancing the charm of the beach along with the wild butterflies and bees that surround the many wildflowers on the beach.

The beach has become one of the major tourist spots and a successful junction in recent years and one reason for this might be its nearness from the major city Mumbai. There are many restaurants and food stalls in and around the beach that serve delicious food and beverages and many other tourist spots in the vicinity such as the popular Colaba Fort, Akshi Seashore, Birla Temple, and many other places also attract the attention of the tourists.

You will not be disappointed when you visit this beach. The stunning landscape, the soothing sound of the sea waves, the aroma of the fresh seafood, and the cool breeze grazing the skin are all that you need to wake up your senses. The pleasant weather of Kihim beach makes it all the more alluring to spend some relaxing time here and it offers something to every age group and thus making it an ideal holiday destination.

Activities to Do in Kihim Beach


Sunbathing and Photography

Bask in the warmth of the sun and let it tan your skin by lounging on the beach benches. If you have a knack for photography Kihim beach has one of the best landscapes to take some good shots especially the mesmerizing sunset.



Paragliding is a rejuvenating and rush-inducing activity that is offered in Kihim Beach. Make the most of it and fly free like a bird while feeling the cool air wafting through your face and swaying away from your hair.



Swimming has many healing effects and the calm waters of the Arabian Sea with the safe shoreline of Kihim beach is an ideal way to make memories with your loved ones.



Delight in the thrill of adventure watersports such as banana rides, jet skiing, bumper rides, kayaking, parasailing, speed boating, and fishing too and make your holiday memorable with a fun-filled adventure ride.


Night Camping

The shore of Kihim beach is expansive and ideal for setting up camp at night. Lie beside a bonfire under the starlit sky and exchange some life experiences with your buddies.



A peaceful walk along the sandy shore of the beach with the waves lashing onto your feet is a relaxing activity to be done with your companions to soothe your mind from the hectic events of life.

Places To Visit Near Kihim Beach

Kihim beach has many other tourist spots that must not be missed and are in its the vicinity. While planning your trip to Alibaug make sure you have an extra day off to visit these wonderful places.

1. Kolaba Fort

2. Akshi Sea Shore

3. Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple

4. Birla Mandir

5. Kanakeshwar Forest

Places to Eat and Drink Near Kihim Beach

Kihim offers many food joints on the beach itself and many other restaurants a few miles away that serve lip-smacking cuisines. Devour these meals and delight your food palate to make your holiday unforgettable.

1. Sagar Darshan Hotel

2. Bohemian Blue

3. Kokum & Spice

4. Fusion Bowl Restaurant

5. Charcoal Family Restaurant

How to Reach Kihim Beach?

  • By Air: The nearest airport from the beach is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport at about 100km of distance and receives flights from all over India and abroad too. You can hire a cab to reach to the beach or take the bus to Alibaug and then a rickshaw to the beach.
  • By Boat: This is the most interesting and one of the most convenient ways to reach Kihim beach. You will need to take a ferry ride to Mandva Jetty from The Gateway of India in South Mumbai and then another ferry ride or speed boat to reach Kihim Beach which is 11km from Mandva Jetty.
  • By Bus: Kihim is approx. 10km from Alibaug bus stop. You can take State buses to reach Alibaug and then an autorickshaw or taxi to reach Kihim Beach from the bus stop.

Best Time to Visit Kihim Beach

October to March is the best time to visit Kihim Beach in Alibaug. Alibaug has very hot and humid summers and heavy rainfall and hence the time between October and March is an ideal time when the weather is favorable enough to enjoy the beach all day long. If you are not really into adventure activities and swimming, then visiting the beach during monsoons is also very pleasant as the natural glory of the beach and the area around is enhanced by lush green surroundings. During this time, you may also witness the grand Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations on the beach.

Kihim Beach

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