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The second largest jaggery market in India, Anakapalle district is a suburb of Vishakapatnam/ Vizag in the Indian state of Andra Pradesh. Its alias names are Aniankapalli, Anakapalli, Bellampatnam, Knakapuri. It resides by the side of a holy Sarada River. Sankaram, one of the most significant Buddist site in Andra is just 3kms away from Anakapalli. This place is also known for its seashores such as Mutyalammapalen, Tantadi and Pudimadaka.

Places to visit

  • Bojjanna Konda and Lingala Konda : Konda means “hill” in Telugu, the official language of Andra Pradesh. Bojjanna Konda and Lingala Konda are two Buddhist rock-cut caves on adjacent hillocks, situated near a village called Sankaram. It is a popular Buddhist heritage spot. The name of the village Sankaram is derived from the word Sangharama which means monastery. Bojjanna Konda is a small group of six rock-cut caves that dates back to 4th century AD when Buddism was flourishing in this region. The caves form a notable establishment of Buddhists in the region and stand out for its large group of monolithic stupas that surround a Maha Stupa which has a dome made of bricks. The caves have panels that have been meticulously sculptured. The main cave is comparatively larger and has sixteen pillars. It has a monolithic stupa right in the center, creating a pathway around the stupas for pradakshina. The dome of several stupas is made of brick wherein two of these brick stupas hold stone relic caskets or miniature stupas. The three phases of Buddhisn- Mahayana, Hinayana and Vijarayana are featured on the caves, chaityas and monasteries. The caves have beautifully carved statues of Gautama Buddha which is a major tourist attraction and a place for pious believers, wanderers of aesthetic bliss. The caves nearby also have stupas where Buddhist monks would meditate. The cave has two levels: the top level has a carving of Gautama Buddha sitting in a lotus position with disciples around him; the foothill has an image of Harati, a Buddhist monk.The caves were found only after the excavation that was carried out in 1907-1908. Items like mud utensils, seals, copper coins, pots, terracotta beads, gold, lead and copper were recovered from the caves. An idol of Kalabhairav and an image of Harati were also later on discovered during the excavation. The area comes under the surveillance of Archaeological Survey of India. It gives insights into the practice of Buddism in this area.
  • Gavarapalem Park : Gavarapalem Park is famously called as Parameswari Park. It is a special landmark with the big statues of Siva and Parvathi outside it. A statue is erected glorify the sacrifice of PottiSreeramulu, a revolutionist contributed his life for the formation of separate Telugu speaking state from Tamilnadu. This park being the landmark it is known as Park Center. The whole park is filled with greenery, flowers, trees and plants all around it. Best place for joggers to sweat themselves in the well paved jogger track and exercise on the facilitated equipment. Evening times are packed with groups of Lilliput enjoying best of their life flying on swing, sliding and socializing with people. A better walk stop for people of all age to have a pleasant chit-chat.
  • Kondakarla Bird Santuary: Colloquially called as Kondakarla Ava (lake) is one of the largest fresh water lakes in India. Located at Vadrapalli, Yellamanchili constituency, 50 km drive from Vizag city, this place is home for wide range of migrating birds. About a hundred different types of birds can be seen around the lake such as Red Whiskered Bulbul, Little Egret, Pheasant tailed jacana, Purple heron, Eastern great egret and many more. The flying and flapping of the tongue clicking birds along with their whistling song takes us to a level of aesthetic rapture making this the paradise for bird lovers.Photographers never miss to click shot of this scenic and refreshing place. This place has become a famous spot for wedding photoshoots. The art of nature can be visualized through the patterns of star, cross, square triangle formed by the leaves on the lake. These triangular islands covering the waterbody offers a scintillating sight to tourists. Floating on a palm boat, soaring through the silent water amidst the famous water lilies, listening to the songs of the birds makes it one of the die-hard memories. It is open for tourists all through the week from 9:00 a.m- 5:00 p.m.
  • Nookambika Temple: Sri SriNookambikaAmmavari Temple or Sri NookallammaAmmavaariDevasthanamu is a famous temple in Gavarapalem, Anakapalli. It is built for Goddess Nookambika. This temple was built by Sri KakarlapudiAppalu Raju Payakarao to his family goddess Kakatambika.On the day of “KotthaAmavasaya”, the day before Ugandi thousands of people from all over Andra Pradesh flock to the temple to worship the goddess.

How to Reach

  • By Train - Anakapalli has its own Railway station which makes it much easier to reach.Andra Pradesh express, BhbaneswarKonark express, Hyderabad Godavari SF express and more passes via Anakapalle.
  • By Road - Vizag city buses run from Maddilapalem, Dwaraka Bus Station, Gajuwaka, Yelamachili etc.
  • By Air - The nearest airport destination to Anakapalli is Visakhapatnam.

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