Visakhapatnam is a port city and a major industrial center in the south eastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the first Naval base of India, and also is home to the oldest shipyard in the country.

Visakhapatnam is often referred to as “Vizag”, and it is also known as the “City of destiny”.


Visakhapatnam is a city of many wonders – both natural and manmade. The place has various landmarks of historical significance. It is also a natural beauty, with many hills surrounding it, and being a coastal city, it has many scenic beaches and attractions related to the Navy life too. It also has India’s first rare earth minerals extraction plant and one of the most popular steel plants in the country!

The list of the city’s attractions and things to do are endless, but here are some of the most popular ones, to check out:



Visakhapatnam also has some incredible museums where its heritage has been preserved through the years. Following are some museums to check out in the city to know more about its heritage:


Hinduism is the religion followed by a majority of Vizag’s population (more than 92%), followed by Islam (almost 4%), Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism. These are some popular temples, churches and other religious centers in the city:


For people who love to shop or want to take home souvenirs from this city, there are various places here to buy local things like handicrafts, jewelry, accessories, clothes etc. Some famous shopping spots in Vizag are:


Visakhapatnam’s foods are mostly based on Andhra cuisine and are mostly highly spicy or use lots of coconuts (which are grown widely throughout the city and district), and the city has various street food delicacies to offer! These are some of the most popular foods to try in Visakhapatnam:


Here are some popular eat-out spots in Visakhapatnam to try:


Visakhapatnam has many incredible hotels for a comfortable stay – in affordable range as well as luxurious ones. Some of the best hotels to stay at in Vizag are: