Balod, Bihar

Balod is a town on the banks of the Tandula River and a nagarpalika in Chhattisgarh's Balod district. Balod is 44 kilometers from Dhamtari and 58 kilometers from Durg

Places to visit

  • Ganga Maiya Temple : The Ganga Maiya Temple is located in the Chattisgarh Tehsil of Balod, near the Balod-Durg route. It is a historically significant religious site. This temple has a glorious past and a fascinating history. A local fisherman first built Ganga Maiya Temple in the shape of a tiny house. The genesis of Ganga Maiya Temple is linked to a local religious belief in Balod. The temple was originally built in the shape of a tiny house. Several devotees contributed significantly to the building of a decent temple complex.
  • Distance: Ganga Maiya Temple is 700 metre away from Balod

  • Siya Devi Temple and Waterfall : SiyaDevi Temple is located in Chhattisgarh's Balod district. This location is well-known for SitaMaiya's temple, which is located in the center of the lush jungle. The temple is centuries old, and there is a natural waterfall nearby. It is said that Lord Rama, together with Laxman and Sita, visited this location during his exile. The surrounding waterfall attracts numerous tourists, which adds to its significance among Indian pilgrims. It is one of Chattisgarh's most popular tourist sites.
  • Distance: Siya Devi Temple and Waterfall is 21 kilometres away from Balod

  • Tandula Dam : The Tandula dam is located in the Durg area, 5 kilometers from Balod. The dam location is stunning, with a stunning view of a vast body of water. This is where the water for the Bhilai Steel Plant is delivered. There is a Sua resort near the dam that is administered by Chhattisgarh Tourism, and it is the only venue for dining close the dam. The dam is great for a picnic and is especially lovely at sunrise and dusk.
  • Distance: Tandula Dam is 13 kilometres away from Balod

How to Reach

  • By Air There are no direct flights to Balod. Raipur is the closest airport to Balod (the capital of Chhattisgarh). Raipur Airport connects almost all important cities in the country.Balod is easily accessible from Raipur International Airport.Balod is served by trains and buses on a daily basis. By Train From Raipur: From Raipur, there is just one direct train to Balod. The train is/are the R Drz Express (18210), among other things. The fastest train from Raipur to Balod takes 2 hours and 58 minutes.By Road Durg, Dhamatari, DallaRajhara, and Rajnandgaon are all accessible from Balod. Balod to Durg, Dhamatari, DalliRajhara, and Rajnandgaon buses run often.Durg is 60 kilometers from Balod, while Raipur is 104 kilometers. By bus, it takes two hours to get from Balod to Durg.

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