harihareshwar beach

harihareshwar beach


One of the less crowded and polluted beaches in Maharashtra, the Harihareshwar beach is nestled in the Raigad district, around 200km from Mumbai. The town of Harihareshwar is often referred to as Dev-Ghar or ‘’House of God’’ and is enveloped by four hills of the Western Ghats named as Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Brahhadri, and Pushpadri. The place is also known as ‘Dakshin Kashi’ because of the temple devoted to Lord Shiva. Situated on the Konkan coast, the black sandy beach is less polluted and mostly unspoiled.

The beach has a stunning landscape with the Arabian Sea water crashing against the shore and the black sand of the beach contrasting with the green of the hills in the backdrop. Tourists come here to enjoy the scenic views of the beach along with visiting the Shiva Temple just next to the beach. You can also enjoy speed boat rides and water scooters at the beach with other activities such as swimming and playing games. The water at Harihareshwar beach is mostly turbulent with rocky coast and a substantial force of the waves.

The hills around the beach house temples devoted to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, and Lord Yogeshwari. The Kalbhairav temple is dedicated to Kalbhairav, a manifestation of Lord Shiva. All these temples lure tourists from all over India to pray and to visit the beautiful beach of Harihareshwar thereon. The temples also offer a magnificent panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and the beach. River Savitri also joins the Arabian Sea in Harihareshwar making it a wonderful sight to see. The beach with its gentle breeze, silky sand, and inviting water can be truly tempting for any beach lover.

Things to Do in Harihareshwar Beach


Speed Boat ride

A speed boat ride is available from the beach to explore the surrounding area and the temple too. Enjoy the blissful waters of the sea with the stunning visuals of the beach to soothe your eyes.


Water scooter

A water scooter is an ideal option for our adventure freaks to delight in the adrenaline rush from the thrilling ride. Take pleasure in the splashing cold water of the sea and ask your companions to take your picture to capture the moment.



Take a long peaceful walk barefoot along the shore of the beach with the waves grazing your feet and the soft sand under your feet. The tranquil ambiance of the beach coupled with the divine aura oozing from the surrounding temples is enough to calm your nerves.


Visit the Shiva temple

The famous Shiva temple of Harihareshwar is right next to the beach where you can walk or trek to cover the distance.

Places to Visit Near Harihareshwar Beach

Harihareshwar town is laid with many tourist spots such as beaches, temples, and forts that must be visited when you visit Harihareshwar beach. These places are as follows.

1. Kalbhairav Temple

2. Ganesh Gully

3. Harihareshwar Temple

4. Bankot Fort

5. Somja Devi Temple

6. Bhagmandala

Places to Eat and Drink Near Harihareshwar Beach

These are the popular restaurants and hotels near Harihareshwar beach that serve delectable mouth-watering Konkan cuisine and dishes from all over India. Sit and relax in the comfortable setting of the restaurants and treat your taste buds with delight.

1. Harihareshwar MTDC Beach Restaurant

2. Harihareshwar Beach Resort

3. Hotel Sai

4. Hotel Pornima

5. Maria Restaurant

How to Reach Harihareshwar Beach?


Best Time to Visit Harihareshwar Beach

Although the tourist season in Harihareshwar starts from October to May, the ideal time to visit the beach is between November to February during the winters. The weather is perfect to soak in the sun during this time and the humidity level is also low to enjoy the beach. During the summers, the heat is too much to enjoy the beach and the monsoons bring with them heavy downpour which makes the beach quiet unsafe to go to the sea.

Harihareshwar beach

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