kollam beach

kollam beach


Selected as the first ‘Beach Wedding Destination’ in Kerala, Kollam beach necessitates no introduction. Also known as Mahatma Gandhi Beach, this picturesque and breathtaking natural wonder is an amalgamation of pristine blue waters that unities with the bright blue sky and the silky golden sand that compels the visitors to marvel at the sheer beauty of the majestic scene.

The Kollam beach experiences a large number of local and international visitors throughout the year. There areseveral activities you can enjoy that the beach offers along with taking in the captivating panoramic views of the Arabian Sea. There is a marine aquarium on the beach having hundreds of species of fish and other underwater creatures. The Kollam beach also has the Mahatma Gandhi Park that is also a significant spot of attraction since its inauguration. The adventure freaks can spend their day doing surfing or swimming or if you are here with your buddies, then playing sports such as volleyball or soccer is a must-do activity here. The magnificent views, lush greenery, tranquil backwaters, and the plethora of activities that one can do here, make the place one of the most visited beaches in Kerala.

The beach has something to give to every kind of visitor and of every age group, from children to adults and even the elderly, who can’t get enough of this exotic place in just one trip. The cultural and divine vibe that the beach oozes is indeed infectious and fills everyone with a sense of peace and renewed energy.

Things to Do in Kollam Beach


Visit the Marine Aquarium

The marine aquarium is just next to the beach which is a two-story building containing underwater species of distinct variety. Even if you don’t have children with you, a visit to this enchanting aquarium is worth a while.



The beach acts as an ideal place to enjoy a picnic on a pleasant sunny day with your friends or family. The calm ambiance of the beach along with the soft swooshing sound of the waves kissing the shore is a symphony in the ear and makes the day perfect.



Kollam beach has facilities for surfing and visitors can enjoy a good surf on the sea and the feel of adrenaline rush.


Strolling and collecting sea shells

A calm and collective walk on the beach with a stunning landscape is a rejuvenating activity everyone must do. You can also collect beautiful seashells while strolling and keep them as memento to take back home.


Play games

Games such as volleyball and soccer can be played on the spacious beach of Kollam. Many youngsters prefer to indulge in different games barefoot on the soft sand to spend time on the beach.

Places to Visit Near Kollam Beach

Kollam district is laid with many beautiful tourist spots that must be visited if you plan a trip to Kollam or the beach. These are some of the places nearby the Kollam beach that you must visit to witness the magnificence of the place.

1. Ashtamudi Lake

2. Palaruvi Waterfalls

3. Thirumullavaram Beach

4. Kulathapuzha

5. Jatayu’s Earth Centre

6. Rameshwara Temple

7. Asramam Adventure Park

Places to Eat and Drink Near Kollam Beach

For a mouth-watering meal and a delightful taste of Kerala, head to one of these famous restaurants near the Kollam beach and satiate your quench for hunger.

1. Fayalwan Hotel

2. The Marcopolo Bar

3. Tate of Kerala

4. Tandoor

5. The Tides

6. 3rd Rock

How to Reach Kollam Beach

Apart from these means of transport, you can also take ferry boat from the nearby railway station to the city. It is a fun and exciting way to explore the city and many people often prefer to take up ferry boat inside the city.


Best Time to Visit Kollam Beach

The weather in Kerala is amazing throughout the year and you can visit Kollam at any given time. But the tourists prefer to visit the beach during the winters when the temperature circles around 20-degree Celsius, making it ideal to explore the place even during the afternoons. The months of March, April, and June are a bit hot to enjoy and should be avoided.

If you love rainy season, then the monsoons in Kerala are splendid and bring with them an exquisite glow to area around the beach and the entire Kollam

Kollam beach

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