tarkarli beach

tarkarli beach


Mostly untouched with silver-white sand and translucent waters, dolphin spotting avenues, adventure water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, backwaters of the Karli River, delectable Konkani cuisine and exotic delights like the Alphonso mangoes, Tarkarli Beach Malvan in Maharashtra is a gem waiting to be explored.

Tarkarli Beach located in the Konkan village Tarkarli of Maharashtra is one of the most beautiful beaches in India famous for its clean water and jaw-dropping views. It is a long and stretched coastline and is a major attraction to see in Tarkarli. The appeal of this place is heightened by its tranquil and phlegmatic vibes even after being full of hundreds of visitors every day. It is unquestionably one of the most scenic beaches on the entire Konkan shoreline, having water so clear, you can see the sea bed up to 20 feet on a clear sunny day.

With a panoramic view, one can have a look at the exquisite beauty of the beach with the shuru trees and wide Karli River in the backdrop. The beautiful sailboats lined on the shore and the small islands that can be seen from the beach make it appear more delightful. Tarkarli has located 6km from the south of Malvan and 546km from Mumbai. The Tarkarli Beach came into recognition after the launch of a beach resort in Tarkarli by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) and acknowledged Tarkarli as one of the prime beach tourism spots in Maharashtra. Tarkarli also has houseboat facilities that are highly developed and have all the luxurious amenities for discerning travelers.

A long trail of silver sand, cool and salty sea breeze wafting away the leaves of tall coconut trees and fisherman on their traditional fish boats and launching the fishnets to do their usual core of catching the fishes, is a fascinating sight to behold. The beach is also famous for several water sports and the beach resort which attracts tourists from around the country. With its expansive coastline, Tarkarli has become one of the best destinations for water sports. If you are seeking a calming yet thrilling experience in Tarkarli, Maharashtra, then Tarkarli beach is the perfect choice for you.

Must-do Activities in Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli Beach is an exquisite place that has plethora of sought-after activities in an undisturbed setting. From experiencing the deep waters of the sea to a beautiful houseboat ride, Tarkarli Beach has got it all.


Water Sports

Tarkarli Beach is known for some of the best adventure water sports in the area. Experience the majestic waters of the Arabian sea in scuba diving, waft the surface on snorkeling, do banana boat rides and parasailing with your companion, relish the adrenaline rush on jet skiing and enjoy bumper rides, you name it and Tarkarli Beach has got it.


Dolphin Spotting

One of the major attractions of Tarkarli Beach is Dolphin Spotting. There are trips organized by the administration to take you on boat rides to places where Dolphins are likely to appear.


Houseboat Ride

There are beautiful houseboats on the backwaters of the river Karli where you can stay the night and indulge in the immense calmness of the sea while sitting on the deck of the boat and the wind breezing through your hair. The boat is decked up with all the contemporary amenities and you will not have any problem staying the night.



Though the water current here is a bit high, swimming is always a thrilling activity to enjoy whenever you get time and especially in the clear blue waters of the Tarkarli Beach.


Sindhudurg Fort

A magnificent Maratha architecture standing tall by the Arabian sea, Sindhudurg Fort is also a major attraction on the Tarkarli Beach that must be on your list.

Places to Visit Near Tarkarli Beach

Though the Tarkarli Beach is enough to take your entire day or even your whole weekend, there are many other spots to visits near the beach which should not be missed. Hare are some of the places near the Tarkarli Beach you must-visit:

1. Dhamapur Lake

2. Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Temple

3. Padmagarh Fort

4. Tsunami Island

5. Karli River

6. Deobagh Village

Places to Eat and Enjoy at Night

After an adventurous day at the beach, its time to enjoy some delicious Konkani cuisine. Here are some of the best restaurants where you can enjoy the famous Konkani cuisines along with other dishes from around the country and some refreshing drinks too.

1. Hotel Sindhudurg and Permit Room

2. Konark Restro and Bar

3. Konkan Pride

4. Parkar Parmit Room & Bar

5. Sagar Kinara Restaurant

How to Reach?

Located on the Konkan coastline, Tarkarli Beach is much closer to north Goa than many big cities in Maharashtra. If you are flying from some other state, fly to Goa’s airport which is 100km from the Tarkarli Beach and the nearest railway station is 35km away from Tarkarli.

If you are travelling from Pune the distance is 387km which is approachable for a long weekend getaway and if you are traveling from Mumbai, you will have to take the National Highway 4 that goes through Pune and the drive is scenic and lovely.


Best Time to Visit Tarkarli Beach

Due to the hot and humid weather of the area, the beat time to visit the beach is between October to March. During this time the weather is comparatively cooler and there is lesser risk of high tides. If you want to enjoy the beach in its certain calmness, and want to avoid as much tourist influx as possible especially on weekends, then plan your trip between January and February.

Tarkarli Beach

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