Brigade Road

Brigade road is a shopping spot in central Bengaluru, connecting M G Road and Hosur Road. It is a street lined up with various cloth, sports, accessories and shoes brands’ shops and stores on both sides. It has outlets selling clothes, sports accessories and shoes from different popular brands, along with a few restaurants and food stalls in places.


The Brigade road is not exactly a historical road but it does have some old landmarks like Sapper War Memorial – which is a First World War memorial dedicated to the soldiers of the Madras Sappers & Miners (Madras Engineer Group).

The first KFC eatery in Bengaluru was opened on Brigade Road in 1995, due to which it quickly became popular, and slowly became a commercial shopping centre and has since been frequented by a large part of the city’s population. A parking area and a bus stand were also allotted to the place to accommodate the needs of the visitors. And in 2004, parking meters imported from France were installed to manage the parking slots on the road.


Brigade road is a one-way road that runs between the famous M G Road and Hosur Road. It also connects Residency Road and Church Street which is another popular shopping destination in the same area.

Car parking areas are located right in front of most stores.

Additional Information for Visitors

The shopping services and stores in Brigade road function throughout the day, and close at midnight.

There is no entry fee or other restrictions to this road, but it is better to walk through it, as traversing it on a vehicle can be inconvenient for exploring it, given that it is a one-way street and is usually crowded. The parking areas inside the road are mostly meant for cars, which is the reason most people try not to travel on scooters, bicycles or bikes here.

Brigade road is also a popular destination for new year celebrations in Bengaluru, when the road is lit up and decorated with lots of hanging lights.

There are other shopping destinations near brigade road to explore such as Church Street, Commercial Street (another shopping destination) and M.G.Road – all of which offer a lot of options.

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