commercial street

Commercial street is a shopping street in the city of Bengaluru, the capital of the south Indian state of Karnataka .

It is one of the most popular, oldest and busiest shopping areas in the city.


Commercial Street got its name from London where there was a popular shopping street at the time called Commercial Street. In those days, it is said that the market street was closed for the general public on Sundays, and was open exclusively to British officers and their families to shop peacefully.

British officers apparently used to come shopping here on horseback, and the remaining general public could come only by walk.In 1916, cars and other vehicles started being allowed inside the market.


Bengaluru’s Commercial Street has various shops and outlets that sell trendy as well as traditional clothes, footwear, jewellery, electronics and other accessories, and also has many food joints and cafes which provide refreshments and meals.

The place had a limited space for vehicle parking (only 75 parking slots) which was never enough for the number of shoppers visiting the place, and so the market streets mostly remain closed for vehicles, and only allow pedestrians.


Even if you treated your eyes with the extravagant beauty that the tech-city of Bangalore offers through its architectural marvels, gardens, and natural bounties, a trip here wouldn’t be completed if you do not visit the iconic Commercial Street. The Central Business District of Bangalore, the Commercial Street is a therapy for the shopaholics and others alike with its lively bustle all around and the availability of numerous things. From traditional accessories to cosmetics, to spices and clothing, footwear, and bags, you name it, and everything will be at your vision’s reach. When you are tired of bargaining and navigating the crazy streets filled with people, head to the eateries to feed your hungry soul. Some of the best shops in Commercial Street and the items available there are listed below.

How to Reach

Commercial Street can be reached by road (auto-rickshaw, cabs or buses) or by Bengaluru’s Namma metro (local train transit system) based on the distance and availability of these.

Private vehicles are usually not preferred as there is no parking space for the market, but some nearby parking places can be used in some cases.

Commercial Street

With a dazzling display of stores selling all the stuff enough to make a shopaholic go to frenzy, the Commercial Street in Bangalore is a shopper’s delight with a hoard of shops and stalls to quench your shopaholic soul.

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