Bhachau, Gujarat

Bhachau is a city and a municipality in Gujarat, India's Kutch district. Bhachau was one of many towns in the Kutch region of the Indian state of Gujarat that was severely damaged during the 1956 Anjar earthquake as well as the earthquake that struck the state in 2001.

Places to visit

  • Bhuj : One of Kutch's oldest township sections makes for excellent historical tourism. With the various historic structures, many of which belong to the 18th century, as well as the lovely historical lanes and temples, parks, and lakes, visitors can travel back in time. As one of the major cities, this one must be visited for a weekend break trip to be successful.
  • Distance: Bhuj is 70 kilometers away from Bhachau

  • Aina Mahal : It is an 18th-century structure constructed in the Italian Gothic style that is currently one of Kutch's most popular tourist destinations. The structure features a Hindu temple in the courtyard and is ornately furnished with chandeliers, mirrors, and semi-precious stones, making it both a historical spectacular and a religious excursion. The Aina Mahal must be seen on the top Kutch excursions.
  • Distance: Aina Mahal is 81 kilometres away from Bhachau

  • Dholavira : This archaeological site is incredible. As one of the locations from which the people we know today emerged, it is home to the 5000-year-old ancient Harappan civilization site across the Saraswati River, which will both educate and delight you. Irrigation systems and rainwater collection are two excellent examples of engineering applications that are also popular tourist attractions. Additionally, The Wood Fossil Park is a wonderful center for attractions. All of the greatest Kutch vacation packages undoubtedly involve a trip to this destination.
  • Distance: Dholavira is 54 kilometers away from Bhachau

How to Reach

  • Kutch is entirely desert, thus the only way to get there is by road. No specific airport or train station serves Bhachau City. Bhuj is where you'll find the closest airport and train station. To get to Bhachau, you'll need to get in a car from here.

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