Bhanvad, Gujarat

In Gujarat, India's state of Gujarat, there are two municipalities: Bhanvad and Devbhoomi Dwarka.

Places to visit

  • Dwarkadhish Temple : Dwarkadhish Shrine often referred to as the Jagat Mandir, is a temple to Lord Krishna built in the Chalukya style. The history of the town of Dwarka goes all the way back to the Mahabharata's Dwaraka Kingdom. The five-story main temple, which is made of limestone and sand, is huge and amazing in and of itself. The 2200-year-old architecture is thought to have been built by Vajranabha over the seabed that Lord Krishna had reclaimed. The majestic black deity of Lord Krishna and the intricately detailed sculpture was created by the earlier dynasties that governed the area. The temple contains additional shrines for Subhadra, Balarama, Revathy, Vasudeva, Rukmini, and numerous other deities.
  • Distance: Dwarkadhish Temple is 87 kilometers away from Bhanvad

  • Bet Dwarka : The island is surrounded by a few temples, white sand beaches, and coral reefs and is situated at the opening of the Gulf of Kutch. This is the main draw for tourists to the area. The most well-liked beach activities for visitors to participate in are our dolphin watching, marine tours, beach camping, picnics; etc. The island has tremendous mythical and theological significance in addition to a thriving tourism sector. When Lord Krishna was the ruler of Dwarka, it is thought that this was his residence. According to the legend, Lord Krishna and his buddy Sudama exchanged the bags of rice here. Therefore, a large number of pilgrims who are devout also visit this location.
  • Distance: Bet Dwarka is 78 kilometers away from Bhanvad

  • Rukmini Devi Temple : Through its mural carvings and other features, this 12th-century relic exhibits some obvious architectural marvels of the time. The philosopher Durvesha is picked up for dinner by Rukhmini Devi and her husband, Lord Krishna, at the start of the Hindu mythological tale that gives rise to this temple. Rukhmini Devi made a pit break along the journey to visit the Ganges to get some water, assisted by her husband. Durvesha Muni, who was notorious for having a short fuse, became quite upset when she refused to give him any water. To break from Lord Krishna, he, therefore, called for Rukhmini Devi. Because of this, her shrine is outside the city limits, although Lord Krishna's temple is located inside Dwarka.
  • Distance: Rukmini Devi Temple is 88 kilometers away from Bhanvad

How to Reach

  • Several airports are close to Bhanvad. Airfield in Porbandar 39 kilometers away Train Stations in the Area around Bhanvad 4 km away from Gujarat, Jamnagar, and Bhanvad. Koko Junction 18 km away from Jamnagar, Gujarat, is Bhanvad.

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