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India's Visakhapatnam has a suburb called Bheemunipatnam. Bhīma, a figure from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, is the name of the town. It was previously managed by the Bheemunipatnam municipality, but in 2017 it united with the GVMC.Bheemunipatnam Beach, also known as Bhimili, is one of the nations longest and spans about 25 kilometres. Even though it is well-known, the beach is tranquil and serene, and it is famous for a Dutch fort and a cemetery.

Places to visit

  • Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Temple : Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Temple, a stunningly beautiful temple located in Visakhapatnam, has a symmetry-driven design and a significant past.The temple, which is devoted to the Hindu community, provides a divine, tranquil, and serene atmosphere to Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi's followers and is unquestionably a location worth visiting for the Hindu community. The presiding idol, an embodiment of Shri Lakshmi, is thought to have served as the family deity of the local kings at the time, who revered her as Ammavari. The Margasira Masa Mahotsavam festival, which is celebrated annually for a month, is another important factor that draws visitors from all walks of life. Thousands of followers come to this temple during this time to pray to the goddess and catch a glimpse of her.Thursdays are considered an auspicious day for Sri Mahalakshmi, hence the audience there is usually twice or treble what it is on the other days of the week. Ugadi and Navarati celebrations are two other festivals where the Goddess is decked out in all of the finest jewelry.
  • Distance: Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi temple is 32 kilometers away from Bheemunipatnam

  • Pavuralakonda hillock : Near Bheemunipatnam, about 29 kilometers north of Visakhapatnam Railway Station, is Pavurallakonda, popularly known as Narasimha Swamy Konda, a well-liked tourist site. It is the area's highest peak, rising 150 meters above sea level. Pigeon Hill is the translation of Pavuralakonda. Telugu's word for pigeons is pavurala, and the word for hill is konda. Because white stone is present in the mound, it is also known as Pavuralakonda. West of Visakhapatnam and 25 kilometers from Bheemili is Pavuralakonda. On a hilltop in ruins, there sits a Buddhist monastic complex. The ruins reveal signs of human occupation between the third century BCE and the second century CE. It is a significant Buddhist monastery in Andhra Pradesh. There's a chance Hinayana Buddhism thrived.Aside from two Brahmi label inscriptions, circular chaityas, votive stupas, halls, and other relics, the Pavuralakonda relics also had vihara foundations. The location produced coins, polished pottery, beads, and other artifacts. The Buddhist devotees who once resided on the hillock location used almost 14–16 rock cuttings or cisterns to collect fresh water for their needs.
  • Distance: Pavuralakonda hillockis 8.7 kilometers away from Bheemunipatnam

  • Bhimili Bhimeswara Swamy temple: The one called "Draksharama" is located in Southern India on the Godavari River's Eastern Bank. It is commonly referred to as Draksharama, with the inferred notion that "Draksharama" refers to the residence of Daksha Prajapathi, Lord Siva's father-in-law and the adored father of "Sati," the spiritual partner of the latter. The Sri Vyasa "SkandaPurana" covers the history of the Sacred Pilgrimage in great detail. To briefly narrate the same, the story goes as follows. Daksha Prajapathi once made the decision to execute a Yaga.One of the few holy pilgrimages where God and Goddess are equally important is this one. One is Viswanatha and Annapurna in Varanasi, in northern India. The second is Draksharama with Bhimanatha and Manikyamba, and the third is Srisailam in southern India with Sri Mallikharjuna and Bramaramba. There are numerous legendary tales about the "Swayambhu" element of the Lord's life here that are dispersed throughout many of the Sacred Puranas.Many people are interested to learn that Bhimanatha came to this location from Kailasa at Parvathi's request as she was the daughter of Dakhsa. The thirteenth century is when the temple's historical significance first emerged. Another one of the "Pancharamas" is this temple. This pagoda is very old and revered. This is a well-known Piligiri location in Andhra Pradesh. In order to gain blessings, thousands of pilgrims and followers go to the temple to worship the Lord.
  • Distance: Bhimili Bhimeswara Swamy temple is 5.7 kilometers away from Bheemunipatnam

  • Bheemunipatnam Beach: Bheemunipatnam Beach, also known as Bhimili, is one of the longest in the nation and spans for around 25 kilometers. The beach is calm and beautiful despite its popularity and is well-known for a Dutch fort and a cemetery. The beach, which located outside of Visakhapatnam, is one of Andhra Pradesh's most unusual attractions and attracts visitors from all over the nation. Luxuriant coconut farms surround the area.The atmosphere is pleasant and tranquil at the beach. It is also well-known for presenting a sizable Buddha sculpture together with smaller sculptures showing him instructing his followers. A great day trip is to the Bheemunipatnam Beach, which is 24 kilometers from Visakhapatnam.
  • Distance: Bheemunipatnam Beach is 5.8 kilometers away from Bheemunipatnam

  • Rama Krishna Beach: The Ramakrishna Mission ashram that is next to the shore is whence RK Beach gets its name. The beach gives an amazing view of the countryside from its calm waves and cool environment. The view of the sunset from this beach is very breathtaking, and many people can be seen relaxing on this lovely beach and taking in the ideal scene. Both residents and visitors alike enjoy visiting Ramakrishna Beach. This beach fills up in the evening with people having fun on the beaches. Some of the common activities that are practiced here include swimming, tanning, surfing, and beach volleyball. A camel ride on the beach's sand is an additional amenity. One can take a trip in a traditional fishing boat provided by the fishermen or go on a local tour to see the stunning sunset from one of the many boats and ships that are in operation on one side of the shore.
  • Distance: Rama Krishna Beach is 29 kilometres away from Bheemunipatnam.

How to Reach

  • The closest airport is Visakhapatnam Airport. A significant railway station, Vishakhapatnam Rail Way Station, is situated 27 kilometers south of Bheemunipatnam.

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