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Binga is a tiny village located in the Karwar Taluk of Karnataka's Uttar Kannada District. This belongs to Binga Panchayat. It is owned by the Belgaum Division. Eight kilometres are needed to get there from Karwar's district office. It is 497 kilometres to Bangalore, the state capital. In Binga village, there are 1436847 residents in total.

Places to visit

  • Mirjan Fort : In the district of Uttara Kannada in the Karnataka state of southern India, the Mirjan Fort is situated on the west coast. Mirjan fort is 55.5 kilometers away from Binga. Numerous historical fights took place at the fort, which is renowned for its elegant architectural design. The Mirjan Fort was previously attributed to Rani Chennabhairadevi of Gersoppa in the 16th century (under the Vijayanagara Empire). She governed for 54 years while residing in the fort. Pepper, saltpetre, and betel nuts were transported to Surat during her rule via the port of Mirjan, which is situated 32 kilometres (20 miles) south of Karwar. The pepper that was exported from Gersoppa, a district that was annexed to Bednur, was well-known. As a result, the Portuguese dubbed the Queen of Gersoppa "Rani, the Pepper Queen" (or "Rainha de Pimenta" in Portuguese).
  • Apsarakonda Waterfalls : Apsarakonda waterfalls are 99.5 kilometers away from Binga.Families and children can enjoy the waterfall area because it is not too deep. However, as this is one of the most well-known waterfalls in the area and visitors are aware they may come here and take a bath, expect to encounter massive crowds the most of the time. Very few visitors go to apsarkonda waterfall. it is a clear waterfall with a pool at its base. Water reflects the green colour of the moss. Anybody can reach here with minimum efforts even if they don’t have any vehicle. You have to take a bus from kumta to reach honnavar and then bus from honnavar to reach apsarkonda village. From the main road it is just 20 minutes’ walk till the falls.

Famous food in Binga

Bisibelebhath, a concoction of rice, lentils, various vegetables, and spices including asafoetida, nutmeg, and curry leaves, is the traditional food items binga village. A wide range of dosas such butter dosa, Mysore masala dosa, and set dosa are highly well-liked by most Binga visitors.

How to Reach

  • By Train - Two railroad stations that are most conveniently close to Binga are Asnoti and Karwar. The rail way stations that can be reached from neighboring towns include Madgaon Junction Rail Way Station, San Juje Da Areal Railway Station, and Karwar Railway Station (near Karwar).
  • By Road - The surrounding towns of Karwar, Madgaon, Yellapur, and Dandeli provide road access to Binga.

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