Rock Garden

The Rock Garden is a sculpture garden (i.e., having lots of sculptures along with plants and shrubs)situated in Chandigarh – an Indian union territory and combined capital of north Indian states of Punjab and Haryana.


Rock Garden in Chandigarh was established by Nek Chand Saini, a government official and a self-taught artist who started the garden secretly in the year 1957. Hence it is also known as Nek Chand Saini's Rock Garden after its founder.


Rock Garden is spread over an area of 40 acres. It comprises of a pretty man-madewaterfall, a variety of flowering plants and many sculptures amidst these, that have been made of different kinds of waste (bottles, glasses, bangles, tiles, ceramic pots,  electrical waste, broken pipes, and so on).

These materials were collected over the years by the creator of this garden Mr. Nek Chand, from various demolition sites and other places he visited in his spare time.

Additional Information for Visitors

Rock Garden Chandigarh is open to visitors between 9 AM and 7 PM every day, on all days of the week.

An entry fee of INR 30 per head is applicable for every (adult) visitor to this place and INR 10 kids and children.

Chandigarh, being a major city and union territory in Indiais well connected to cities across the country as well as other parts of the world. It can be reached by air, rail or road.

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