Chandigarh was created by renowned French architect Le Corbusier and is the perfect city that As the nation's first prime minister, Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru, had intended. It is regarded as one of the greatest experiments in contemporary architecture and urban planning carried out in India throughout the twentieth century and is picturesquely situated at the foothills of the Shivaliks. Chandigarh's name comes from a temple called the "Chandi Mandir," which is adjacent to the site that was chosen for the city. The city was given the name Chandigarh—The City Beautiful—after the goddess of strength Chandi and a fort called "garh" that was located outside the temple. A prehistoric era formerly existed in the city. Chandigarh is currently located on gently sloping plains that were originally covered with marsh and a big lake. A wide range of aquatic and amphibian life, sustained by that environment, is shown by the fossil remains discovered at the site. Historical records indicate that the area was inhabited by the Harappans circa 8000 years ago.

The region was a part of the sizable and rich Punjab Province from the medieval era until 1947, when the nation was partitioned into East and West Punjab. Thousands of refugees who had been displaced from West Punjab were also to be housed in the city, which was intended to serve as the capital of East Punjab. The land at the foot of the Shivaliks was chosen by the Punjabi government in March 1948, after consulting with the Indian government. According to the District Ambala gazetteer for 1892–1893, the city site's location was a part of the formerly Ambala district. In 1952, the city's cornerstone was laid. Later, when the state was divided into Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pardesh on November 1, 1966, the city gained the distinction of serving as the capital city of both Punjab and Haryana are directly governed by the Central Government while simultaneously being designated as Union Territories.

Things To Do

  • Ride a boat on Sukhna Lake : Sukhna Lake is a stunning lake located in Chandigarh's gorgeous environs, nestled at the base of the Shivalik Mountains. The Sukhna Lake, the only artificial lake of its sort in the city, is 3 kilometres long and was built in 1958 by damming the seasonal stream Sukhna Choe that flows from Shivalik Hills. The lake's crystal-clear blue water attracts a steady stream of early-morning runners and walkers who may also take in the fresh air. One of the most well-liked things to do in Chandigarh is boating, and another favourite activity around the lake is birdwatching.
  • Look At The Flower-Blooming Rose Garden : The Chandigarh neighbourhood of sector 16 is home to the Rose Garden, a lush landscape that finest exhibits nature. The garden is very well-liked by visitors and nature lovers since it is stretched out across a sizable area of 30 acres and is brimming with an incredible variety of blooms. Being one of the best things to do in Chandigarh, visiting here is highly recommended. Under the direction of the First Chief Commissioner, MS Randhawa, it was constructed in 1967 and is the largest garden of its sort in Asia. The Rose Garden, sometimes called Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, bears Zakir Hussain's name, a former president of India.
  • Discover Rock Garden's Magnificent Displays : Nek Chand, a former Chandigarh road inspector, created The Rock Garden, an outdoor exhibition space, in sector 1 of the lovely city of Chandigarh. Nek Chand used industrial and urban waste products to create this space. This enormous 40-acre park, sometimes referred to as Neck Chand's Rock Garden, is a vibrant mosaic of artworks and sculptures created from household and commercial garbage. One of Chandigarh's top attractions, the Rock Garden is a must-see since it has a total of over 5,000 sculptures. Be sure to put this on your list of the must-do activities in Chandigarh.
  • The Government Museum and Art Gallery should be visited : One of India's well-known museums, the Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh, speaks highly of the country's history and split. The museum, which first welcomed visitors in August 1947, is recognised for its vast collection of artwork, antiques, and sculptures. Moreover, Le Corbusier's distinctive architecture, which was created there, is highly regarded. This place provides in-depth knowledge in the form of Pahari, Gandharan, and Rajasthani miniature paintings. In your list of must-do activities in Chandigarh, don't forget to include this.
  • Find Peace At The Garden Of Silence : A large Buddha statue is housed in the Garden of Silence, a tranquil area for meditation, which is located in Bhagwanpura, Chandigarh. The garden lives up to its name, offering a serene and calm environment for meditation amidst lush green surroundings with a stunning view of the Shivalik Mountains in the distance. Being one of the best things to do in Chandigarh, visiting here is highly recommended.
  • Stroll Down To The Famous Japanese Garden : Japanese Garden is a well-kept, exquisitely managed park with a park, water features, pagoda towers, waterfalls, meditation centres, Buddha idols, and various other buildings. It is situated in Sector 31A of Chandigarh. The park is divided into two sections that are joined by a tunnel below ground that is decorated with lovely Japanese murals.
  • Enjoy A Show At Musical Fountain Show Sector 17 : Sector 17 in Chandigarh, which is a well-liked destination for amusement and tourists, hosts the Musical Fountain Show. A beautiful display of water fountains dancing to lively music is put on throughout the performance, which takes place in the evening. Both residents and visitors are swarming the area to see the performance. Be sure to include this in your list of Chandigarh activities along with the many others.
  • Explore The International Dolls Museum : The museum was established in 1985 by the Indian Council of Child Welfare and houses a sizable collection of intriguing dolls and marionettes that have been imported from nations including Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Korea, and Russia in addition to the huge Indian collection. A model train and a ceramic painting depicting a sizable German train station and other important historical events are among the additional attractions. This is one of Chandigarh's distinctive activities, along with a number of other attractions.
  • Taste The Delectable Street Food : Atop your list of must-do activities in Chandigarh when you visit is sampling the scrumptious, delectable street cuisine. The most well-liked dishes are Indian burgers, crispy puchkas, aloo chaat, and rajma chawal. You can get them at any neighbourhood market, and you should absolutely try the treats if you have the chance.
  • Admire Thye Heritage Of Le Corbuiser Centre : Le Corbusier, a Swiss-French architect who initially planned the city over 60 years ago, is honoured at the Le Corbusier Centre, a well-known historical site in Chandigarh. The centre is located in Sector 19B. The structure holds the great architect's heritage, research, publications, and creative output. Including this on your list of must-do activities in Chandigarh.

Places To Visit/Adventures If Any

  • Rock Garden : Nek Chand planned and created the sculptures that are on show in the Rock Garden, a sizable outdoor exhibition space. The sculptures are produced using waste materials from the city and the industrial sector. It also includes man-made, connected waterfalls. Every year, this location also celebrates the well-known Teej festival.
  • Elante Mall : Industrial Area Phase 1 is home to Elante Mall, Chandigarh's second-largest mall is located in Industrial Area Phase 1. It has a food court, a number of cafés, and many Indian and foreign brands.
  • Chattbir Zoo : A zoological park near Zikarpur, adjacent to Chandigarh, is called Chattbir Zoo, also known as Mahendra Choudhary Zoological Park. Many species of animals, birds, and reptiles reside in the park. The 202-acre zoo provides an open cage for the animals so they may maintain their natural ecological surroundings. The star of the zoo is a Royal Bengal Tiger.
  • Gedi Route : One of Chandigarh's top tourist destinations is the Gedi Trail. Gedi, which means circles and lives up to its name by being utilised for late-night cars and bike trips, is a bustling area filled with bustle, street cafés, and college-bound youngsters. Azaadi Route is the new name for the route.
  • Capitol Complex : Another Le Corbusier architectural masterpiece, the Legislative Assembly building houses the Secretariat, the High Court, the Secretariat, and the Legislative Assembly. It also houses the Secretariat.
  • Fun City Water Park : North India's largest water park is called Fun City. It features a wave pool, three landing pools, one activity pool, and a collection of slides in all sizes and forms that provide a fun ride for water enthusiasts.
  • Open Hand Monument : Incredible work of art known as the Open Hand Monument can be found at Chandigarh's Capital Complex. The monument is an open hand emblem for the Government of Chandigarh, built by the famed architect Le Corbusier, which represents "the hand to give and the hand to take; peace and prosperity, and the oneness of mankind". It may turn with the wind as well.
  • Le Corbuiser Centre : Le Corbusier, a Swiss-French architect who initially planned the city over 60 years ago, is honoured at the Le Corbusier Centre, a well-known historical site in Chandigarh. The centre is located in Sector 19B. The structure holds the great architect's heritage, research, publications, and creative output.


  • Garlic And Greens : Garlic and Greens, one of Chandigarh's most creative vegetarian restaurants, has redefined the concept of vegetarian cuisine. It is the best Italian restaurant in Chandigarh for vegetarians looking for a distinctive meal because of its vintage decor, tranquil setting, and European-style cuisine.
  • Virgin Courtyard : The Virgin Courtyard, one of the greatest romantic restaurants in Chandigarh, with a rustic appearance and excellent outside seating. One of the nicest locations to see in Chandigarh is without a doubt this fascinating location with its beautiful décor. Enjoy delectable Italian food, superb wines, and a fully lighted patio in a serene country setting for an unforgettable dining experience.
  • Chilli & Pepper : Searching for a Chandigarh buffet restaurant? Chilli & Pepper, which located a few kilometres from Chandigarh, is renowned for its extensive buffet food at incredibly low costs. It is one of the top restaurants nearby Chandigarh for family eating because to its posh ambiance, chic design, and delectable cuisine.
  • Cafe JC’s : Our list would be lacking without Café JC's, our favourite dining establishment in Chandigarh. One of Chandigarh's best fine dining establishments, Café JC's offers delectable Chinese cuisine. Its opulent décor and peaceful outside seating give the ideal setting for an exceptional dining experience that will entice you to return sometimes. One of the top cafés in Chandigarh, Cafe JC's has a modern aesthetic and a relaxing ambiance that add to its attractiveness. It is well-liked by Chandigarh's new and old eateries alike.
  • Cafe Jade : Finding the best and most affordable restaurants in Chandigarh? To sate your appetite for Chinese food, contact Café Jade. It is without a doubt one of the top Chinese delivery and takeout establishments in Chandigarh, offering delectable cuisine at reasonable costs.
  • Swagath Restaurant : The Swagath restaurant, well known for its seafood, offers flavorful fare from many different cultures, with a strong emphasis on South Indian cuisine. One of Chandigarh's greatest restaurants, it is renowned for its upscale setting, cordial service, and extensive menu.
  • Country Inn & Suites : Our hotel's hospitality is rooted in a strong feeling of neighbourhood. You will be treated like family and feel at home here. Your stay will be unforgettable since this is one of the nicest hotels in Chandigarh, and you will be greeted with a smile. Your preferred hot breakfast is served to you. The Chandigarh Airport is 1.5 km away and the Chandigarh Train Station is 8 km away, making it simple and quick to get to this hotel. This hotel is amazing and real. The ideal lodging for lone travellers is this motel, too.
  • Red Fox Hotel : One of the finest hotels in Chandigarh, Red Fox Hotel has a stunning interior and an ideal atmosphere that draw many visitors. The airport in Chandigarh is 3 kilometres from this hotel. The cabin provides free Wi-Fi throughout the property in addition to free parking for visitors. The features in the room include a double bed, 24-hour room service, an iron and board, charging stations near the bed, a smoking area, 24-hour cleaning, laundry services, a telephone, a mini-fridge, a reading lamp, mineral water, in-room dining, a mirror, a sofa, and many others.
  • Glades Hotel : At 12 kilometres of Rock Garden lies this four-star hotel. One of the greatest hotels in Chandigarh is the Glades Hotel, which offers complimentary parking, a minibar, a restaurant, free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, 24-hour room service, a currency exchange facility, and many other amenities. All of the accommodations have air conditioning, a private bathroom, a TV, a refrigerator, a desk, a coffee maker, and a hairdryer. There is a delicious breakfast available every morning.
  • Hotel Whispering Oaks : This motel offers for rent a vacation villa on a lake. The majority of guests give this hotel very good ratings, making it one of the popular hotels in Chandigarh. You may enjoy nature from any perspective. This hotel is 6 km from Sukhna Lake and features private restrooms. Flat-screen Televisions and full air conditioning are provided in the rooms. Also, this hotel offers round-the-clock front desk and room service. Here, there is free WiFi. Accessible car parking is also available, albeit there are additional costs. From this hotel to Sector 17 market, it typically takes 20 minutes. For check-in, you must show a photo ID with a verified address as proof.
  • Velvet Clarks Exotica : This hotel, one of the greatest view hotels in Chandigarh, is surrounded by stunning mountains and valleys. This is situated right in Chandigarh's centre. The staff's friendliness is impeccable. One of Chandigarh's most popular tourist destinations, Rock Garden, is easily accessible from the hotel as it is only 12 kilometres away. Zirakpur is where this hotel is situated. It is located on the Shivalik hills and is a Chandigarh satellite town. Due to its convenient location, getting to this hotel by car, plane, or train is simple. The convenience of the location and the accessibility of the transit make this a popular hotel among both leisure and business travellers. The bedrooms come completely equipped. The location has Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Hotel Icon : This hotel is centrally located in Chandigarh and provides reasonably priced lodging. This hotel is one of the less expensive hotels in Chandigarh and offers amenities including free parking, rooms with views, a massage parlour, a wellness centre, a spa, baggage storage, a currency exchange facility, and many more services.
How To Reach
  • By Air : Seven airlines, including Indigo, Spicejet, and Air India, fly from the international airport, connecting Chandigarh with a number of domestic and foreign locations. From here, visitors can either take a private taxi or public transportation, such as buses or vehicles, to get to different sections of the city.
  • By Road : Road travellers may easily reach Chandigarh from nearby cities thanks to a well-kept network of motorways and motorways. Some of the city's main thorough fares are Jan Marg, Sukhna Path, Shanti Path, Khuda Lahore Road, and the Ambala-Chandigarh Expressway. Both public and private buses enter through the Chandigarh Bus Terminal as their primary entry. Visitors may easily visit the city's major areas by using the numerous public transportation options that are accessible outside the bus terminal.
  • By Train : The primary rail hub for the city is Chandigarh Junction Railway Station (CDG). Both short and long-distance trains are provided to and from nearby cities.
Best Time To Travel

The months of October and March, which are the winter months and have good weather, are the greatest times to visit Chandigarh. It gets swelteringly hot throughout the summer because of the significant increase in temperature. The city also holds several events throughout the winter, and the pleasant weather further enhances the experience. It is at this time that Chandigarh sees the most visitor traffic. Winter time temperatures range from 10°C at night to as high as 27°C during the day.

While describing the climate of Chandigarh, it can be noted that the summers are quite hot and the monsoons are very unpredictable. The monsoon season brings with it periods of chilly and humid weather. During the winter months of November through February, tourism is at its peak. To see this stunning city, visitors go from all around the nation. It has distinct seasons that are separated throughout the year.

Food & Street Foods
  • Chole-Bhature : The large northern population, especially Chandigarh, enjoys chole-bhature as one of the tasty and satisfying meals. The meal is composed comprised of a rich, spicy, chickpea-based sauce called chole. White flour-based Bhatura that has been deep-fried is served with the gravy. Depending on your tastes, you can get a bhatura plain or with a potato or paneer filling. The meal is accompanied by a side of pickle, green chutney, and onion salad.
  • Amritsari kulcha : A classic dish from North India is Amritsari Kulcha. Using refined flour, it is made. In Chandigarh, Amritsari Kulcha is available in a variety of flavours, including paneer, creamy cheese, potato, and onion. These are all equally delicious and finger-licking. The texture of Amritsari Kulcha is fairly like to that of naan.
  • Rajma Chawal : People of all ages like Rajma Chawal, one of the most well-known delicacies. In order to make rajma, red kidney beans must first be soaked in water. The beans are then cooked in a thick stew that also contains chopped tomatoes and onion, as well as a dizzying assortment of spices. Jeera rice or steamed rice are served with rajma. The dish is the most filling and fulfilling. The Chandigarh residents who enjoy street cuisine always have a strong demand for Rajma Chawal. On its alone, it makes for a wholesome supper and is rather healthful.
  • Chicken Tikka : One of the well-known street meals in Chandigarh is Chicken Tikka. It is prepared with broiled chicken pieces that have been marinated in curd and a variety of spices, including salt, turmeric, cayenne pepper, coriander powder, cumin powder, chilli powder, and ginger-garlic paste. This allows the chicken to absorb the flavours of the spices and become soft and juicy.
  • Sarson da saag-makki di roti : The traditional Punjabi meal Sarson Da Saag with Makki Di Roti is a favourite street food in Chandigarh and is regularly consumed there. It is a substantial and tasty street food combination. A mustard greens curry that has been thoroughly mashed is known as sarso da saag. Eaten with flatbread known as Makki Di Roti, the dish is prepared with real Indian spices. This delectable dish is topped with copious amounts of butter and ghee. In the winter, people frequently eat Sarson Da Saag and Makki Di Roti because they are warm and filling. The dish is readily available in renowned Dhabas and several other restaurants in Chandigarh.
  • Lassi : In the sweltering summertime, a cool Punjabi lassi is excellent. The residents of Chandigarh consider it to be one of their favourite drinks. A yogurt-based beverage called lassi includes fruit and spices. It is occasionally topped with tastes and other toppings like fresh cream, dried fruits, etc. Without mentioning Lassi, the top street food list would be lacking. Lassi comes in two flavours: sweet and salty. You are free to eat whenever and whatever you choose. Chandigarh's roadside vendors provide a variety of flavours.
  • Butter Chicken : The majority of Chandigarh's non-vegetarian population loves the rich, flavorful, creamy, and luxurious Butter Chicken meal. When you hear the term "butter chicken," you probably think of a smooth, buttery, and creamy tomato and onion-based sauce to which you add pieces of grilled chicken along with a tonne of spices and condiments. With any variety of tandoori bread, the curry is served hot and topped with coriander leaves. Nothing can match the flavour and decadence of the pairing of Tandoori Butter Naan and Butter Chicken.
  • Parathe : The North Indians are the best at making parathas. They are actually extremely fixated on it. You can purchase the greatest parathas with a tonne of butter in Chandigarh. Wheat flour is used in their construction. Similar to kulchas, Chandigarh offers a wide variety of parathas. Many stuffing options are presented to them, including plain, butter, veggies, cheese, paneer, keema, meat, chicken, etc. Curry, pickles, or raita are served hot with parathas.
  • Paneer Tikka : Paneer Tikka is a popular vegetarian street meal in Chandigarh and throughout India. Together with other veggies including onions, bell peppers, and broccoli, paneer cubes are cooked on skewers. Green mint chutney, a number of additional condiments, and a splash of lime juice are served alongside the Paneer Tikkas. The tikka gains a tangy flavour from the lemon, further enhancing its flavour
  • Frankie : Everyone in Chandigarh enjoys street food, but young people and residents who are attending college are the ones that have made Frankie the most popular. They can have this fast snack whenever they want. Frankie essentially refers to a Kathi roll that is filled with a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients, including as paneer, vegetables, chicken, tuna fish, etc., as well as different spices.

The culture of Chandigarh is a fusion of several national cultures. This is because Chandigarh has drawn visitors from almost every region of the nation. It has branches of practically every national bank, several Central Government organisations, and research facilities. There are also sizable army and air force bases. This explains why Chandigarh is a city with a diverse population.

Being a multicultural city, Chandigarh has always promoted interaction amongst its many different ethnic communities. Thus, one may discover a number of bhavans and sabhas in this area that are actively engaged in the mission of promoting various cultures. The architectural design of reflects the mixing of diverse cultural elements.


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