• Type: Yoghurt beverage
  • Place of Origin: India
  • Region or state: Punjab/North India
  • Main Ingredients: Curd, sugar or salt, water, water

One of the most loved and enjoyed beverage of India, Lassi is a cooling and refreshing probiotic drink ideal for the scorching summers. Commonly enjoyed in Punjab and other parts of North India, Lassi is a curd-based drink which is blended with a little water or milk and an addition of sugar and rose water is made to make it sweet, creamy, and delicious. Lassi is taken from the Sanskrit word ‘Lasika’ meaning serous or saliva like. Being a probiotic drink made from curd, it has gut friendly bacteria which is a healthy and delicious way to enjoy a beverage.

Lassi originated from Punjab and is synonymous to Punjabi cuisine. In Punjab, lassi is usually served in clay glasses known as ‘kulhad’ or in huge steel glasses in restaurants and roadside ‘dhabas’. Sweet lassi can be made in different styles such as with some rose water or kewda essence with unsalted butter on top, with lots of dry fruits and fruit toppings, or with an addition of cardamom or saffron for aroma and flavor. Traditionally, lassi is churned using the wooden hand churner called ‘madani’ which makes the curd frothy but modern ways also use a wired whisker or an electric blender as well.

There are some other common variations of lassi apart from the sweet one such as salted lassi or bhang lassi. While sweet lassi is made by blending curd and water with sugar and topped with some dry fruits or saffron leaves, salted lassi is made by adding salt and cumin seeds powder to it which is also called Namkeen Lassi. Bhang Lassi is a cannabis-infused drink that consists of bhang (a psychoactive edible drug preparation from the cannabis plant) along with sugar and some aromatic spices. It is usually prepared during the festival of Holi and Mahashivaratri in the north. At present, there have been several developments in lassi, and fruit based or flavored lassi has also come in picture, with some of the most loved flavors such as Mango Lassi, Strawberry Lassi, Malai Lassi, Dry Fruits Lassi, Banana Lassi, etc. It is a simple beverage to make home as well, and to enjoy it on a sunny afternoon or evening or during fasts as well.

Making of Lassi

Sweet Lassi - First, ground some green cardamom pods in a mortar and pestle or you can use pre-made cardamom powder. In a deep bowl, take some fresh curd and add a little water or milk. Now, with a wooden churner or a wired whisk, whip the curd until it turns smooth and frothy. Now add sugar as desired and blend until the sugar dissolves completely. When a layer of froth starts appearing on top, add the crushed cardamom or cardamom powder and some saffron strands. Rose water can also be added if saffron is not available. Mix everything once and pour the lassi on glasses. Garnish with a pinch of cardamom powder and chopped nuts and devour.

Salted Lassi - Take some fresh curd in a deep bowl and add one cup of water, black salt or regular salt, and some roasted cumin powder. With a whisker or wooden churner, blend everything until the curd turns smooth and frothy. Check for salt and spice consistency and pour in glasses. Garnish with some mint leaves and enjoy.

Nutritional Content

One glass of Sweet Punjabi Lassi gives 286 calories, out of which carbohydrates comprise 151 calories, proteins account for 35 calories, and fat contains 100 calories. One glass of sweet Punjabi lassi gives about 14 percent of the total daily calorie requirement of a standard adult diet of 2000 calories.



Delight in the creamy, frothy, and aromatic experience of Lassi which is super refreshing and a delectable way of treating the gut and the taste buds at the same time.

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