Chikmagalur (also known as Chikmagaluru or Chikmangaluru) is a hill station town in the south Indian state of Karnataka.


Chikmagaluru, being a hill station, is surrounded by hills, and filled with natural wonders like beautiful greenery (grasslands and forests), waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries and coffee plantations. Here are the top places to see in Chikmagalur –

  • Baba Budangiri – A Mountain range in the Western Ghats, with 3 large caves (naturally formed).
  • Mullayanagiri Peak
  • Hebbe Falls – A picturesque waterfall lying close to some coffee plantations)
  • Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary – A wildlife park that is home to various wild animals like elephants, tigers and leopards.
  • Hanumana Gundi Falls


The major festivals celebrated in Chikmagalur are –

  • Maha Shivaratri – A festival dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi – A festival where Lord Ganesh – the elephant headed God (who is also the son of Lord Shiva) is worshipped.
  • Navrathri – A 10-day Hindu festival, where Goddess Durga is worshipped.
  • Deepavali – The festival of Lights; India’s most popular and widely celebrated festival.
  • Naga Panchami – Where snakes are worshipped and offered milk; a tribute to Snake deity/God.


If you’d like to buy some souvenirs, the best things to buy from Chikmagalur are local coffee wood handicrafts, sandalwood products, pepper, ambrosial perfumes, and sarees. Some of the best shopping spots to check out in Chikmagalur are -

  • Market Road Chikmagalur
  • Nature Craft
  • Panduranga Coffee 1938
  • The Spice Hub


Chikmagalur lies in the Malnad region of Karnataka state in India, and this region’s local cuisine - Malnad cuisine – is known to be one of the oldest surviving cuisines in Malnad food mainly consists of vegetarian dishes, made with organic produce and spices. Apart from this, Chikmagalur also offers many other delicacies from cuisines of neighbouring regions. Jackfruits, especially when in season, are very popular here and added in various dishes – both sweet and savoury. Some of the must-try foods in the town are –

  • Pathrode – A dish made with Colocasia or Pathrode leaves, rice, coconut paste, tamarind, and local spices.
  • Halasina Hannina Mulka (Jackfruit fritters).
  • Akki Rotti – A popular flatbread in Karnataka, this is made out of rice flour and is considered very healthy.
  • Cheenikayi Kadubu or Pumpkin Idli – A variation of Idli, a steamed rice cake made of fermented rice and white lentil batter (which is a popular breakfast or snack item in southern India) - with pumpkin mixed into the batter.
  • Jackfruit Idli – Another delicious local variation of Idli, with jackfruits (pulp or extract) mixed into the batter and steamed.
  • Hesarubele Kosambari – A simple and raw salad made with soaked raw mung dal lentil and grated carrots, and sometimes coconut.


Following is a list of some of best restaurants in Chikmagalur to try the local delicacies as well as other interesting foods and sumptuous meals –

  • Mayura Deluxe
  • The Estate Coffee
  • Kanha
  • Odeyssey, The Serai
  • Annapurna Veg
  • Maharaja Restaurant
  • Vishnu Delicacy
  • Greens Family Restaurant
  • Mysore Foodz
  • Cafe Agape
  • Siri Cafe


Some of the best hotels in Chikmagalur for a comfortable stay include the following –

  • Treebo Trend Maharaja Inn
  • The Serai
  • NexStay Coffee Grove Resort
  • Gateway Chikmagalur – IHCL SeleQtions
  • Honeydewwz Exoticaa Hotel & Resort
  • Chandramukuta Home Stay
  • The River Tern Lodge Jungle Lodges
  • Sabyatha Homestay
  • Vismita County
  • Trivik Hotels & Resorts
  • The Blossom Resort
  • Genx Crystal Inn Chikmangaluru


Chikmagalur also has a few good bars and pubs for people to hang out during late hours. These include –

  • Akshaya Bar & Restaurant
  • SLR Bar & Kitchen
  • Arasu Bar & Restaurant
  • Barcode Bar & Kitchen
  • Usha Bar & Restaurant


Chikmagalur STD Code – 08262 (to be used before dialling numbers from a number that is not locally registered).

Common emergency numbers:

  • Police: 100
  • Fire: 101
  • Ambulance helpline: 108
  • Medical helpline: 104
  • Child helpline: 1098
  • Women helpline: 1091


Kannada is the official language of Chikmagalur .


  • Hello - Namaskra
  • How are you? - Athava kshemana?
  • Welcome - Susvgata
  • What's your name? - Nimma hesarenu?
  • My name is - Nanna hesaru
  • Good morning - Shubhodaya

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