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Chitradurga Karnataka

A city and the administrative centre of the Chitradurga district, Chitradurga is situated in the centre of the Indian state of Karnataka, in the Vedavati river basin. About 200 kilometres northwest of Bengaluru, the state capital, is the historical location of Chitradurga.

In Karnataka, Chitradurga is a popular tourist destination. The city is well-known for its 15th-century fort, also known as Kallina Kote or Stone Fortress in the local dialect. This is made up of the words "stones" and "fort" in the Kannada language.

Places To Explore

  • Chitradurga Fort : In the Chitradurga District of Karnataka, India, there is a fortification known as Chitradurga Fort, or Chitaldoorg as the British referred to it. It is built on top of numerous hills and a peak that overlooks a level valley. The town of Chitradurga and its administrative district both have the name of the fort, Chitrakaldurga, which translates to "picturesque fort" in Kannada.
  • Chandravalli : The fortified Chitradurga hill is located just to the west of Chandravalli. Settlements that are about 3,000 years old have been revealed by the archaeological finds at the site, which date as far back as the Satavahana period. Here, Satavahana lead coins, Roman silver coins, and gold, silver, and copper decorations were uncovered. Prehistoric caves and temples can be found all over the hills in the area.
  • Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam: The Mysore Maharajas constructed Vani Vilasa Sagara across the Vedavathi River before independence. The widow of Maharaja Chamaraaja Wadiyar and regent queen Maharani Kempa Nanjammani Vani VilasaSannidhana started the project. She is renowned for doing outstanding social work.
  • Sirigere: The settlement of Sirigere is located around 15 miles northwest of Chitradurga. The location is well-known for the Veerashaiva Matha of the TaralabaluSampradaya, which was allegedly once owned by Ujjayini. The Matha is well known for its social activity, which includes managing a high school and several hostels referred to as TaralabaluJagadguru hostels.
  • Shiva Temple, Adumalleshwara: Adumalleshwara is a cave shrine to Lord Shiva that was constructed by AadooruMallapa and is situated around 5 km from Chitradurga. The ever-present stream that emerges from Lord Shiva's chariot Nandi's mouth is the main draw of this temple. Leopards, sloth bears, rock pythons, and a variety of birds can be found at the small zoo known as Adumalleshwara Mini Zoo, which is located close to the temple.
  • Nayakanahatti: The Tipperudra Swamy Temple is the main draw of the village of Nayakanahatti in the Chitradurga district. The spiritual teacher Tipperudra Swamy, who lived in the 15th century, advocated ideas like "KayakaveKailasa" (work is worship).

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