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In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh's Anakapalle district, Chodavaram serves as a census town. On the east coast of the nation, the town is situated.In Chodavaram, the wet season is oppressive and cloudy, the dry season is humid and mainly clear, and it is hot all year. Throughout the year, the temperature ranges from 64°F to 101°F, with temperatures rarely falling below 60°F or rising over 106°F.

Places to visit

  • Amruthadhara Falls : Amruthadhara is a stunning waterfall located on the Rajahmundry-Bhadrachalam Highway close to Maredumilli in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, 15 km from Maredumilli Bus Stand.In a forest with sharp rocks, Amruthadhara is constructed over a seasonal stream. This little waterfall bursts into life during the monsoon and is a nature lover's paradise. The waterfall has two distinct phases. While taking a bath here is not particularly comfortable, one can slide. A 1 kilometer steep pathway must be descended in order to get to the waterfalls from the entrance. The trip to the falls will take an hour. The walk is difficult and on a slick route. Local tribes are in charge of looking after the waterfall, and they do so by building steps and laying up a simple jungle walk with side supports for barricades. Parking the cars is easy because there is plenty of room.
  • Distance: Amruthadhara falls is 199 kilometres away from Chodavaram

  • Sea War Memorial : Visitors can honour the valiant soldiers who fought for their nation during the 1971 Indo-Pak war at the one-of-a-kind Victory at Sea War Memorial, which is dedicated to the Indian Navy. It is located in South India. Due to its historical relevance, the Sea War Memorial, which is a well-kept memorial and contains a sizable collection of missile, tanker, and fighter plane models, attracts tourists from all over the world.
  • Distance: Sea war memorial is 51 kilometres away from chodavaram

  • Rama Krishna Beach: The Ramakrishna Mission ashram that is next to the shore is whence RK Beach gets its name. The beach gives an amazing view of the countryside from its calm waves and cool environment. The view of the sunset from this beach is very breath-taking, and many people can be seen relaxing on this lovely beach and taking in the ideal scene. Both residents and visitors alike enjoy visiting Ramakrishna Beach. This beach fills up in the evening with people having fun on the beaches. Some of the common activities that are practiced here include swimming, tanning, surfing, and beach volleyball. A camel ride on the beach's sand is an additional amenity. One can take a trip in a traditional fishing boat provided by the fishermen or go on a local tour to see the stunning sunset from one of the many boats and ships that are in operation on one side of the shore.
  • Distance: Ramakrishna beach is 50 kilometres away from chodavaram

How to Reach

  • Chodavaram's Nearby Airports Vishakhapatnam International Airport 36 kilometers away. Chodavaram Railway Stations Anakapalle Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam, Anakapalle is only 16 kilometers away.

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