Gass Forest Museum

If you are a nature paramour or are interested in Entomology, then the Gass Forest Museum must be on your itinerary when you visit the beautiful city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Established in 1902, this heritage museum houses thousands of artifacts and an impressive collection of forestry exhibits to attract and captivate visitors every single time. Want to know what kind of animal and insect species existed more than 50 million years ago? Well, you will have to do a little bit of work and hop on a means of transport to visit this exciting place.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 9am to 5pm (All days)

Location: Cowley Brown Road, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu .

Entry Fees: Rs.40 for Adults, Rs.20 for Children, Rs.200 for foreigners.

About the Museum

A visit to the Forest College Museum, also known as Gass Forest Museum in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, will expose you to the vibrant world of wildlife welcome you to an exquisite natural wonderland. Situated in the Forest College Campus, this government-administered museum is a unique repository museum exhibiting an impressive forestry collection. Established in 1902 by H.A. Gass, the then Conservator of Forests of Coimbatore, who regarded the idea of establishing a museum to exhibit various facets of forestry through a wide-ranging collection.

As one of the must-visit sights in Coimbatore, Gass Forest Museum has entertained and enlightened numerous visitors with over 10,000 fascinating and exciting artifacts which comprises wood crafts, timber, and non-timber forest products, geology, arms, entomology, forest engineering, wildlife, and much more that will enhance your knowledge about the enchanting world of the forest. Upon entering, visitors are welcomed with a massive dummy of 1000kg stuffed Indian Gaur (Bison) from Biligiri hills followed by an exquisite collection of several birds such as hawks, kingfishers, eagles, egrets, cormorant, and numerous such winged creatures.

The museum is not restricted to this and houses over 600 timber species which also include a 458-year-old cross-section of an oak tree and an enormous 10.2-meter-high sandal tree weighing 1.75 tons. Moving on, the museum also has a timber library which has an outstanding array of non-timber forest things such as tars, rubbers, oils, resins, and much more. For all the nature lovers out there and students learning entomology, this Forest Museum in Coimbatore showcases a rare collection of forest insects that are not usually seen around. In addition to this, more than 300 illustrations of soil formation, minerals, and rocks for tourists to see are also displayed in this enthralling museum along with facts related to them. Apart from this forestry collection, the museum also houses a quirky section of exhibits that also have captivating stories behind them. For instance, a small snail shell dating back to 65 million years, when a trillion-ton asteroid bumped straight into Earth and wiped off fifty percent of the then prevailing species. This small snail shell lasted miraculously to tell the tale of its existence. The museum has numerous such exhibits to make you spell-bound.

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