Dakor, Gujarat

Dakor is a tiny town in the district of Kheda in the Indian state of Gujarat. Dakor was once known as a pilgrimage center in Gujarat because of the Danknath temple, a Shiva worship site.

Places to visit

  • Laxmimata Temple : Ma Devi Laxmijee Temple is a popular pilgrimage site near Ranchhodrai Temple in Dakor, Gujarat. This temple was built on the north side of Ranchhodrai Temple in 1781. The temple contains a white deity of Ma Devi Laxmi. Every devotee is advised to visit Ma Devi Laxmi Temple after worshiping at Ranchhodray Temple in order to complete the Tirthyatra of Dakor. Together with the Laxmidevi Temple, there is another temple dedicated to Bodana and Gangabai. Darshan, rituals, and aarti times are identical to those at Ranchhodrai. Devotees can also worship Ma Devi Laxmi and be blessed with live darshan.
  • Distance: Laxmimata Temple is 9 kilometresaway from Dakor

  • DanknathMahadev Mandir : The surrounding area of Dakor had dense jungle known as Hidamba van during the period of the Mahabharat. It was a very quiet region with rivers, lakes, and large trees, thus it was constantly appealing to Sages and Tapasvi who wanted to perform penance for the Almighty Lord. The ashram of Great RhishiDankmuni was located here. Dankmuni undertook arduous penance here to appease Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was rewarded for his penance and requested a boon. Dankmuni asked Lord Shiva to dwell here, therefore Lord Shiva touched Trishul on the ground, and Shivlinga appeared. As a result, DanknathMahadev, from the name of Dankmuni, became prominent, and the surrounding area became known as Dankpur, the traditional name of present-day Dakor.Lord Shree Krishna once visited Dankmuni's ashram and was impressed by Dankmuni's generosity. So Dankmuni requested that Lord Shree Krishna dwell with him in Dankpur. Lord Shree Krishna bestowed his benediction and pledged to visit Dankpur during the Kalyuga period. Back in the Dwaparyuga, Lord Shree Krishna was invited to remain at Dakor Long in this manner.
  • Distance: DanknathMahadev Mandir is 160 Metre away from Dakor

  • Santaram Temple : The museum, as the name implies, is an attraction that documents and exhibits Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's life and work. He was an activist of Indian heritage who used nonviolent ways to fight for the country's independence against British colonists, inspiring freedom fighters all around the world.Gandhi Museum, an important heritage site, is commonly suggested for travelers visiting the area since it provides a background of Indian culture, psychology, and history. The museum's 39 galleries provide enriching and interesting information on Gandhi and his ideals.
  • Distance: Santaram Temple is 35 kilometres away from Dakor

How to Reach

  • By Air-The closest airports to Dakor are in Vadodara (71 kilometers), Ahmedabad (82 kilometers), and Bhavnagar (200 km).
  • By Train-Anand (32 kilometers), Nadiad (34 kilometers), and Vadodara are the closest railway stations to Dakor (71 km).

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