Darbhanga is the fifth-largest city and Municipal Corporation in Bihar, India. Darbhanga is the administrative center of the Darbhanga district and division. It is only 50 kilometers from Nepal and is located between the lower Himalayan peaks and the Ganga River.

Places to visit

  • AhilyaSthan : AhilyaSthan is an important aspect of Indian mythology. The Ramayana will teach you about this location. The site lies in Darbhanga'sAhilya Gram and is dedicated to Gautam Rishi's wife, Ahilya. You will view the temple where Ahilya was turned to stone when touring the site. According to legend, Rishi Gautam cursed his wife and turned her into stone. However, it is thought that she returned to her normal self after Lord Rama stepped on the stone. Because the shrine is adjacent to the Kamtaul train station.
  • Distance: AhilyaSthan is 27 kilometres away from Darbhanga

  • Shyama Kali Temple : The Shyama Kali temple, which was founded in 1933, is one of the most important sacred sites for Bihar's Hindu people. The temple, known locally as "Shyama Mai," was established by Lalit Narayan Mithila University. Several people visit the temple grounds throughout the month of the temple because the Shyama Mai festival is held during that period. The temple complex comprises six temples in total, and it is said that they were built on the ashes of the Maharaja of Darbhanga. The temple's scenic appeal is quite good because the entire temple complex is encircled by lush greenery of well-maintained gardens.
  • Distance: Shyama Kali Templeis 2.2 kilometres away from Darbhanga

  • Chandradhari Museum: The Chandradhari Temple is an excellent venue to learn about the regions of Darbhanga and Bihar. The museum contains a wealth of knowledge on many eras. The structure was built in 1957 and comprises 11 galleries. In the galleries, you will see various artifacts, statues, and expensive gemstones and gems. You will also be able to see artworks based on the Ramayana and GeetGovinda in the museum's many galleries. In addition to Lord Buddha statues, the museum houses brass statues from various regions of Nepal and Tibet.
  • Distance: Chandradhari Museumis 1.8 kilometres away from Darbhanga

How to Reach

  • Darbhanga is not well connected by regular flights to other main cities in the country. The nearest airport is located 63 kilometers away at Jumla. There are no frequent trains from other major cities in the country to Darbhanga. Muzaffarpur, which is 52 kilometers away, has the nearest railway station.

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