FRI Museum

Witness the Gothic colonial style architecture amidst the surrounding hills of the lesser Shivalik ranges, the Forest Research Institute Museum is an educational cum tourist spot where visitors come to stroll in the peaceful ambiance while also gaining insight on the forestry of India through six different museums of different forest department.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 9 am to 5:30 pm (Monday closed)

Location: Chakrata Road, Dehradun

Entry Fees: Rs10

About the Museum

Inaugurated in 1906 as Imperial Forest Research Institute, the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun is a fine specimen of Greek style architecture with a magnificent colonial edifice. The main highlight of this splendid museum is its main building which is a National Heritage and is designed in a Greeko Roman architecture by C.G. Blomfield in 1929.

FRI covers an expansive area of 2000 acres with a vast land of manicured green grass and rows of trees which is enhanced by the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding hills and peaceful ambiance. Visitors of all age and gender like to visit the place for taking long walks in the serene environment where they can also witness a diverse variety of trees and plants, some of which are centuries old. Apart from the majestic building and green field, there is a Botanical Garden in the campus along with six museums based on Social Forestry, Pathology, Silviculture, Timber, Non-wood forest products, and Entomology. FRI is the oldest institute of India and harbors the headquarters of the Indian Council of Forest Research.

Students who are studying agriculture or anyone interested in forestry must visit this museum to gain insight on many diverse plant and trees species along with several medicinal plants as well. The scenic beauty of the place, its natural aura, rare specimen of flora, and hilly terrain with magnificent architectural structure makes it a sought-after tourist spot and museum in Dehradun.

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