National Art Gallery of Modern Art

National Art Gallery of Modern Art

Welcome to the National Art Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi, where art enthusiasts and connoisseurs converge to experience the vibrant tapestry of India's contemporary art scene. Established in 1954, this prestigious institution showcases an exquisite collection of modern and contemporary Indian art, making it a must-visit destination for art lovers from around the world. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the history, collections, exhibitions, and visitor information for this iconic institution.

History of National Art Gallery of Modern Art

The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) in a href="/places/delhi">Delhi is one of the premier art museums in India, with a rich history dating back to the post-independence era. It was inaugurated on March 29, 1954, by the then Vice President of India, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. The institution was founded with the aim of preserving and promoting modern and contemporary Indian art.
Over the years, NGMA has played a pivotal role in nurturing the Indian art scene, providing a platform for emerging artists, and housing an extensive collection of artworks that reflect the evolution of Indian art through various periods.


The NGMA's extensive collection features a diverse range of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, graphics, photographs, and more. The collection spans various art movements, styles, and mediums, allowing visitors to explore the dynamic evolution of Indian art.

  • Indian Modern Art: The museum's permanent collection includes masterpieces by renowned artists like Raja Ravi Varma, Jamini Roy, Amrita Sher-Gil, and M.F. Husain, among others. These artworks provide a glimpse into the early modern art movements in India.
  • Contemporary Art: NGMA also houses a significant collection of contemporary art, showcasing the works of contemporary artists who have made significant contributions to the Indian art scene. This section features thought-provoking and innovative pieces that reflect the socio-political and cultural landscape of contemporary India.
  • Sculptures and Installations: The museum boasts an impressive collection of sculptures and installations that highlight the three-dimensional art forms prevalent in Indian contemporary art. These sculptures vary in style and material, showcasing the versatility of Indian sculptors.
  • Photography: NGMA recognizes the importance of photography as an art form. The museum has a dedicated section for photographic exhibitions, featuring both historic and contemporary works that capture the essence of India's rich cultural diversity.


NGMA hosts a rotating schedule of exhibitions throughout the year, offering visitors the opportunity to engage with fresh and diverse artistic expressions. These exhibitions often feature works by both established and emerging artists, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving art experience.
To stay updated on the current exhibitions and events at NGMA, visit the official website or subscribe to their newsletter. Keep in mind that some exhibitions may require advance booking or have limited-time availability, so planning your visit accordingly is advisable.

Visitor Information

  • Hours of Operation: The museum is typically open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, with Monday being a designated weekly closure. Operating hours are from 11:00 AM to 6:30 PM.
  • Admission Fees: The admission fees vary for different categories of visitors. It's advisable to check the official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.
  • Accessibility: NGMA is wheelchair accessible, and provisions for visitors with special needs are available.
  • Guided Tours: The museum offers guided tours to enhance your understanding of the artworks and their historical context. These tours are conducted by knowledgeable and passionate art enthusiasts.
  • Photography: While photography is allowed in most parts of the museum, some temporary exhibitions may have restrictions, so it's best to inquire at the information desk upon arrival.

How to Reach:

National Gallery of Modern Art is conveniently located in the heart of New Delhi, at Jaipur House, near India Gate, Delhi, India.


The National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi stands as a testament to India's artistic heritage and its ongoing creative evolution. With its rich history, diverse collections, and engaging exhibitions, it is a cultural hub that offers a window into the vibrant world of Indian contemporary art. Whether you are an art aficionado or just looking for a meaningful cultural experience, a visit to NGMA is an enriching journey through India's artistic landscape. Explore the past, present, and future of Indian art at this iconic institution that continues to inspire and celebrate the beauty of human expression.
Plan your visit to the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi today and immerse yourself in the world of Indian contemporary art and culture.

National Gallery of Modern Art

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