Best Gardens

Apart from the mixed vibe of spectacular modern infrastructure and splendid historical monuments and the finger-licking delicious food, the capital city of Delhi is also known for its beautiful Gardens and Parks.

And as it is the case with Delhi, most of the gardens here also happen to have a historic significance. Many gardens here were established by the nature-loving Mughal rulers who loved to stroll around in these incredible gardens.

There are many gardens and Parks in Delhi but the ones listed here are known to be among the best. Read on to know more about these.

Garden of Five Sense


One of the best Parks in Delhi, the Five Sense Garden will satisfy your sense organs and give you a sense of peace and collectiveness. Located at Saket and not very far from the Mehrauli-Badarpur route, Five Sense Garden is a heritage and historical area nurtured by the tourism department. Every year, the government orchestrates a tourism festival here which is a worth visiting event in itself.

As the name suggests, this garden is designed to satisfy your sense organs with pleasant sounds, scents, color, and other sensory inputs. The garden delights the ears with soft natural sounds. The rocky landscape of the garden adds a tinge of vitality which satisfies the sense of touch. The scent of different herbs and flower-blooming plants adds pleasure to the sense of smell, and the food court explores the sense of taste. The overall beauty of the garden gives euphoria to the eyes.

The garden is built on 20-acres of land and people claim it activates all five human senses. One of the best gardens in Delhi, Five Sense Garden is nature's heaven, with more than 100 species of plants and many species of flowers. The garden also has an eatery in its perimeter which offers an excellent dining experience and contributes towards making the garden an amazing and delightful place. There are waterfalls, fountains, spiral walkways, etc. for taking a perfect selfie in the garden. Along with this, several cultural events are held in the Park throughout the year and that is why Five Sense Garden is also one of the most visited gardens in Delhi.

Lodhi Garden


Situated near the Tomb of Safdarjung and Khan Market in Delhi, the Lodhi Garden is a glorious garden with the mausoleum of the Sayyid ruler Mohammed Shah and the tomb of King Sikandar Lodhi of Lodhi. The grand piece of work was constructed under the control of King Lodi in the 15th century. Apart from the final resting spot of the two leaders, the Lodhi Garden also has Shisha Gumbad and Bara Gumbad.

The architecture here typically signifies the epic engineering reflecting Delhi's rich history, showing us mixed work by the Sayyid’s and Lodhi’s. Currently, the garden is managed by the Archaeological Research Department of India.

Lodhi Garden was once known as "Lady Willingdon Park" but was renamed after India gained independence from the British. A perfect place to take a stroll in the evening or the morning while reminiscing the prominent history of India. The distinction between the dark mausoleums and the lush greenery of the gardens makes it all the more vibrant and a great spot to spend some leisure time for both tourists and locals alike. There is also a small water stream that flows to join the river Yamuna which adds to the beauty of the garden. As well as being an architectural site, people also come here in the morning for a jog or to do some exercise.

Nehru Park


Resting at the heart of the city at Chanakyapuri Enclave area, the Nehru Park is one of the best gardens or Parks for a quiet and peaceful walk or to meet with friends. Today, Nehru Park is one of the preferred locations for morning walks and fitness lovers.

Furthermore, enjoy the yoga classes at dawn, painting events, and other cultural festivities held here from time to time and for which the Park is quite popular too. There is an age-old Shiva temple in the Parking area where the locals or anyone visiting the Park goes to take their blessings. An additional fascinating aspect of this park is the big statue of Vladimir Lenin. The Park is titled Nehru Park after the freedom fighter and the country's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The Park is built in an area that covers 80 acres of land, with walking pathways, expanses of flowering plants, large meadows, benches for sitting, swings, and slides for kids, etc. Periodically, musical events and other shows are held in this park.

Deer Park


If you want to get a feel of the forest without really going into one, then Deer Park is the place for you. This area is known as the "Lung of the Capital" and is one of the few least polluted places in Delhi. Located at Hauz Khas, South Delhi, the A N Jha Deer Park is a favorable place to spend time outdoors in nature. The Deer Park is divided into different areas such as duck Park, picnic spots, deer Park, fountains, and architecture of the Mughal era. There is a small water body inside the park where a lot of ducks and swans can be seen.

You can take your children for perfect outings in the Deer Park for exploring adventures, discovering various animals, and experiencing the wilderness up close. One of the best Parks in Delhi, this is the favorite spot for most families and children for a fantastic picnic. Those who visit Hauz Khas must visit this incredible place. The Park is named after its large number of deer herds, which are found enclosed in the Parking area. One more amazing thing about this place is that there are no entry fees for Deer Park and the entire Park area. Visit the place to alleviate some stress and take delight in the beauty of nature.

Buddha Jayanti Park


Next on the list of the best gardens and Parks in Delhi, is the Buddha Jayanti Park. This Park is situated in the South Delhi area and was built on the occasion of the 2500th anniversary of the Buddha's birth, hence the name.

The main attraction of this park is the statue of the Buddha constructed on the artificial island in the center of the canal. The Park is built in an area of 81 acres of land and was built in the 20th century. It has more than 100 kinds of trees and a variety of shrubs which gives it the feel of a mini forest. There is a small palm garden in the park, where different kinds of palm trees are planted systematically and aesthetically.

One of the suitable times to visit Buddha Jayanti Park is during December or January as the rose garden in the park gets filled with roses of vibrant colors from red to pink to white and orange and so on. 1.2 acres of this beautiful park is devoted to the cactus ecosystem. A variety of cacti are grown here. The 8-acre land of this park is dedicated to Bougainvillea and 40 more different types of flowering plants can be seen in this park. If you explore the Park in March or April, you will get to see the glorious beauty of nature through these flowers which will be in bloom and the contrast of green and brown forest with the beautiful colors of flowers is appealing to the eyes and gives a sense of calmness.

Central Park


Covering an area of 41,500 square meters, Central Park is a large amphitheater with abundant space and a Park area. Located in Connaught Place, this amphitheater cum Park is popular for its musical and cultural concerts from time to time. It is more like a cultural center rather than a recreational area.

Sitting at the center of Connaught place, Central Park is surrounded by skyscrapers and huge trees. The Park is well-known for its dense foliage, well-groomed playgrounds, water bodies, fountains, etc. and that is the reason it sees hundreds of tourists and locals every day. Since its location is in Connaught Place, it serves as the best spot for anyone going to the Janpath Market, Palika Market, or any street shop in that area for a quick relaxing session while sipping a hot cup of coffee.

The main element of this park that steals everyone's attention is the large Indian flag that sways with the wind in this park every day. The flag here is the largest flag in the country, hoisted at a height of 207 meters. The Park had numerous large trees and several picnic spots to create comfortable and relaxing surroundings.

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