mehrauli archaeological park

Mehrauli Archaeological Park


Mehrauli Archaeological Park is a large park and an important historical site in Delhi, India with lots of trees, plants, bushes and a beautiful lake. It is also home to a large number of different species of birds, and is adored by bird watchers.

Besides these, the park comprises of the worn-out tombs of many significant historical figures (like Balban, Quli Khan, and the Sufi poet Jamali), and some of the most prized relics of the medieval era.

With educational aspects of ancient elements that will appeal to teachers and students, and the diversity and charm of the natural elements, Mehrauli Archaeological Park proves to be an excellent source of recreation for people of all ages.


The area on which the Mehrauli Archaeological park is situated is said to be the only area in Delhi to have 1000 regular years of occupation and includes many ancient elements such as the ruins of Lal Kot built by Tomar Rajputs in 1060 CE, and architectural relics of subsequent period, rule of Khalji dynasty, Tughlaq dynasty, Lodhi dynasty of Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, and the British Raj.


Mehrauli Archaeological park is spread over an area of 200 sq. km, with hundreds of trees, plants, rose bushes and a beautiful lake.

Some of the important elements inside the Mehrauli archaeological park area are:

Additional Information for Visitors

Entry fee : There is no entry fee to the park – it is entirely free for everyone.

Best times to visit : the Mehrauli Archaeological Park are during the months of October and November or February and March as Delhi’s weather during these times is the most pleasant in the year.

Things to do

The park is usually bustling with school groups that are on educational expeditions and families on picnics. Every part of the park brims with a wave of history and heritage.

With elements of ancient art and medieval culture, the Mehrauli Archaeological Park is a paradise for every history enthusiast. And the greenery and birds can serve as a great frame for photography enthusiasts as well.

Other than the tombs, lake, stepwells etc there is also a boat house inside the park, which is a centre for fun water activities like boating and swimming.

The park is situated right in from of the Qutub Minar – which is one of Delhi’s popular heritage sites. People who haven’t visited it already (esp. history and architecture enthusiasts) shouldn’t miss a visit to this place, if they are at Mehrauli Archaeological park.

The park is situated 12.2 km away from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport, and can be reached in aboput 22 minutes by road. The nearest metro station is the Qutub metro which falls on the Yellow line of the Delhi metro.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park

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