Janpath Market

Janpath market is one of the most popular markets in Delhi city, with numerous stalls selling clothes, accessories, street food, etc. It is located on a road known as “Janpath Road”.

The two major streets that combine to represent the whole of Janpath Market are Gujarati and Tibetan Market. It is a colourful and frolic-filled urban market that people visit to buy affordable Clothing, home accessories & souvenirs.

You can see more foreigners than Indians here at most times because Janpath Market has become popular with tourists across the globe who visit Delhi. 


Janpath market and road dates back to pre-colonial times - some of the boutiques here can be traced back to 1950s! and since has been a popular shopping destination for the locals (and eventually visitors from everywhere). This road is historically also known as the Queen’s Way.

Ever since it was established, it has been one of the most visited and loved shopping destinations in the Delhi.


Janpath market covers more than 1.5 km. Visitors need to walk from the famous Outer Circle in Connaught Place to reach to the market. Janpath road runs from Connaught Place in the North to Rajpath in the south, and is situated right adjacent to Palika Bazaar – which is another popular fashion destination.

Sir Edwin Lutyens (who was the chief architect that worked on Rashtrapati Bhavan, Jantar Mantar, etc in Delhi) is responsible for the contemporary architecture and design of this place.

Shopping at Janpath Market

The eclectic and vibrant market in the capital city Delhi is a shopper’s paradise where you are compelled to buy something interesting even if you are just giving company to a friend and are barely looking. From jewelry to bags, home decor, clothes and more in the Gujarati market, Tibet market, in fancy stores and the flea market, Janpath Market has everything for al kinds of shoppers and in every price range. Here are the shops and things you will find in Janpath Market along with things to do.

Additional Information for Visitors

From Indian Kurtis, Churidars, ornaments in brass and silver, home décor artefacts, carpets and linen to other souvenirs and gift items, you can find almost anything within the alleys in Janpath. Some shops tag their items with fixed price labels while many others allow a possibility for bargaining.

Janpath also sells genuine Pashmina shawls – that are 100% authentic and not faux. These are Pashminas in all their originality – which are found only in select places in the world – and Janpath is one of them!

On the Janpath road on the other side near the market place, there are many kinds of eateries lined up with interesting varieties of Delhi’s famous street foods, as well as many international varieties. From Chaats and ice creams to coffees and teas, shoppers can find great refreshments here.

Tourists from other countries do not need to worry about running short of the local currency here as Janpath Market has services like Western Union and MoneyGram to facilitate these.

Some ways to reach Janpath market are: 

Janpath Market

A fun-frolic market with a quintessential traditional Indian market vibe, Janpath Market is a one-stop destination for the shopper’s ecstasy with everything to feast on for the shopaholic soul in you.

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