Matka Market

Situated near the bustling streets of Sarojini Market on AK Roy Marg is a market known as Matka Market which appears to be a sea of vibrant colors. As the name suggests, Matka Market is a pottery market where you can find a plethora of home décor items made of clay or terracotta which is a delight even to just watch and admire from afar. Visit the market at your own expense because even if you don’t plan on buying anything, the beautiful and marvelous creation of the different styles of pots will definitely tempt you into buying one.


Matka Market is a small piece of history that still remains unperturbed and hasn’t lost its touch even in the ever-changing scenario of the city while housing what it did in 1985 – colorful earthen pots. The market is in close proximity to Sarojini Nagar Market in New Delhi and is often considered as a part of it. But Matka Market is a separate place which is a whole lane of potters, many of whom live on the street itself (the reason many of the stalls open till 3 am), and sell a distinct heart-warming assortment of items such as Jaipuri pots and vases, diyas, terracotta lamps, kagzi, blue Manipuri matkas, and black Manipuri matkas from all corners of diverse subcontinent that India is. While the sound of a lane filled with colorful earthen pots might not entice you at first, the wide-ranging quirky style of pots created and handcrafted by professional artisans with a family business will leave you with empty pockets and stunning earthen gems in your bag.

The market is a shopper’s delight with a galore of quirky and as well as traditional earthen pots that enchant everyone who visits this place. The sellers who lay their stalls here and sit or hawk around with their articles are not always actual manufacturers but simply procure those items from different indigenous cities of India such as Kolkata, Lucknow, Manipur, Rajasthan, etc., where artwork is bountiful. These sellers have now taken this as their family business, the flair for which is passed down from generation to generation. The market has something for buyers with pockets of every size, though, the sheer skill with which these exquisite-looking pieces of clay are created often render the visitors mesmerized that the consideration of price almost ebbs away. But whoever says that bargaining is for the meagers, must have not experienced the satisfaction it offers. You must know that many articles sold in the Matka Market often have seasonal prices and the number of items you buy also affect the price. The more you buy in bulk, the better are the chances to strike a good bargaining deal.

That being said, some of the most unique and beautiful styles of earthen pots that are found here are listed below:

In the otherwise bustling and fast-paced city of Delhi, this street offers the needed tranquility and a touch of ethnicity along with an impressive browse to the artist in you. The fragrance of the earthen pots and other items takes you to the old days and keeps our roots intact. Its location keeps it safe from getting contagious from the outside world and yet it is a version in miniature of the multiplicity of the Indian culture.

Additional Info for Visitors

Matka Market is open to shoppers from around 10 AM up to as late as 3 AM the next morning!

Visitors can reach the place by road (through private vehicle or public modes of transport in the city like bus, or cab or auto-rickshaw).

Another option is to take the pink line on the Delhi Metro, on which the nearest metro station lies (i.e., Sarojini Nagar Metro Station), which has been operational since 2010.

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