Dhanbad, Jharkhand

One of the twenty-four districts of the Indian state of Jharkhand is Dhanbad, which also serves as the district's administrative center. After Ranchi, it is the district in Jharkhand with the second-highest population as of 2011.

Places to visit

  • Bhatinda Falls : The Bhatinda Falls is an impressive waterfall with beautiful scenery that cascades over distinct rock formations. It is also referred to as the "Waterfall of Moonidih" and is situated 14 km from the Dhanbad Railway Station. For groups searching for a short and refreshing vacation, it is a great place for a picnic. The falls, which are surrounded by untamed hills and lush vegetation, are a compelling sight for observers. Nature lovers frequently pick to stay a few days here to explore the area's beauty and serenity.
  • Distance: Bhatinda Falls is 27 kilometers away from Dhanbad

  • Birsa Munda Park : The distinction of being the only park in the city of Dhanbad belongs to Birsa Munda Park. It is a popular tourist destination with a walking route, gardens, a restaurant, a playground, and kiddie rides scattered across 21 acres of land. Since its November 2009 opening, Birsa Munda Park has made a significant contribution to the area's development. It is frequently seen as a stepping stone to numerous other initiatives that the city is developing. Birsa Munda Park offers a variety of activities for visitors of all ages and is rightfully regarded as a must-visit location.
  • Distance: Birsa Munda Park is 11 kilometers away from Dhanbad

  • Shakti Mandir : One of the main attractions in Dhanbad, the Shakti Mandir, brings in a lot of followers all year round. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga and is situated on Thorapathak Road in the very center of the city. Being the owner of the Akhand Jyoti, or the perpetual flame that is brought down from Vaishno Devi, makes Shakti Mandir stand out among the other temples in this area and make it a nationally recognized temple. Thus, the holy temple is filled on significant days like Diwali, Dussehra, and every Tuesday and Friday, which is unique in the eyes of the Goddess's followers.
  • Distance: Shakti Mandir is 13 kilometers away from Dhanbad

How to Reach

  • By Air - By way of routine flights, Dhanbad is not well connected to other significant cities in the nation. The closest airport is located 125 kilometers away in Ranchi.
  • By Train - Regular trains to Dhanbad are easily accessible from other significant cities around the nation.

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