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Dharmavaram is situated in the Sri Sathya Sai District of Andhra Pradesh. Famous throughout the world for its distinctive double-colored pattern used in the handloom Silk Sarees, Dharmavaram is the Silk City of Andhra Pradesh. Although Dharmavaram is best known for its cotton and silk-weaving Industries, the leather Puppets made by artisans are one of a kind. Most of the populationdepends upon the weaving Industries and one can easily find a weaver here. With the change of time,and as new technology came into existence, many new types of equipment and machines have been introduced which made the work of weavers easier than before, which has helped in the production of Dharmavaram Silk Sarees.

History of Dharmavaram

Dharmavaramwas named after Dharmambai. Her daughter Kriya Shakthi Vodavaru Swamy, the founder of the town, named Dharmavaram in her mother’s honor, in the year 1153–54 AD. Slowly the silk handloom Industry came into existence and by the 19th century, it arise as the main profession.

Dharmavaram Silk Sarees

In India, Sarees go with every function, and in the list of traditional, rich, and silk sarees comes Kanchipuram silk, Banarasi silk, and Dharmavaram silk. Among all other silk sarees, Dharmavaram Silk Sarees have a different kind of popularity because of their double-colored pattern. Duringthe 19th century, the mulberry silk Dharmavaram sarees found nationwide recognition for the uniqueness and beauty of the weave. Earlier for wedding sarees, red and yellowcolors were used, later the weavers introduced all colors, motifs, designs, and embellishments to keep up with the changing times and as per the customers’ needs.

The specialty of Dharmavaram Silk Sarees is the way it has been woven in two colors, which gives them a double shade form with the highlight of a solid color border and pallu. This double colorgives it a distinctive look from other Silk Sarees.

Places to visit

  • SanyaseswaraSwamy temple : The Beautiful Temple situated at a distance of 3.5 km from Dharmavaram is mostly visited by childless couples with the belief that they will be blessed by a child. According to Sthalapurana (a religious account that describes the historical significance of a Hindu temple, or the sacredness of the placewhere it is situated), a Demon used to kill children to satisfy his hunger, to protect their children the folks started praying at UmaKotilingeshwara Swamy Temple, pleased by the prayers Lord Shiva visited Dharmavaram in the form of Sanyasi. Being in the form of Sanyasi, Lord Shiva enlightened the Demon that rather than taking the world to the destruction they should work for world peace. Later they both took Sajeeva Samadhi as Paidemamba and Sanyaseswara.
  • Samadhi Shrine : Samadhi Shrine is a place where Shri Sai Baba’s parents SmtEswaramba and Sri PeddaVenkamma Raju had their Samadhi (shrine). This place also has a Ganesh shrine and a Krishna shrine beside a Dattatreya temple in the same complex.
  • Durgamma Temple : One of the famous temples of Dharmavaram, Durgamma Temple is also the first and the oldest Temple of Dharmavaram. If you are visiting Dharmavaram, Durgamma Temple is a must-visit place.
  • Gagan Mahal Palace of Krishnadevaraya : Constructed during the 16th century, Gagan Mahal Palace has 3 stories. Built during the Vijaynagar period, the Gagan Mahal Palace is similar to the designs of Hampi. The Palace has a tower on its north side from which Ramaswamy temple and Vishwanatha temple can be seen. After the restoration work, the Gagan Mahal Palace gained its glory and it seemed to be a whole new Palace. Legends say that the Palace was built by a beautiful royal dancer, Gangamma to entertain the Kings and dignitaries who used to visit her.
How to Reach
  • By Train - Dharmavaram station is 2.3km from Dharmavaram.
  • By Air- - Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore is the nearest airport to Dharmavaramwithin a distance of 155 km.

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