Dholka, Gujarat

Dholka is a city in the Ahmedabad District of the Indian state of Gujarat.

Places to visit

  • Malav Lake : The Malav Lake, created in the eleventh century by Solanki Queen Minal Devi, is the oldest testimony still standing today. She was Raja Karan Dev I's widow and Siddhraj Jaisinh's mother. It is unknown why she had this lake dug, although we can assume it was to alleviate the region's typical water deficit. Malav Lake is approximately 400 yards in diameter. The lake's shoreline was paved with intricately carved stone walls, much of which may still be seen today. There are steps leading down to the water. A temple-like edifice can be seen in the center of the lake. Once upon a time, it was connected to the shore by a stone bridge, but it is now mostly off-limits.
  • Distance: Malav Lake is 1.9 kilometers away from Dholka

  • Khan Mosque : Khan Mosque was constructed in 1325 AD. It's a brick building with a modest facade. From the outside, it appears to be a fort rather than a mosque. The majority of the plasters are already removed, and as a result, little of the ornamentation is visible today. Inside the mosque, though, you can uncover remnants of elaborate carvings and jali works if you look for them. This demonstrates that it was once a splendid mosque built with an artistic vision. The Khan Mosque contains three big halls, each with a massive dome. Two magnificent turrets, about 200 feet tall, flank them on each side. The mosque is entered by arched entrances in the center. The pulpit in the middle hall is where the imam delivers the sermon. The hall is so finely built that even a whisper can be heard throughout. Also, all of the rooms here have a marker pointing to Mecca. The views from the towers are simply breathtaking. Khan Talav in the background is also amazing. Many people think that Lord Rama sat by its side while living in the wilderness to remember his father Dasaratha's commitment to queen Kaikayee. There are two distinct structures on either side of the mosque that hold the burials of unknown persons. Regular prayers are not held here, but Eid festivities are.
  • Distance: Khan Mosque is 42 kilometers away from Dholka

  • Kalikund Jain Tirth : Tejpal Vastupal Charitable Trust manages the Kalikund Jain Tirth. It's a sprawling complex with a multifaceted temple at its heart. The primary god here is Shri Kalikund Parshwanath Bhagwan. The Parashwanath idol is said to be 2200 years old. It is one of several idols built by an anonymous Jain devotee. All of these idols were later removed to keep them safe from attackers. This specific deity was placed in this lovely temple at the request of His Holiness Acharyadev Vijayrajendrasurisvarji. The Parashwanath idol is 120 cm tall and fashioned of white marble. The Lord, reclining in padmasana, appears to be smiling and blessing the worshippers. Aside from the main temple, the complex contains a few additional temples dedicated to various deities. Make time to see Mini-Shetrunjaya Temple, which is shaped like a 45-foot-high hill. Other places to visit in this tirth are Jal Taleti, Babuna Dera, Bhagawan Shantinath's temple, Dada's Tank, Nava Tunk, Getina Paga, and others.
  • Distance: Kalikund Jain Tirth is 1.7 kilometers away from Dholka

How to Reach

  • Dholka Airport is nearby Ahmedabad International Airport Distance of 56 kilometers. Railway Stations That Link Dholka Godhaneshwar Gujarat, Ahmedabad, and Dholka are 5 kilometers away. Dholka Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Dholka is 9 kilometers away. Tarapur Interchange is 38 km away Yawarpura Gujarat, Anand, Tarapur is 40 kilometers away.

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