One of Gujarat's most important cities is Ahmedabad. It is a rapidly growing metropolis, a centre for industry, higher learning, and a city with an illustrious heritage. Ahmedabad, the historic capital of Gujarat, is a rapidly expanding tourist attraction. It is situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River and is known for its delectable cuisine and vibrant culture. The old portion of Ahmedabad, which is the historic city, was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ahmedabad is a prime example of how a city can maintain every bit of its old-world beauty while yet quickly advancing on the path of globalisation. It is home to a multitude of spectacular temples like Swaminarayan Temple, interesting museums, and upscale shops, with a little bit of colonial history tied to it. Ahmedabad is a terrific destination to buy since it is known for its textiles and the tie-dye bandhani handloom method. Including bandhani sarees, dupattas, traditionally embroidered clothing, and other regional handicrafts.

Places to Visit / tourist places

  • Sabarmati Riverfront : Sabarmati Riverfront is a waterfront region in Ahmedabad that is located on the banks of the Sabarmati River. A famous tourist destination with to its lush green promenades, lovely parks and plazas, and generally relaxing atmosphere, the pace was originally founded with the goal of promoting sustainable development and environmental progress.
  • Dada Hari Wav : These step-wells were created as a hide away during the stifling summers in 1499 AD by a lady of Sultan Begara's harem. No of the temperature, it is always colder inside the Step-wells while they wait to be filled with rainwater.
  • Statue Of Unity : Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, known as "The Iron Man of India," is honored with the Statue of Unity. The bronze monument is the "Tallest Statue in the World," at 182 meters high. The monument of unity is situated in Gujarat, on the River Island of Sadhu Bet, along the banks of the River Narmada, with a 3.2 kilometre view of the Narmada Dam (Sardar Sarovar Dam).
  • Swaninarayan Temple, Ahmedabad : Under the advice of Swaminarayan, the leader of this Hindu sect, the Shri Swaminarayan Temple in Ahmedabad's Kalupur neighbourhood was constructed. This temple from the nineteenth century is covered in green and yellow sculptures of numerous Hindu gods and goddesses, their bodies dressed in lavish garments and decorations.
  • Sabarmati Ashram : The old residence of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba is unquestionably the most well-liked tourist attraction in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat neighbourhood. Given that Gandhi started the renowned "Dandi March" from this location, the Satyagraha Ashram is situated on a calm and quiet section of the Sabarmati River. Gandhi's letters and photos are on exhibit at the museum, which is one of the most fascinating parts of the ashram.
  • Rani Ki Vav : The Rani Ki Vav, also known as the "Queen's Stepwell," is a remarkable water storage structure that can be seen in the Gujarati village of Patan beside the Saraswati River. The Reserve Bank of India's new Rs. 100 currency note prominently features the 900-year-old building that is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Adalaj Stepwell : The beautiful Adalaj Stepwell was expertly built to help the area around Adalaj Village with its water scarcity. The stepwell lies about three to four kilometres southwest of Gandhinagar, the state capital of Gujarat. The Adalaj Stepwell, one of numerous step wells constructed in India to offer access to groundwater, was constructed in 1498. The entire building is a fantastic illustration of how advanced Indian engineers and architects were at the time. You'll notice a dramatic yet comforting dip in temperature as soon as you enter. Before you carry out your day's agenda, take a moment to relax, take in the peace, admire the detailed carvings, make a quiet wish, and take a deep breath.
  • Kankaria Lake : One of Ahmedabad's largest lakes is a major attraction for ah visitors and residents because to its full range of entertainment options, including a toy railway, a kids' city, a hot air balloon ride, a water park, and food stands. It's also well-known for its Kankaria Carnival, a week-long extravaganza of fun and festivities celebrated in the final week of December, which serves as a centre for entertainment, enjoyment, and culture. All of the lake's components have lately been improved, along with the surrounds.
  • Modhera Sun Temple : The Chalukya dynasty constructed a Hindu temple at Modhera known as the Sun Temple. The Surya temple is a shrine to the sun deity built along the banks of the Pushpavati River. The temple is no longer used for worship, it is instead a historical site. The Indian Archaeological Survey presently looks after it.
  • Jama Masjid : One of the biggest mosques in India is the Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad, which was constructed in the year 1424 by Sultan Ahmed Shah, the emperor. The graves of Ahmed Shah I, his son, and his grandson are located to the west of the mosque followed by those of the queens of the monarch.
  • Auto World Vintage Car Museum : A vintage automobile enthusiast turned his own collection of antique vehicles into a museum. The top cars in the world are included in the collection, including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Cadillac, Austin, and many others.
  • Hutheesing Jain Temple : This two-story white marble building, which is dedicated to the 15th Tirthankara of the Jains, Dharmanath, offers a lovely experience, and the tiled courtyard is another distinctive feature of the temple.
  • Sidi Saiyyed Mosque : The Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, as its name implies, was constructed by Sidi Saeed or Sidi Saiyyed in 1573 and is one of Ahmedabad's most well-known mosques. According to legend, the mosque was constructed in the final year of the Gujarat Sultanate's rule. The Sidi SaiyyedJali, an artistically carved lattice stone window in front of the mosque, is regarded as the unofficial emblem of Ahmedabad.
  • Calico Textile Museum : The Calico Textile Museum, one of the top textile museums and a renowned centre for Indian textiles internationally, is well known for its extraordinary collection of textiles.
  • Jhulta Minar : One of the most amazing architectural wonders ever created is the Jhuta Minar, which is situated in Ahmedabad. They continue to be a mystery. The minarets are distinctive in that if one is shaken, the other will follow shortly after, while no vibrations or motions are transmitted through the connecting corridor. Several architects and historians have made an effort to comprehend the mechanics and reasoning underlying the seemingly random motions of the minarets. The name, Jhulta Minar, which means "swinging minaret," comes from these motions.
  • Tomb Of Ahmed Shah & Ahmed Shah’s Mosque : The entire building is a fantastic illustration of how advanced Indian engineers and architects were at the time.


  • Sunset Drive-In Cinema, Drive-In Road, Ahmedabad : On Drive-In Road in Ahmedabad, there is a well-liked entertainment venue called the Sunset Drive-In Cinema. You may enjoy a distinctive experience at the theatre by watching films in the convenience of your own vehicle. To watch the programme, simply park your automobile in front of the television, set your radio to the appropriate station, and tune in.
  • Roadside Chess : Ahmedabad residents like playing roadside chess, especially in the city's historic districts. Chess games are frequently being played in parks, on street corners, and beneath shade trees. A straightforward hardwood board and hand-carved pieces are often used to play the game.
  • Seaplane Ride : A seaplane trip over the Sabarmati Riverfront is a one-of-a-kind experience available in Ahmedabad. The Sabarmati Ashram and the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport are two of the city's most well-known attractions, and the seaplane departs from the Sabarmati Riverbank to provide passengers a bird's-eye view of both.
  • ATV Adventure Trails : Ahmedabad also has all-terrain vehicle (ATV) adventure routes where you may enjoy the rush of driving through the countryside. These paths, which are often found outside of cities, offer an exhilarating opportunity to see the area's natural splendour.
  • Boot Camp : With a mix of cardio, weight training, and agility exercises, boot camps in Ahmedabad are made to offer a challenging workout. Experienced trainers oversee these boot camps, which are frequently hosted in parks or other outdoor settings.
  • Zip lining : You may experience the exhilarating pastime of zip lining, which involves being suspended from a cable and flying through the air at fast speeds. There are various zip line routes available in Ahmedabad, including ones that lead through the city's hills and woods.

Nightlife (Pubs, clubs, lounges)

  • Java+ – Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad : The stylish café Java+ is located in the opulent grounds of the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel and keeps customers entertained all day. The intriguing design, which has a relaxed vibe, is based on the idea of a European cafe. They provide stylish interior seats as well as casual patio sitting where you may unwind. Live sports broadcasts and impressive lighting enhance the venue's energetic atmosphere. After a long day of seeing Ahmedabad's famous tourist attractions, it is the ideal relaxed location to rest alone or with company. For a delightful way to finish your day, try their Hershey's Chocolate Mud slide and Hot Chocolate.
  • Sphere Lounge – Hotel Ramada, Ahmedabad : This open rooftop cafe, which is a part of the Hotel Ramada, provides a stunning environment accentuated by stylish design and low lighting. With your pals, you may have a blast watching live sporting events in the enormous theatre system put up inside this cafe. This late-night cafe is one of Ahmedabad's best nightlife destinations since it offers a vast selection of mouthwatering foods and drinks. Also, the candle-lit tables offer the ideal places for couples to spend a special date night.
  • Amnesia Lounge, Ahmedabad : Amnesia Club is the best place to go for an unforgettable nightlife experience in Ahmedabad if you think that there is no love more sincere than the love of food. The lounge specialises in serving amazing multi-cuisine treats, including scrumptious campfire pizzas and juicy kebabs. Ambient lighting is used to decorate the large cafe. The outside sitting area looks out into the blue pool, while the inner seating area exudes an exotic ambiance. As you enter the lounge, as promised by its name, all your troubles and fears vanish.
  • Spirit O Soul, Ahmedabad : One of Ahmedabad's top nightlife spots for party enthusiasts to enjoy a lively time without alcohol is Spirit O Soul, a fascinating dance-and-dine destination. The venue has a dance floor, a DJ console, and an exciting atmosphere that heightens the festive atmosphere. They specialise on Italian and Mexican cuisines, which will transport your taste buds on a delightful journey. The location of Spirit O Soul inside Shree Balaji Agora Mall, one of Ahmedabad's greatest shopping malls, is the nicest aspect of all.
  • Ristretto – Behind the Rods, Ahmedabad : While you're at the Ristretto, hanging around takes on a whole new meaning. You may enjoy Ahmedabad's nightlife in all its glimmering splendour at this café cum casual dining establishment. Due to the frequent live music performances hosted here, Friday nights are especially popular. The café offers a variety of Mexican and Italian dishes among other things to please your palate. Come here to have a fantastic time with your friends while enjoying delicious cuisine and engaging talks.
  • Makeba – The Lounge Café, Ahmedabad : Makeba is a terrace restaurant and café that checks all the right boxes for a posh atmosphere, trendy furnishings, comfortable seating, live sports, and excellent cuisine. It makes sense why it has grown to be one of Ahmedabad's most renowned nightlife destinations. This location offers a live mocktail bar to perk you up for a vivacious evening, departing from the traditional brick and wall café idea. Italian, Mexican, and healthy food alternatives may be found on the vast multi-cuisine menu to please your palate.
  • The Dark Roast, Ahmedabad : The Dark Roast competes with some of Ahmedabad's greatest restaurants because to its eccentric interior design and diverse cuisine. With the best local coffee beans being roasted inside, the hip café is a sanctuary for coffee enthusiasts. The live sports viewing area, which is popular with the city's sports-loving populace, adds to the venue's lively atmosphere. The regulars here love their Italian specialties. You can't go wrong choosing this café as a spot to hang out with friends while enjoying delicious cuisine and enjoyable music.
  • Mocha Café, Ahmedabad : Mocha Café is a popular choice among Ahmedabad's sunset crowd as a fun place to hang out with your friends. The café is renowned for its inviting atmosphere, great coffee, and assortment of decadent sweets. They provide a wide variety of mouthwatering options on their extensive menu, including pizzas, paninis, noodles, spaghetti, momo, sizzlers, and much more.
Street food to try in Ahmedabad
  • Fafda – Jalebi : Fafda-jalebi is the greatest food to consume in Ahmedabad. One of the best breakfast alternatives in the city is this delicious sweet-savory nibble. Jalebis are produced with a batter of chickpea flour and all-purpose flour, dipped in sugar syrup, as opposed to fafdas, which are made with chickpea flour and spices. You may eat them on their own, but it's best to pair them with a hot beverage. Thus, the first breakfast item you must eat when visiting Ahmedabad the next time is fafda-jalebi. And yes, you do not need to go to a fancy rooftop restaurant to get this; it is available at any city street food vendor.
  • Khaman : Khaman, sometimes referred to as khaman dhokla, is one of Ahmedabad's favourite street meals, and with good reason. Chickpea flour batter, spices, and a leavening agent are combined to create this steaming, soft, and fluffy savoury cake. Khaman is a delicacy that you just must taste because of the fragrant tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, chilies, coriander leaves, and shredded coconut. You may simply have some of it on a city tour because it is readily available at numerous restaurants and street booths across the city.
  • Dhokla : Dhokla is one of the traditional Gujarati snacks that makes up a complete lunch. Very few people are aware that dhokla is made using separate components and is frequently mistaken with khaman. Rice, channa dal, and spices are combined to make the dhokla batter. Dhokla, a favourite among foodies, is similarly excellent while being a tad tougher than khaman. It tastes excellent when paired with green chutney and is tempered similarly to khaman. The dhoklas served by the street food vendors come in a variety of flavours, including sandwich, rava, toor dal, and khatta. The genuine flavour is unavailable anywhere in the globe. It is without a doubt among Ahmedabad's top street meals.
  • Khandvi : This well-liked Gujarati snack is delectable, nutritious, and rich in protein. Khandvi is a low-calorie snack prepared with chickpea flour, curd, ginger-green chilli paste, and spices, so you may indulge guilt-free. It resembles an intricately cut and beautifully rolled-up sheet that has been mixed with sesame seeds, mustard seeds, and other spices. You will undoubtedly like at least a couple of them, as delicious as they appear. Almost all restaurants in Ahmedabad provide khandvis, so anytime you visit the city, be sure to have this delicious delicacy.
  • Sev Khamani : This savoury street meal should be tried if you enjoy Gujarati munchies. Sev khamani or amirikhaman is, to put it simply, an extension of khaman. It is essentially made with khaman that has been crushed and is similarly delicious. The snack is seasoned with garlic, mustard seeds, sesame seeds, curry leaves, and finely chopped green chilies. Pomegranate, coriander leaves, shredded coconut, and a generous amount of sev are used as garnishes. Sev khamani is a dish that tastes better than it sounds because it is the ideal fusion of spicy, sweet, and sour flavours. Thus, if you're searching for a fast snack while on a city tour, you must choose the delicious sevkhamani.
  • Locho : Locho, a dish common in Gujarat, is one of Ahmedabad's most popular street dishes. The majority of street food stands and restaurants in Ahmedabad sell this steamed snack, known as farsan; you may have it for breakfast, as a side dish with lunch or supper, or as a tea-time snack. Chickpea, split black gramme, flattened rice, sour curd, and other ingredients are used to produce locho. Melted butter, locho masala, coriander leaves, onions, and a tonne of sev are added to cooked locho as a topping. It sounds mouth-watering, doesn't it?
  • Vada Pav : This popular street food from Maharashtra is very widely known in Ahmedabad. The snack is made by slicing a bun or pav down the centre, slathering it with plenty of green and garlic chutney, then sandwiching a fried batata vada in the middle. Fried green peppers and green chutney are served with vada pav. With a steaming mug of tea or coffee, vada pav, a common evening snack, tastes its finest.
  • Dabeli : This mouthwatering street dish from Ahmedabad, sometimes referred to as kutchi dabeli, is a must-try. Pav buns are used to make dabeli, along with a special potato combination that can be either sweet, spicy, or mild. Similar to vada pav, masala peanuts, pomegranate, and green chutney are put inside the slit pav after it has been spread with tamarind and green chutney. In order to serve the pav bun, it is then cooked in butter and covered in sev. Dabeli is full and tasty. So, you may indulge in this tasty snack at a neighbouring street food establishment anytime you are hungry while visiting the city.
  • Maska Bun : Both residents and visitors love to stop for this straightforward yet excellent roadside snack. Although it may appear to be a typical bun, the inside is filled with a blend of butter and fresh cream. This mixture is referred known as maska by the locals. Buns are heated over a medium flame while being generously filled with maska to make the snack. If you want to have a great evening in Ahmedabad, all you need are some maska buns and a cup of steaming chai.
  • Jini Roll Dosa : This is a delicious combination of Gujarati and Bombay street cuisine with South Indian dosa. The dosa is filled with mouthwatering filling that includes cheese, sauces, spices, and veggies including carrots, cabbage, onions, and capsicum. With coconut chutney on the side, it is then neatly wrapped and served. You may simply visit a street food establishment nearby to enjoy this delicacy with your loved ones because jini roll dosas are accessible at many of Ahmedabad's eateries.
Best Hotels
  • Holiday Inn : All the essentials a seasoned traveller would need are there at the Holiday Inn Express. It provides a cost-effective, elegant, and pleasant stay. The hotel attracts repeat visitors because of its excellent service and convenient location. There will be a fridge, an iPod docking station, and a decent-sized TV in your room. Take advantage of the breakfast counter's ample supplies before you start your day (complimentary with your stay). In keeping with its "Express" designation, there is also a grab-and-go option. So why are you still waiting? Visit this website to learn more about the hotel and to make an online reservation.
  • Starwood Aloft : The low pricing and chic exterior of Ahmedabad's Starwood Aloft are tough to reconcile. The interiors are modern and fashionable, with bold colour schemes, wood panelling, 42-inch TVs, and rainbow-striped ceilings. Moreover, there is a pool, lounge, fitness centre with a trainer, and free WiFi. The hotel also features a fantastic, always-open café. Like other Aloft hotels, this one has a fantastic bar, but because this is Gujarat, mocktails are what keep the nightly soirees going. It's a little quibble and shouldn't detract from the cuisine being served, which includes bagels, croissants, salads, and sandwiches on their grab-and-go menu. If you want to get the most value for your money, book a room at Aloft Ahmedabad here.
  • Radisson Blu : Although the Radisson BLU is primarily a business hotel, its cuisine stands out. Despite its perfectly understated settings, The Great Kebab Factory's biryani and kebabs are so well-known that there is a line out the door. With sophisticated and large buffets of Italian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian food available, Timpani, the all-day diner, is in high demand. The hotel's proximity to the Gujarat University Exhibition grounds and IIM-A ensures a regular flow of academics, and the accommodations are straightforward and roomy. Don't pass up the chance to relax in the spa. For information on the Radisson Blu Hotel's hotel pricing and availability, click here.
  • Hotel Royal Highness : Royal Highness is a short distance from some of Ahmedabad's most notable monuments. The Jama Masjid, one of India's most spectacular works of architecture from the 15th century, the Kamla Nehru Zoo, and the Kankaria Lake - Royal Highness is one well-placed hotel. The Sidi Saeed Mosque, built in the 16th century, features breathtaking filigree work in stone. About all of the rooms at this establishment have wonderful city views and are well-designed and recently remodelled. The majority of the popular dishes from their multi-cuisine restaurant La Fontaine have made it into their menu for in-room dining, and it provides delicious food.
  • Pride Hotel : The Pride Hotel is a well-liked option for wedding parties due to its large selection of banquet and ball rooms, a variety of which can seat anywhere between 250 and 1,000 people, and a staff so well-prepared for weddings that extravagant flower arrangements and food preparations are second nature to them. Don't be intimidated by the prospect of lodging alongside 1,000 other guests. No one will disturb you while you enjoy delicious tandoor dishes at their Puran Dhaba while eating naan and dal while listening to live ghazals since The Pride is skillfully designed. Stop waiting right now. Plan your visit appropriately by checking the Pride Plaza Hotel's hotel rates and availability here.
Famous restaurants
  • Rajwadoo Garden Restaurant : one of the eateries selling Gujarati food and thalis on a patio. With a touch of Gujarati flavour, this restaurant is appropriate for regular vegetarians. Nothing will ever be able to please you as thoroughly as it does; the rooftop ambiance, service, and flavour will only improve your eating experience. Also, this location offers a fantastic view of the city!
  • Jungle Bhookh : It serves a variety of grilled sandwiches, as well as fast food items including pizza and wraps, as well as a variety of desserts. One of the reasons friends or families hang out at this bakery is that it is open to everyone and has a calmer atmosphere.
  • The Global Kitchen : Offering Mexican, North Indian, and continental cuisines, it is a casual eating establishment. Both the cuisine and the service will meet your standards and make every effort not to let you down. Even the interiors are pretty inviting for couples to hang out in because of the photo frames hanging on the walls, which have a Classic American design.
  • Vishalla : Everyone who like Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine should visit this restaurant. Gujarati Thali is well-known across this area. Every item on the menu is mouthwatering, and there is nice ambience and speedy service. The management is pretty polite, therefore it's worth going there and waiting for your food until they give it to you since it will delight you in every way.
  • Skyz Restaurant : This restaurant specialises in serving Indian and seafood cuisine and is highly recommended for non-vegetarians. It offers a wide selection of foods and provides excellent service. Anybody who wants to buy meat in large quantities at a reasonable price should go there.
  • Pleasure Trove : Italian and North Indian cuisines are served at this restaurant. You now have the opportunity to eat outside while listening to live music and enjoying the ambiance of a moonlit meal thanks to this rooftop restaurant. Particularly the soups, starters are fairly well-known here.
  • Gordan Thaal : Everyone should experience this location since you may enjoy eating outside as lanterns provide the appearance of a restaurant in a village setting. Also, the staff is quite welcoming, showing you great hospitality and presenting meals on a leaf of a tree. You may get a general picture of how Indian villages are by reading this.
  • Tomato’s Restaurant : The restaurant features nice interiors with woodwork furniture and serves Indian, Mexican, and Italian cuisines. Also, they provide a variety of appetisers. With a nice atmosphere and a great place to hang out with family and friends, the service quality is fairly excellent.
  • New Freezeland : This eatery offers traditional Indian cuisine. Animal patterns and even characters from the jungle can be seen all over the room and on the walls. It serves as a venue for birthday celebrations in addition to Art Lovers. The paneer in this location is renowned.
  • Agashiye : As you wait, you may be entertained with magic performances, puppet shows, and pottery swings at this restaurant, which is known for providing high-quality meals. Your meal experience will be enhanced in a traditional style by the low lighting and the ambiance. Rajasthani and Gujarati thalis are well-known there.
Malls to check out
  • Ahmedabad One Mall : Ahmedabad One Mall, formerly known as The Alpha One Mall, is presently the main draw and one of the most beloved locations in the city. The project, which has a total size of 1.2 million square feet including a retail mall that occupies 7,20,000 square feet, was designed by Arcop Associates, a Canadian business. To alleviate the typical traffic bottlenecks, the mall has a three-level parking area.
  • The Acropolis : The Acropolis mall, which takes its name from Athens' Acropolis fortress from ancient Greece, is another mall that was strategically built and placed. The mall, which has an area of around 4,50,000 square feet, provides outstanding entertainment options in addition to a respectable retail environment. Customers are able to shop joyfully and affordably thanks to Big Bazaar and Brand Factory inhabiting the mall. A standout in the mall, the PVR Cinemas features a great sound system and spotless seats. There are various food establishments, like Subway, Cravings, and many more, that sell some delectable foods. It's a great idea to dine, shop, and repeat at the Acropolis mall!
  • CG Square Mall : Another ideal pit break for customers is CG Square Mall. The three-story mall offers a wide range of options for dining, shopping, entertainment, and eventually resting. The entry locations also include wheelchair accessibility for the elderly. Several brands are available at the mall, and there are seasonal deals and offers to choose from. The mall is home to several stores, including Shoppers Stop, Arrow, Wrogn, and United Colors of Benetton. The mall provides the newest Bollywood and Hollywood films in its Time Cinemas entertainment department in addition to a shopping experience. Lastly, the mall is a terrific destination to come because it offers a nice eating experience and everything you need in one location.
  • Arved Transcube Plaza : This plaza embodies urbanisation and globalisation in its entirety. The Arved Transcube plaza, which has major department shops like Reliance and D-mart, is the city's integrated bus station. Together with this, there is a fantastic food court with quality eateries and cafés as well as a few shop showrooms to browse. PVR Cinemas and a gaming zone, which provide new services, make up the plaza's entertainment area. This plaza, created by Sancube Infra Projects, has the capacity and capability to serve the general public with its top-notch amenities and services.
  • 4D Square Mall : The 4D Square mall houses several retailers from well-known brand outlets, eateries, and a PVR Cinema that offers consistently high-quality cinematic delivery. It's a terrific spot to unwind with your loved ones and get away from the bustle of the city. The mall provides a charming setting for shopping and dining at well regarded cafés and restaurants, including everyone's favourite Moco Cabana, Subway, Marky Momos, and Dominos! 
  • Gulmohar Park Mall : The Gulmohar Park mall is one of the most tranquil locations to explore inside the city's bustle. Over an estimated 219,000 square feet of development space, the mall occupies a space of nearly 90,279 square feet. Due to its distinctive design and construction, Gulmohar Park Mall stands out among the other malls in the city. Pantaloons, Max, Globus, and Biba are just a few of the numerous fashion brands that are featured at this mall, which was built by the Navratna group of real estate. The four-story mall also has a variety of places to eat and unwind. The location is a must-visit because of the imaginative interior design!
  • Ahmedabad Central : With a wide variety of clothing options accessible for everyone, including men, women, and children, Ahmedabad Central is one of the most well-liked locations in the city and provides A1 shopping experiences. Nearly every worldwide brand has a location in Ahmedabad Central, which also offers fantastic deals and discounts. Some of the well-known shops are the brand outlets for Lavie, US Polo, and Van Heusen. The slogan "Eat, Shop, Celebrate" for the Central Mall is especially fitting given that the mall also has the renowned cafe coffee day in addition to several delectable ice cream parlours. For those who enjoy shopping, a trip to the Mall is essential.
Best places to shop
  • Manek Chowk : Manek Chowk, a well-known city plaza in Old Ahmedabad, is a multifaceted bazaar that unfolds its various faces during the course of the day. It presents as a vegetable market in the morning, changes into a bullion market as the day wears on, and soon after dark, becomes a street food heaven. Baba Maneknath, who is credited with aiding Ahmed Shah I in the construction of the Bhadra Fort, is the name-bearer of this bazaar. With a turnover of more than INR 3 million each year, this bullion market is regarded as the second largest in all of India. Thus, you are aware of where to go jewellery buying if wedding bells are ringing.
  • Law Garden Night Market : Late at night, Law College comes to life and features a mix of western clothing and Indian items, right next to a variety of universities on Ellis Road. Nonetheless, it is well-known for its traditional Kutchi jewellery and clothing, which feature mirror and beading. The two stores are located on each side of the street, with the one selling mostly clothing, bags, handicrafts, and jewellery while the other sells the newest shirts, jeans, shoes, skirts, palazzos, and dupattas. Law Garden is dotted with booths offering everything from pav bhaji to kulfi to Chola bhaturas because Amdavadis consider their cuisine to be quite valuable when they purchase.
  • Lal Darwaja : Lal Darwaja, a busy neighbourhood in the ancient city, is Ahmedabad's busiest yet most well-liked street retail district. Once you set foot here, you're going to want to return again and again because to the twisting roads that lead to hidden gems. The dhoklas, pani puris, samosas, and dosas here are sure to knock your taste buds off their feet if you're a foodie, so you're in for a double bonus. Indulge in a real Amdavadi shopping frenzy while you're here by donning your negotiating caps and keeping your valuables nearby.
  • Dhalgarwad : One of Ahmedabad's oldest fabric marketplaces, this hidden treasure is located in the ancient city. Although it is marketed as a bargain hunter's paradise, be prepared to dig through mountains of clothing in search of decent quality material since this market is infamous for using deceptive methods to offer low-quality material.
  • Sindhi Market : The Sindhi market, which is located next to Kalupur's iron-plated timber gates and resembles Lal Darwaja's streets in appearance but differs in appeal, is charming in its own right. Also known as Revdi Bazar, this marketplace is more well-known for traditional household furnishings, handicrafts, and upholstery than for textiles. If you explore the entire Sindhi market, you will, nevertheless, discover quality clothing and saree supplies. Once more, barter until you're satisfied with the worth of your buy.
  • CG Road : CG Road, which is a lengthy stretch of retail establishments running from Mahalaxmi Crossroads all the way up to Sardar Patel Stadium Crossroads, is named after ChimanlalGirdharlal, one of India's notable merchants during the 1960s. Shopping here is not considered to be street shopping because it is a combination of large malls and smaller retail centres like Super Mall, Iscon Mall, CG Square Mall, etc. This road has physical and mortar locations for brands including Jade Blue, Blackberry, Reebok, Arrow, and others, making it a hotspot for brand-conscious consumers. In their study on "Main Streets Throughout the Globe," published in 2010, the real estate company Cushman & Wakefield placed it third for the Asia Pacific region's most significant growth.
  • Teen Darwaza Market : Teen Darwaza, a historical and architectural monument, is a top Ahmedabad tourist attraction. The Teen Darwaza, located on the major road in the centre of the city, is surrounded by a large number of tourists. The area serves as a marketplace for merchants selling just about everything. One may haggle and purchase a wide variety of stuff, including footwear, clothing, and household goods. The neighbourhood is very congested during festivals. The region is well-known for its Patharnawala kiosks, from which both wealthy and impoverished people buy valuable items.
  • Raipur Gate Market : Gujarat is well-known for its sweets as well as for its delectable fried and steamed munchies. These snacks keep well without spoiling for a long period, making them excellent presents for friends and family. An historic and well-known market in Ahmedabad called Raipur Gate Market is where you can buy and eat a variety of sweets and snacks including dhokla, khakra, fafda, jalebi, and khandvi, among others. Without enjoying the well-known farsaans of Raipur Gate, your journey to Ahmedabad would not be complete. The streets around Raipur Gate are home to some renowned farsaans sellers.
Famous Shops
  • Bandhej : Le Corbusie, a well-known architect, created it. In Ahmedabad, Bandhej is the greatest location for purchasing Bandhani and cotton fabrics. Bandhej, which Archana Shah founded in 1985, has grown to be associated with eco-friendly clothes. Elegant patterns that change with the seasons and fashions are featured. The best items to choose from at Bandhej are kurtas, dupattas, and tunic skirts. The greatest shopping areas in Ahmedabad may be explored if you're seeking for traditional Gujrati clothing.
  • Mangalya Bandhani Sarees : Each and every lady looking for the top Bandhani saree stores in Ahmedabad has ended up at Mangalya Bandhani Sarees. Although many stores have attempted to imitate this famous Ahmedabad shopping speciality, Mangalya Bandhani Sarees are still the best in terms of quality and manufacture.
  • Deepkala Silk Heritage : The elite families of Ahmedabad prefer Deepkala Silk Heritage, one of the city's most exclusive stores. It includes a wide selection of sarees and ghagras, including a dedicated bridal line. Besides an online shopping facility, they also provide personalised tailoring.
  • Asopalav Ratanpole : Ahmedabad's Asopalav is a prestigious location for shopping. This shop, which opened in 1975, sells fashionable sarees and outfits. Asopalav is so popular that NRI families who have relocated overseas go there for all of their shopping needs. Also, they provide you a personal shopper to help you with your shopping.
  • Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium : Among Ahmedabad's handcraft stores, Kapasi is a pioneer. A staggering assortment of paintings, idols, sculptures, house mandirs, metal, and marble can be found in the enormous showroom. Kapasi is a great place to buy gifts for friends or coworkers since everything there is crafted with purpose.
  • Falguni Gruh Udyog : Without a doubt, this is among Ahmedabad's top locations for food shopping. You may taste their delicacies without having any reservations. Sukhwani, Dosa Khakra, Bhakari, Sev, and Chivda are the most well-liked. You may buy a variety of snacks packaged from this location if you want to leave the city in the next day or two.
  • Rani no hajiro : Rani No Hajiro is where you should go if you're shopping for apparel. The market is overrun with stores selling women's clothes and is situated next to Jama Mosque, one of Ahmedabad's most visited attractions. All ethnic textiles, including mashru, ikat, and ajrakh, are conveniently and affordably available here. In addition to regular clothing, you may buy jewellery and garba apparel.
  • Dhalgarwad : Another name on Ahmedabad's seemingly endless list of shopping destinations is Dhalgarwad. The majority of the apparel and materials sold here, including kalamkari, mangalgiri, jaipuri, and silk patola sarees, are what make this market famous. Also, you may get salwar suits, chaniya cholis, and bed sheet material. Even though you are free to barter as much as you like, you will need a keen eye to identify high-quality items.
Museums in Ahmedabad
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Museum : One of Ahmedabad's most well-known museums, the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Museum is situated in the Shahibag neighbourhood and is frequently visited by visitors. This museum, which Shri Babubhai Jashbhai Patel founded in 1978, contains a beautiful collection of objects and memorabilia that beautifully illustrate the life and accomplishments of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Originally used as a British Cantonment, this structure has been the Governor's House since 1947.
  • Calico Museum Of Textiles : The incredible array of textiles, antiquities, vintage fabrics, and clothing in the Calico Museum of Textiles holdings is one of its most well-known features. Every mind is captivated by the extraordinary and most fascinating assortment of Kashmiri shawls and dye-and-tye fabrics, which appear very colourful. In addition to being a well-known textile museum in Ahmedabad administered by the Sarabhai Foundation, this institution is also among the oldest textile museums in existence.
  • Sanskar Kendra : This is one of Ahmedabad's oldest and most well-known museums, having been founded in 1956. It is open to tourists every day of the week to view the art, culture, history, and legacy of the city. Le Corbusie, a well-known architect, created it. This is one of the most important locations to learn about the customs and qualities that local people still follow today.
  • Vechaar Utensils Museum : Vechaar Utensils Museum, which is directly across from Vasna Toll Booth, is unquestionably unique in its field. This location stands out among the renowned museums in Ahmedabad in both idea and collections, displaying more than 4500 pieces of century-old and obsolete pots, potteries, and utensils used formerly in various areas of the nation. There is no better site than this to learn about how tools have changed throughout human history.
  • Auto World Vintage Car Museum : This global vintage vehicle museum in Ahmedabad is a must-see for all auto enthusiasts and boasts of having the highest daily foot traffic. This museum, which is tucked away in Dastan Estate, features incredible collections of vintage cars, carriages, buggies, and utility vehicles. The location includes everything worth viewing, including magnificent limos, shooting brake vehicles, and lovely convertibles. At all costs, do not miss out on seeing the open-air auto museum that Ahmedabad city contains.
  • Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum : The Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum has a key position among Ahmedabad's most well-known museums thanks to its rich collections of Indian sculptures, Mughal paintings, manuscripts of ancient Jain literature, miniatures, bronze statues, wood sculptures, beadwork objects, and antique coins. In addition to this, a conservation laboratory and art reference library maintain the nation's historical artefacts, records, manuscripts, and archives.
  • Kites Museum : This unusual location in the city is also well-known as the Patang Kite Museum and is a favourite destination for tourists. By donating his whole personal collection of kites and establishing this location in 1954, Bhanu Shah invented the concept of the show. The kite museum in Ahmedabad City boasts an amazing collection of kites and the paper used to manufacture them as displays. The collection is wide-ranging and rather fascinating, ranging from colourful Japanese kites to kites with mirror work and block prints. See the 16-foot-long kite that has images of the Radha Krishna and Garba dance if you're in the area.
  • Shreyas Folk Museum : One of the very few museums in Ahmedabad that serves the function is Shreyas Folk Museum if you want to get a quick peek at the history, culture, and customs of the city. This museum is well-known for its exhibitions that include art and craft from Gujarati groups including Charan, Ahir, Kathi, and Rabari, embroidery and bead work, woodcarving, tie-dyed materials, toys, puppets, masks, costumes, and coins. It has four expansive sections: the Lokayatan Folk Museum, the Kalpana Mangaldas Balayatan Museum, the Kathani, and the Sangeet Vadyakhand.
Art Galleries in Ahmedabad
  • Archer Art Gallery : A collection of more than 5000 pieces of art are housed at one of the oldest art galleries, Archer Art Gallery, which has an exhibiting space of around 6,000 square feet. At its gallery space, Archer frequently hosts exhibits of well-known, up-and-coming, modern, and contemporary artists.
  • 079 |Stories | : A collaborative art space, an amphitheatre, and a gallery Throughout the city, 079 |Stories| is renowned for consistently offering art exhibitions and workshops. Many exhibitions by modern painters of worldwide and national renown as well as emerging contemporary artists have taken place in a well-designed architectural setting.
  • Marvel Art Gallery : The emphasis of an art gallery is on contemporary and modern Indian art. The limited edition serigraphs, sculptures, and paintings at the Marvel art collection are outstanding. Serigraph prints by several well-known national and international artists are also available through Marvel.
  • Amdavad Ni Gufa : The most renowned art galleries in the city Amdavad Ni Gufa is the city's ultimate art gallery, housing the works of legendary Indian artist Maqbool Fida Husain in a building created by the country's most renowned architect, Balkrishna V Doshi. Uniquely combining art and architecture, the art gallery.
  • Urmila Art Gallery : The Urmila Art Gallery is a professionally designed facility for displaying and presenting visual art exhibitions. It is part of the KanoriyaCenter for the Arts and is surrounded by vegetation and outdoor space in addition to being outfitted with gallery lighting systems and appropriately illuminated. The Gallery is a fantastic location to display art.
Events / Festivals
  • International Kite Festival Ahmedabad : The Uttarayan festival, which is specifically a Gujarati tradition, is also known as the worldwide kite festival and takes place in Ahmedabad. It lasts from before dawn till after dusk, the skies of Ahmedabad are reported to be covered in kites. This festival is observed on Makar Sankranti, the first day of the summer season after the winter. The kites may normally be lifted into the air on this day since it is often quite sunny, warm, and breezy. All daytime operations are suspended on this day, which has been proclaimed a state holiday, and people may be spotted flying kites and engaging in neighbourhood competitions on the streets and rooftops.
  • Food Festival : Because the residents of —and all of Gujarat—are recognised for being devoted food enthusiasts, the three-day food festival there is seen to be particularly traditional. Every year, this food festival is held with the intention of promoting organic food items. The primary goal of the Ahmedabad food festival is to close the gap between unhealthy eating habits and fast food items.The food festivals provide Ahmedabad's farmers and growers a chance to showcase their produce and other items so that city residents would be encouraged to eat these nutritious meals instead of the fast food that is a staple of city life. The food festival is attended by people from all across Ahmedabad and even Gujarat because they genuinely enjoy food and because they want to learn something useful and sanitary about their eating habits. The Ahmedabad population has an unique predilection for traditional dishes, therefore sweets and dal-batis are frequently found during the food festival. Wheat cookies, breads, fennel seed ice cream, and chocolate biscuits are also among the culinary festival's key draws. The primary goal of the Ahmedabad food festival is to encourage the use of grains, pulses, organic vegetables, and cereals. The cuisine festival also emphasises the usage of organic ginger, garlic, amla, aubergine, peanut oil, sugarcane, and other organic ingredients.
  • Ahmedabad Film Festival : The Ahmedabad community holds the Ahmedabad film festival in high regard since it celebrates some of the most well-known Gujarati films and presents them to both children and adults. The Ahmedabad film festivals also aid in the marketing of Gujarati films and the talented locals so that they have a higher chance of success in other large film markets throughout the world. Since most people are often engaged in their own activities during such celebrations, this is one event in Ahmedabad that does not draw in the whole city's inhabitants. The international cinema festival in Ahmedabad also serves as a platform for Gujarati talent to be recognised throughout the globe. It serves as a stage for the display of these skills to a global audience.
Gardens and parks
  • Law Garden : In Ahmedabad, the vibrant Indian state of Gujarat, there is a lovely green oasis called Law Garden in the centre of a busy metropolis. Locals commonly come here for pleasure as it is a well-kept paradise. The park is well-known for its market, where residents and visitors alike indulge in retail therapy and get fantastic discounts. Intricate traditional work can be found on the flashy products for sale, and the night market is a pleasure for consumers as it displays the vibrant colours of Gujarat in its kiosks. It's a fantastic location to get traditional Gujarati clothing, accessories, jewellery, and handicrafts that include traditional handwork.
  • Parimal Garden : A lovely, well-kept garden in the centre of Ahmedabad, Parimal Garden is situated on the Parimal Cross Road in Ambavadi. The park, which is populated with swings and stone seats, is well-liked by both adults and children. The garden has regular senior laughing groups but is mostly utilised for morning and evening strolls.
  • One Tree Hill Garden : In Ahmedabad's Kankaria neighbourhood, One Tree Hill Garden is a symbol of beauty. The garden boasts a gorgeous lake, charming gates, well-kept lawns, tidy flowerbeds, and charming fountains, in addition to the remnants of a historic building that add to the garden's ambience. One of the city's most beautiful and popular gardens.
  • Victoria Garden : South of Ahmedabad, close to Bhadra Fort, is where you'll find Victoria Garden. With its well-kept lawns, lovely flower beds, rejuvenating trees, and roomy play spaces, the garden exudes beauty and charm. In the middle of the garden is a lifelike statue of Queen Victoria.
  • Dhanvantari Garden : Another charming garden in Ahmedabad is Dhanvantari Garden, which is located in Dungarshinagar, Paldi. The area has an abundance of vegetation and several seats where you can unwind. The park is crowded with neighbourhood youngsters in the evenings who come to participate in outdoor games and activities, in addition to the wide paths for running and strolling.
  • AUDA Garden : The AUDA Garden, which is located near Bodakdev in Ahmedabad, is known for its enormous expanses of well kept green grass, towering shade trees, and tranquil atmosphere. Beautiful flower beds dot the yard, illuminating the area with a rainbow of blooms. It is the ideal location to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind amidst the beauty of nature.
  • Usmanpura Garden : Usmanpura Garden is located in the Gujarati city of Ahmedabad's Usmanpura neighbourhood of Shanti Nagar. The garden is a pure joy to spend an evening in the summer or a picnic in the sun on a winter day. The garden is a popular destination for both children and adults since it has play areas, jogging paths, tiny water tanks, fountains, and scattered trees.
Best time to visit

The busiest time of year in Ahmedabad is during its pleasantly chilly winters.To enjoy everything the city has to offer, visit between November and February. Since the weather is so pleasant, you can spend as much time as you like exploring the city and eating excellent food from roadside booths and open-air restaurants.

How to reach
  • Via Air : Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar are both served by the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad. Many different airlines, including IndiGo, SpiceJet, AirAsia, Vistara, and GoAir, welcome flights to this airport. All of India's main cities are connected to Ahmedabad through the Ahmedabad Airport. As Ahmedabad has an international airport, planes from many nations also come and depart from there. As a result, this is the most convenient way for you to reach Ahmedabad. Outside the airport, a variety of taxis and buses are available to take you where you need to go.
  • Via Train : Ahmedabad Junction is the railroad station closest to Ahmedabad (Station Code: ADI). It is also known as Kalupur Station on occasion. This station links Ahmedabad to a number of significant cities outside of Gujarat, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Trivandrum, Ajmer, Dhanbad, Daltonganj, Gwalior, Jaipur, Indore, and Howrah, in addition to the several cities inside Gujarat.
  • Via Road : The roads in and surrounding the city of Ahmedabad are in excellent condition. As a result, you won't often have any difficulties or pain while going to Ahmedabad by road. Daily bus service connects Ahmedabad with important Gujarati and non-Gujarat cities including Mumbai, Shirdi, Pune, Bhavnagar, and Gandhinagar. The distance between Pune and Ahmedabad by car is 661 kilometres, and the route that you take is NH 48. The approximate 531 km distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad that must be travelled by car also includes NH 48 in your route.

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